Re: [rt-users] Including latest transactions in RSS-Feed

2015-08-27 Thread Markus . Wildbolz
Hi guys! I've managed, to play a little bit with the RSS-feed generation at /html/Search/Elements/ResultsRSSView But at the moment I'm stuck at fetching the latest transaction with type Correspond or Comment from the database for displaying the right content. Is anybody out there who could

[rt-users] Deleting time from Due Date Format

2015-08-27 Thread Raymond Corbett
I know I can go to the locale settings to change formats. Currenly I am using the date format Thu, Aug 27, 2015 11:32:02 AM The problem is that we want our date format, most specifically Due Date, to simply be Thu, Aug 27, 2015 We do not want to see the time portion, so when we set a Due

Re: [rt-users] missing plugin

2015-08-27 Thread Steve Postma
Sorry, I didn't mention that it has been running for 2 weeks or so. I re-downloaded the plugin, ran through make , make install etc, still no change. I have 2 other rt machines I installed at the same time that are NOT having the same issue. Thanks, Steve

Re: [rt-users] Including latest transactions in RSS-Feed

2015-08-27 Thread Christian Loos
Hi, $transactions isn't undefined but $transactions is an empty collection and thus $transactions-Last is undefined. This happens on tickets that don't have a Comment transaction. Depending in the surrounding code a simple return unless $transactions-Count; before the 'my $comment ...' would

[rt-users] Custom Charting and Tables

2015-08-27 Thread Anton Panetta
Hi There I'm curious if anyone else has attempted or found a way to achieve this. What I am Able to make is this (sort for the lack of formatting) Queue Status Ticket count BPA new 11 open 5 rejected 1 resolved 7 COO Projects new 2 open 3 rejected 2 resolved 6 DI new 8

[rt-users] Prevent users from changing a ticket's priority

2015-08-27 Thread Armen Tashjian
Anyone have any information about preventing users from changing a ticket's priority? I would still like a user to have the ability to change the status, owner, and queue of a ticket.