[rt-users] Re: Problems with status changing scrip

2016-05-16 Thread Zoey Schutt
I ended up fixing the problem myself. The functioning scrip is below for anyone that would like to use it. Scrip Name: Set ticket to active upon customer reply Condition: On Correspond Action: User Defined Template: Blank Custom action preparation code: return 1; Custom action commit

[rt-users] Need to "edit" a ticket via javascript and Angular.js $http.post

2016-05-16 Thread Keith Creasy
Hello all. I'm using RT 4.2.7. I have my RT progress page working. I solved my previous problem of RT altering attribute values that were needed by Angular by redirecting so that the actual report page lives outside RT. One can now to to the URL, log into RT, and view the project progress

Re: [rt-users] Stalled tickets - Open on comment/reply?

2016-05-16 Thread Zoey Schutt
Hi Joel, There is indeed a scrip that auto-changes the status of inactive tickets back to active when a customer replies. However, stalled is not considered an inactive status in the default life cycle. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but due to this the built-in scrip will not change

[rt-users] Problems with status changing scrip

2016-05-16 Thread Zoey Schutt
Hello, I am working on a scrip to auto-change the status of a ticket if it is set to "customer" status. However, I do not want the ticket to change status if the user who is replying to the ticket is the owner. I managed to get the status changing properly, but as soon as I try to setup the

[rt-users] RTIR 3.2 and RT 4.4 compatibility

2016-05-16 Thread Peter Viskup
Dear all, would like to ask you whether the RT 4.4 and RTIT 3.2 are compatible. The download page [1] says the RTIR 3.2 is built for RT 4.2 only. [1] https://bestpractical.com/download-page -- Peter Viskup - RT 4.4 and RTIR Training Sessions https://bestpractical.com/training *

[rt-users] Custom Field Permissions

2016-05-16 Thread Satyajeet Singh
Hi All, If I grant a group, permission to modify custom fields in a queue then the restrictions for the same group on a specific custom filed is ignored. Is there any way I make RT to honor the custom field permissions irrespective of what queue permissions are? Thank you. -- Kind Regards,