[rt-users] Pulling tickets for a user in a specific time period

2016-12-01 Thread James Dewey
I tried searching around the list for an answer, but wasn't able to find a solution. Currently I'm running metrics for "touched a ticket" in a specific time period, for example the query might look something like UpdatedBy = '' AND Updated > '2016-11-27' Unfortunately this runs into an edge case

[rt-users] Working with Message Signature-Status

2016-12-01 Thread Roman Hochuli
Hello All An auditor at a customer requested to have them sign their requests to us and us to verify that signature before responding/reacting to their requests. RT (4.2++ for that matter) seems to support GPG and S/MIME for verification and encryption/decryption of messages. Also the signature

Re: [rt-users] Lost emails!

2016-12-01 Thread Sternberger, Sven
Hello! I now changed some things. I switched to perl 5.24 (perlbrew) and I updated to 4.2.13 but the problem is still the same Dec 1 12:27:40 rt- RT: [5776] Ticket 699881 created in queue 'it-' by it-x...@desy.de Dec 1 12:27:40 rt- RT: [5776] Redundant argument in sprintf at