Re: [rt-users] Not able to create external users with external auth

2017-01-12 Thread aniket tripathy
Thanks Claude. We had the permissions configured to allow *everyone to raise ticket*. Where we went wrong was in the attr_match_list, for configuring the external-auth, we were giving the RealName as well. Commenting it out worked. Referred:

[rt-users] . Re: Queue still being CC'ed with $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs

2017-01-12 Thread Cena, Stephen (ext. 300)
That has solved it. Thank you! Stephen Cena Senior Systems Administrator Quality Vision International, Inc. Phone: (585) 544-0450 x300 To notify helpdesk: or email: To report email issues: )" If you want to use

[rt-users] Custom fields in ticket transactions without any comment/correspondence text

2017-01-12 Thread Per von Zweigbergk
It seems it's possible to perform a transaction that does not contain any comment or correspondence text. For example, you might change the current state of the ticket, update time worked, change requestors, etc. I think even changing custom fields on a ticket might be possible. However, it

Re: [rt-users] HTML/Rich Text Article Entries?

2017-01-12 Thread Aaron Lush
Don’t rule out that I did something incorrectly, but, no, this did nothing to the Article WikiText Custom Field. I followed everything listed under “Convert Wiki Text CF into a Rich Text CF.” On a sidenote, the thing that I thought funny is the code “%# --- Wiki Text Area ==> Rich Text Area

Re: [rt-users] assets: bulk updating a custom field value fails

2017-01-12 Thread Michael Hoertnagl
Hi Martin On 2017-01-11 16:06, Martin Wheldon wrote: > Line 183 of /opt/rt4/share/html/Asset/Search/Bulk.html seems to be the > problem, if you comment it out the bulk update works. Yes this fixes the issue for us. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Michael