[rt-users] TicketSQL -- how to search for a member of a group?

2017-01-13 Thread Barton Chittenden
My question touches on some issues that are similar to "Search for open tickets last updated by requestor" (https://lists.gt.net/rt/users/51042) I have a search set up for closed bugs updated within the last day, where the update is not by the current user: Owner = '__CurrentUser__' AND

[rt-users] Permissions for Queue Admins

2017-01-13 Thread Tim Gustafson
Hi, Our RT installation has recently had a large influx of new queues and groups, and I'd like to delegate some of the day-to-day maintenance of things to certain people within those groups so that I'm not doing data entry for everyone. For each logical group of folks, I've created an "Admins"

[rt-users] queue change still triggers old queue's scrips

2017-01-13 Thread Sebastian Juenemann
Hi List, I hope you can help me on this topic since the online documentation won't me bring any further. So in order to deal with our spam I've done the following: 1) added a new spam queue 2) created a new global scrip (according to the spamfilter 1b solution provided here: