Re: [rt-users] Problem with extension RepeatTicket

2015-08-31 Thread Moose
There is no problem with Repeat Ticket (that I am aware of), the problem was between our ears! It seems that we both misunderstood how these recurrences work. The four cronjobs are doing exactly what they should. As are the ticket recurrence settings. Basically, the repeated ticket due date is

Re: [rt-users] Problem with extension RepeatTicket

2015-08-25 Thread Moose
Hmmm... I'm unsure what is causing that for you. When I open a console window and run the 'daily' command on it's own (/usr/local/share/request-tracker4/plugins/RT-Extension-RepeatTicket/bin/rt-repeat-ticket --type daily) then ALL daily recurrence tickets get repeated, regardless of the day of

Re: [rt-users] Problem with extension RepeatTicket

2015-08-24 Thread Moose
Excuse the delay in my response - I was not at work on Friday. After reading your comments I re-examined my settings for RepeatTicket and it turns out I was incorrect about my cronjob - Repeated tickets were not being created how I expected. I have now made four separate cronjobs as a temporary

Re: [rt-users] Problem with extension RepeatTicket

2015-08-20 Thread Moose
I just set up the RepeatTicket extension last week - for the first time. I've been doing some testing and it seems to all be working. Here is how I installed it (for reference). 1. Install the extension manually (allowing CPAN to update dependencies following the make command). - 1.1 Ensure

Re: [rt-users] List of Transaction Types

2015-06-23 Thread Moose
While I don't have a complete list of transaction types for you, I do have a scrip that will write relevant transaction/ticket info to the logs. Condition: On transaction Action: User Defined Template: Blank Stage: TransactionCreate Custom Action Prep Code: $RT::Logger-debug( TRANSACTION TYPE:

Re: [rt-users] RT-Extension-QueueDeactivatedScrips for RT 4.2 ?

2015-01-19 Thread Moose
Just edit the relevant global scrip to do something like this: (Replace QueueName01 and QueueName02) Description: On Correspond; Open Tickets Condition: User Defined Action: Open Tickets Template: Global Template: Blank Stage: TransactionCreate # CUSTOM CONDITION: if

[rt-users] Attachments

2014-08-25 Thread Moose
We have a workflow where when a ticket is created, a dependent approval ticket is also created. This dependent is the Review stage for the originating ticket before it hits the real Approvals stage and is processed. One of our users needs to be able to approve a Review by email (without ever