Re: [rt-users] How do I set the RT hostname?

2016-11-21 Thread Peter Zillmann
On my test system I get the behavior you describe when $WebDomain does not 
match the URL in my browser.

Are you sure you’ve restarted your web server since making the change?

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Subject: [rt-users] How do I set the RT hostname?

I'm in the process of setting up a new RT 4.4 instance. I used the web 
installer, which generated the following

Set( $CommentAddress, '' );
Set( $CorrespondAddress, '' );
Set( $DatabaseHost, 'localhost' );
Set( $DatabaseName, 'rt4' );
Set( $DatabasePassword, 'x' );
Set( $DatabasePort, '' );
Set( $DatabaseType, 'mysql' );
Set( $DatabaseUser, 'rt_user' );
Set( $Organization, '' );
Set( $OwnerEmail, '' );
Set( $SendmailPath, '/usr/sbin/sendmail' );
Set( $WebDomain, '' );
Set( $WebPort, '80' );
Set( $rtname, '' );

{ I've substituted '' for the actual 
FQDN of the machine that's hosting the instance }

When I tried to set up a new asset, I got the following error message:

RT has detected a possible cross-site request forgery for this request, because 
the Referrer header supplied by your browser 
( is not allowed by RT's 
configured hostname (

A bit of googling showed me how to set this in

Set(@ReferrerWhitelist, qw(;

... that did disable the message, but why is the 'configured hostname' set to, and how do I set it to the actual domain 
name of the machine?



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[rt-users] creativity and expertise with Assets and lifecycles

2015-09-03 Thread Peter Zillmann

I've set up Assets on a test server for our staff to evaluate. They like it 
very much so far, but they've got one need I haven't yet figured out how to 
meet with Assets. I feel like I've read through documentation, wiki, and mail 
archives, and I don't think I've found my answer.

Our staff want to use Assets to track who has a shareable resource. The 
resource might be in inventory, or checked out to a patron. The workflow they 
want needs to be linear, and ideally a single-screen process. They'll want to 
change "held-by" for a resource, and change the item's lifecycle status (from 
on-shelf to checked-out).

I think we're only going to be able to make this workflow work for them if we 
can use a Scrip with a custom action. Existing documentation regarding this 
seems to be written all from a Tickets perspective, leaving me feeling a bit at 

So, am I wrong to think Assets might be able to meet our need? Or am I thinking 
of this the wrong way? I thought of trying to use a Comment or Respond action 
on an asset, but those features don't seem to exist (I've tried configuring 
them like tickets, but they don't seem to work). Would I be smarter to create a 
linked ticket for each "check-out"/"check-in"?

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

Thanks much,

Peter Zillmann
Systems & Networking Associate
Information Services
Kalamazoo College
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