Re: [rt-users] 4.2.12 & External Storage plugin errors

2016-06-17 Thread benjamin baugnies
ectory to retrieve the files. Didn't find the source of the segfaults, but its not an issue in 4.4.0 On 04/27/2016 11:08 AM, benjamin baugnies wrote: > Hello, > > I'm currently working on a new installation of RT 4.2.12 on Ubuntu > 14.04. The install was done using the standard instruction

[rt-users] 4.2.12 & External Storage plugin errors

2016-04-27 Thread benjamin baugnies
to the attachments folder. Is there an issue with the plugin? Is it a problem with the version of RT we are using? Or am I just doing something wrong? Regards, -- Benjamin Baugnies Belnet • CERT Louizalaan 231 Avenue Louise Brussel 1050 Bruxelles België • Belgique - RT 4.4