[rt-users] disable url links in ticket history

2016-03-25 Thread user1437
Hi all, Does anyone know if it is possible, or a good way to go to disable the links in the ticket history. I clarify: We get a lot of tickets where people send us phishing mails they received or mails containing a possible malicious url to analyse. What we like to do is implement something

[rt-users] adding an icon of some sort to a list of tickets when ticket gets updated

2016-03-09 Thread user1437
Hi all, Does anyone has experience in adding some sort of indication to the query view of own tickets or just a list of tickets when a ticket has been changed. Like for example if I have a list op open tickets and someone comments on the ticket is it possible that I can put some indication in

[rt-users] "include page" field creates a full page on top of the rt page

2016-03-06 Thread user1437
Hi there, Not long ago I got a lot of useful replies thanks for the replies with using the “linked values to” field in the custom field config. That works! thank you all for that. But now I was experimenting with the include page. When I use this it seems it loads the whole url (its a url of

[rt-users] RT4.4 - RTIR 4.2 errors

2016-02-05 Thread user1437
Hello there, First sorry for posting into two lists but seem to got really stuck with this combination. (RT4.4 and RT-IR4.2) When creating a custom field it gives me the following error in the web interface An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT's