Re: [rt-users] LastUpdated for tickets not working?

2016-12-19 Thread Aaron McCormack
Nevermind, I tried this in testing on 4.2 and it didn't fix it. I was thinking perhaps the human readable parsing was changing how the date was considered, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Aaron > On Dec 19, 2016, at 3:16 PM, Aaron McCormack <> wrote: > &

Re: [rt-users] LastUpdated for tickets not working?

2016-12-19 Thread Aaron McCormack
Alex, could it be an accidental reversal of > and < ? I think LastUpdated >= '3 days ago' is more of the intent because you were surprised of seeing tickets which were updated within the past day. Aaron > On Dec 19, 2016, at 12:32 PM, Alex Hall wrote: > > Well, I found

Re: [rt-users] Looking for users of RT 4.4 that use the Asset feature

2016-11-29 Thread Aaron McCormack
That is how I do it too, via a bash script collecting details and uploading a CSV when systems boot, then having a cron job import them to RT via the RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV extension. However, I am on 4.2 using the Best Practical Assets Extension, not 4.4 with native assets. > Well,

Re: [rt-users] Best setup for using RT with Gmail?

2016-09-06 Thread Aaron McCormack
I use a cron job that runs fetchmail. Here's my fetchmail config file. The credentials are for the mail server, not RT. poll proto IMAP user "" with pass "example1234" no idle ssl mda "/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --url --queue

Re: [rt-users] requestor is able to reopen ticket

2016-08-17 Thread Aaron McCormack
This is a scrip that I've previously used on 4.2 to prevent the "thanks" replies from reopening tickets: I think education would be best, but this will squelch the status changes from making the ticket active. I don't have the scrip

Re: [rt-users] enable quote display

2016-05-18 Thread Aaron McCormack
Andrea- In your, add Set($QuoteFolding, '0'); After restarting the web server and clearing the mason cache, should be all set. It's mentioned at, but also works in 4.2. Aaron > On May 18, 2016, at 6:53 AM, Andrea Caputto

[rt-users] Scrip to enforce maximum ticket status per person per queue?

2016-01-13 Thread Aaron McCormack
Hi RT Users- I'm looking to create a scrip which enforces a maximum number of tickets of a certain status, per person, per queue. For example: Joe has 3 status open tickets and 4 status stalled tickets. By policy, Joe is only allowed to have 3 open tickets at once. Joe tries to change 1 of

Re: [rt-users] Change default queue in "Quick ticket creation" area

2015-10-02 Thread Aaron McCormack
Hi Russell, Have you tried this setting in Set($DefaultQueue, 'My Default Queue Name Here'); I think that's what is defining it for my global settings, rather than the per user setting in the UI. More info on that setting is at

Re: [rt-users] Increase size of attachment when using web interaface to attach items

2015-08-05 Thread Aaron McCormack
I'd suggest hosting the executable elsewhere and including a link in the ticket, rather than sending a 34MB executable via e-mail. Many mail servers won't like the extension even if it accepts 34MB attachments. On Aug 5, 2015, at 10:01 AM, Daniel Moore wrote:

Re: [rt-users] checking/changing default queue for a user

2015-07-15 Thread Aaron McCormack
Hi Boris, Mixing bits of these two might get you on the right track with a scrip processing the ticket upon creation, I use something similar for regex matching patterns in subject lines and assigning to a specific queue.

Re: [rt-users] Priority value

2015-07-15 Thread Aaron McCormack
On the new ticket page, if you click from the Basics to Details in the upper right, it'll have the option for selecting a priority. You can also do it via a custom field having a scrip set the true priority, an example for the scrip is at

Re: [rt-users] Priority value

2015-07-14 Thread Aaron McCormack
This extension may be what you're looking for -- It'll use configured (from strings to represent numeric values. Aaron On Jul 14, 2015, at 5:57 PM, wrote: Hi, is there a way i can change the

Re: [rt-users] Can't call method warn for RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV

2015-06-23 Thread Aaron McCormack
954, or something else? Thanks, Armin From: Aaron McCormack [] Sent: Monday, June 22, 2015 4:58 PM To: Armin Liedtke Cc: Subject: Re: [rt-users] Can't call method warn for RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV I'm also seeing

Re: [rt-users] Can't call method warn for RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV

2015-06-22 Thread Aaron McCormack
I'm also seeing this message after some upgrades today. I upgraded: RT 4.2.6 - 4.2.11 RT::Extension::Assets 1.0.2 = 1.05 RT::Extension::Assets::Import::CSV 1.3 (did not upgrade) I have my log level set to critical and since this function looks to be for troubleshooting deprecations with log

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.2 - owner list changed from pull-down menu to fill-in form

2015-06-22 Thread Aaron McCormack
Hi Boris, This part from may explain it: $AutocompleteOwners If set to 1, the owner drop-downs for ticket update/modify and the query builder are replaced by text fields that

Re: [rt-users] How to change size of custom field?

2015-05-14 Thread Aaron McCormack
I've done something similar with CSS, that may work for you too if you find either the ID or the class of what you want to make larger. For example, I made the queue and search area larger in the New Ticket in the right of the top nav bar via: #topactions select {width: 13em;} #topactions

Re: [rt-users] Warning in the articles overview page

2015-01-23 Thread Aaron McCormack
Cris, Which version did you upgrade from? Have you created classes? It sounds like that might be the underlying problem. Classes are similar to queues for Tickets to organize the articles -- Aaron

Re: [rt-users] Why are Asset #'s so naked?

2014-06-13 Thread Aaron McCormack
Manager +54(11)4383-7831 De: Gustavo Gasparrini Para: Aaron McCormack Enviados: Viernes, 6 de Junio 2014 8:08:36 Asunto: Re: [rt-users] Why are Asset #'s so naked? Hi AAron, I'm attaching the files.We are using RT 4.2.3.You have