[rt-users] Adding HTML comment with a scrip

2015-09-24 Thread Armen Tashjian

I am trying to add a comment as a scrip with some html tags.  For example:

$self->TicketObj->Comment(Content=> "Hello", 

The "Type" parameter does not seem to do anything though.  Is it not possible 
to add comments as HTML using a scrip?


[rt-users] Prevent users from changing a ticket's priority

2015-08-27 Thread Armen Tashjian
Anyone have any information about preventing users from changing a ticket's 
priority? I would still like a user to have the ability to change the status, 
owner, and queue of a ticket.

[rt-users] REST API - How to set the content type to text/html

2015-08-24 Thread Armen Tashjian
I am currently creating tickets and commenting on tickets using the CLI.  I am 
able to define what the content type is ('text/html').  I do not see a way to 
define the content type using the REST API.  Is there a way to define what the 
text type will be?  I am using the latest version of RT.

Thanks in advance.

[rt-users] Issue with scrip order conditions.

2015-06-24 Thread Armen Tashjian
I have a few scrips on a specific queue.  The first few are On Create scrips, 
and the very last scrip is a On Transaction scrip.

From what I can see, the On Transaction scrip is executing before the scrips 
that appear before it.

Is there a way to force scrips to run in order regardless of the condition?

[rt-users] Issue with CF SeeCustomField Right - Doesn't work??

2015-05-21 Thread Armen Tashjian
I would like to have custom fields that are read only.  I figured that the 
SeeCustomField right would allow for a user to see a custom field without 
being able to modify it, however the right appears to do nothing.

If I have a Queue called General with users having the SeeCustomField right, 
but not the ModifyCustomField right, the custom fields disappear!  The only 
way I can get these custom fields visible is to grant the ModifyCustomField.  
What is the purpose of SeeCustomField if ModifyCustomField controls both 
viewing AND modifying a CF?

I have also experimented with modifying the CF rights to grant/revoke the 
SeeCustomField and ModifyCustomField rights.  The outcome is the same.

I am using RT 4.2.9

[rt-users] Determining resolver of a ticket

2015-05-08 Thread Armen Tashjian
As far as I can see, it is not possible to search for the resolver of a ticket. 
 I have a single queue with members of different groups opening and resolving 
tickets.  I can't seem to figure out how to figure out how many tickets Group 1 
resolved vs Group 2.  Is it possible to run a SQL search instead of using RT's 
query language?

Thanks in advance.