[rt-users] TicketSQL -- how to search for a member of a group?

2017-01-13 Thread Barton Chittenden
My question touches on some issues that are similar to "Search for open tickets last updated by requestor" (https://lists.gt.net/rt/users/51042) I have a search set up for closed bugs updated within the last day, where the update is not by the current user: Owner = '__CurrentUser__' AND

Re: [rt-users] Wiki conventions?

2017-01-08 Thread Barton Chittenden
Alex, The RT-Wiki was ported from Wikia to Mediawiki last year. There are still quite a number of rough edges, particularly regarding the formatting of code blocks. My general feeling with a wiki is that the history is there; if you somehow make it worse, it can always be reverted, and I've

[rt-users] Count and Group By CF

2016-12-09 Thread Barton Chittenden
We use a CF called 'Community Bug' to track bugzilla bug numbers associated with customer tickets. It would be really useful to know which values of CF.{Community Bug} occur most often. If you'll pardon a mix of SQL and query builder syntax, I'm looking to do something like this: SELECT

Re: [rt-users] Emailing dashboards?

2016-11-28 Thread Barton Chittenden
Alex, Navigate to Home > All dashboards, and go to the dashboard you want to receive emails about. In the upper right hand corner, you'll see the following menus: Basics, Content, Subscription, Show. Click 'Subscription', and you'll be prompted for frequency, time, rowsn and recipients. The

[rt-users] How do I set the RT hostname?

2016-11-21 Thread Barton Chittenden
I'm in the process of setting up a new RT 4.4 instance. I used the web installer, which generated the following RT-SiteConfig.pm: Set( $CommentAddress, 'd...@example.com' ); Set( $CorrespondAddress, 'd...@example.com' ); Set( $DatabaseHost, 'localhost' ); Set( $DatabaseName, 'rt4' ); Set(

Re: [rt-users] Using Markdown in RT?

2016-09-12 Thread Barton Chittenden
This is definitely a plugin that I would use... a *lot*. On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 11:29 AM, Alex Hall wrote: > As long as I know it's not built in and buried in settings somewhere, I > won't pursue it. I'll wait until things are working and I'm more > comfortable before trying

[rt-users] Anyone have a current vagrant installation of RT?

2016-08-19 Thread Barton Chittenden
I've been poking around the net and found https://github.com/cwebberOps/rt-vagrant, it's six years old, and points to base boxes that are no longer hosted. Is there a recent install? --Barton - RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day! https://bestpractical.com/training

Re: [rt-users] Escaping '<' and '>' in comments/replies and canned responses.

2016-06-07 Thread Barton Chittenden
On Fri, Apr 22, 2016 at 1:27 PM, Barton Chittenden < bar...@bywatersolutions.com> wrote: > In a further twist, html entities display correctly on the "Article > Display" page, but when the canned response is actually *used*, I see > html entities in the reply editor... b

Re: [rt-users] Escaping '<' and '>' in comments/replies and canned responses.

2016-04-22 Thread Barton Chittenden
looks like an xml tag in a canned response. On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 8:56 AM, Barton Chittenden < bar...@bywatersolutions.com> wrote: > I've run into several issues in RT with the use of greater than '>' and > less than '<' symbols in RT. > > One issue that I run in

[rt-users] Escaping '<' and '>' in comments/replies and canned responses.

2016-04-20 Thread Barton Chittenden
I've run into several issues in RT with the use of greater than '>' and less than '<' symbols in RT. One issue that I run into with some regularity is pasting the default mysql prompt into a ticket. For example, if I paste the following into a reply: mysql> select CURRENT_DATE; +--+

Re: [rt-users] Automated time tracking

2016-03-29 Thread Barton Chittenden
bra...@bestpractical.com> wrote: > Hi Barton, > > RT 4.4 added a pop-up ticket timer. Is that what you're looking for? > > This blog post has a screenshot: > > https://bestpractical.com/blog/2016/3/improved-time-tracking-in-rt > > Jim > > > On 3/29/16 2:14 PM, Barton Chitte

[rt-users] Automated time tracking

2016-03-29 Thread Barton Chittenden
I was wondering if anyone knows of plugins that would allow for automatic tracking of time worked. There seem to be several plugins that create different interfaces for manually entering time (see https://metacpan.org/search?q=RT%3A%3AExtension+time_type=modules), but I'm looking for something

[rt-users] Reports with vairables?

2015-09-14 Thread Barton Chittenden
I can write a report that looks like this... Status = 'open' AND Queue = 'Bugs' AND 'CF.{Community Bug}' LIKE 6499 Is it possible to write a report where one of the elements is to be filled in later, e.g. Status = 'open' AND Queue = 'Bugs' AND 'CF.{Community Bug}' LIKE ?

Re: [rt-users] Code to get list of a custom field's values (almost there)

2015-07-02 Thread Barton Chittenden
In this case, $client is a reference to a hash. You can't print it directly, but you can print the contents using Data::Dumper. I think this should work: use Data::Dumper; my $clientcustomfield = RT::CustomFieldValues-new($RT::SystemUser); $clientcustomfield-LimitToCustomField(45); my $clients

[rt-users] Excluding tickets from search based on updated fields?

2015-06-22 Thread Barton Chittenden
We have the following canned search, which will find tickets not updated by the Current User in the last two days. This search is used in a dashbord that sends a daily email to our support staff, showing tickets that need follow-up. Owner = '__CurrentUser__' AND LastUpdatedBy != '__CurrentUser__'