Re: [rt-users] RT Bounces

2017-01-19 Thread Brett Chambers
Dunno if this helps or not, but maybe the bounce is due to it detecting a loop? [18000] [Fri Jan 20 04:29:36 2017] [critical]: RT Received mail ( > ) from itself.

Re: [rt-users] HTML/Rich Text Article Entries?

2017-01-16 Thread Brett Chambers
://, so that code is valid and not a comment. Regards, Brett From: Aaron Lush [] Sent: Friday, 13 January 2017 1:15 AM To: 'Brett Chambers' <>; 'rt-users' <

Re: [rt-users] HTML/Rich Text Article Entries?

2017-01-10 Thread Brett Chambers
So this doesn’t work in RT 4.4? From: rt-users [] On Behalf Of Aaron Lush Sent: Wednesday, 11 January 2017 7:01 AM To: 'rt-users' Subject:

[rt-users] Self Service interface - can't download attachments for Articles or Assets

2017-01-04 Thread Brett Chambers
Hi Everyone, I've configured custom fields of the type 'Upload multiple files' for Assets and Articles. If my users are Privileged, they can see and download the contents of the 'Upload multiple files' custom fields with no problems. However, if my users are Unprivileged (i.e. using

Re: [rt-users] RT Assets grouping behaviour

2015-11-29 Thread Brett Chambers
: Thursday, 26 November 2015 7:07 AM To: Brett Chambers <>; Subject: RE: [rt-users] RT Assets grouping behaviour Brett, I didn't see any replies to this so I thought I would send this along. Check out $AssetBasicCustomFieldsOn

[rt-users] RT Assets grouping behaviour

2015-11-15 Thread Brett Chambers
Hi, I've been experimenting with RT Assets - specifically Asset custom field grouping . I've encountered the following behaviour, which seems like a bug to me. In, I'm trying to add Asset