Re: [rt-users] Action mene history blank

2017-02-25 Thread Chris Willard
Hello Matt, Friday, February 24, 2017, 11:53:22 PM, you wrote: > To answer your question: Nope. Not a bug. A "reply" (from the Actions > menu) is a new message for the ticket history. You can reply to any > transaction (correspondence or comment) in the ticket display and get > that txn's

[rt-users] Action mene history blank

2017-02-24 Thread Chris Willard
Hello Rt-users, When I reply using the action menu the history is empty! Is this a bug and is there a fix? -- Best regards, Chris

[rt-users] The default queue via RT

2017-02-19 Thread Chris Willard
Hello All, Is it possible to change the email from address (e.g. The default queue via RT)? I found how to change the email text (templates) but not the sender! -- Best regards, Chris