Re: [rt-users] System switched to Install screen

2015-08-25 Thread Felix Bachmann
Hi Joop,
I was thinking that too and therefore even gave permissions to all. Didn’t work 
This morning I tried again and everything all of the sudden is working again. I 
have not the slightest idea what was going on.
In any case, thanks for your answer. I will keep an eye on the installation
Kind regards

On Aug 25, 2015, at 2:05 AM, Joop van de Wege wrote:

Felix Bachmann schreef op 25 augustus 2015 01:04:29 
 Hi all,
 I am hoping to get some hints for you. I was running version 4.2.4 for
 a long time. Today I had some issues with the mysql database server and
 after restart RT is always switching to the install screen as if it
 doesn’t find the database.
It looks like apache can't access


[rt-users] Add a column to the default queue ticket listing

2012-09-14 Thread Felix Bachmann
On RT at a glance there is the Quick search pane, which lists the
queues with number of open, new and stalled tickets. Clicking on one of
those numbers shows the list of tickets in the ques with that status. In
that listing I would like to add a column globally. Of course I can edit
that search, but I can only store it as a new search. Is there a way to
update those searches?
Many thanks

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