Re: [rt-users] Cancel Resolve transaction based on custom fields

2015-01-30 Thread Jasper Olbrich
On 01/29/2015 11:52 PM, Kevin Falcone wrote: On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 03:04:55PM -0500, Alex Vandiver wrote: On Wed, 28 Jan 2015 14:27:22 +0100 Jasper Olbrich wrote: Is it possible to suppress the status change from open to resolved with a scrip

[rt-users] Cancel Resolve transaction based on custom fields

2015-01-28 Thread Jasper Olbrich
the scrip-induced status change in the result box? -- Regards, Jasper Olbrich

[rt-users] REST and umlauts in Custom Field names

2014-12-11 Thread Jasper Olbrich
Hello, I'm trying to use REST to create tickets in a queue that uses Custom Fields. It works well for CFs without umlauts, but I couldn't find a way yet to fill the CF Größe. I'm sending the data with Python's urllib module, the request body looks like