Re: [rt-users] constantly seeing error after RT::Extension::Announce

2016-12-16 Thread Todd Wade

On 12/16/16 3:57 PM, Alex Hall wrote:

Ever since I installed the RT::Extension::Announce plugin, I've seen an
error repeated over and over in the log (hundreds of times). It's always
the same:

couldn't load custom field by 'announcement groups' identifier

Hi Alex,

This sounds like you missed the 'make initdb' step that creates the 
custom field:


Re: [rt-users] applying script to single queue

2016-10-28 Thread Todd Wade

On 10/26/16 12:51 PM, Alex Hall wrote:

After everything I've learned about RT, I feel like I should know this
without even having to think about it, but I don't. How do I apply a
script to a single queue, so I can take a seldom-used queue and test out
new templates?

I've gone to the queue, then scripts, but when I click a script to
modify it, I am told it applies globally. When I click the link to
change that, I just get a table of globally applied scripts, a table of
unused scripts, and that's all. How do I make a script--or a clone of a
script, if I have to do it that way--apply to just one queue? Thanks in

Navigate to 'Admin -> Scrips'. Select the scrip, and on the 'Edit Scrip' 
screen select 'Applies to' and check the 'check this box to remove this 
scrip from all objects and be able to choose specific objects.' checkbox 
and click submit.

Notice that the header of the table that lists all the queues is 
'Unselected objects'. At that point the scrip is disabled, and the UI is 
listing the queues to allow you to choose which ones you want it to 
apply to.

Check the checkbox in the row of the queue you want the scrip to apply 
to and click Submit. Now there are two tables of queues, one labled 
'Selected objects' and one labeled 'Unselected objects'. Now the scrip 
will only apply to the queues listed under 'Selected objects'.

Note that because the scrip is no longer globally applied, you can't get 
to it from the 'Admin -> Scrips' screen. You have to navigate to 'Admin 
-> Global -> Scrips' to get back to the scrip.


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Re: [rt-users] Pushing Tickets in queue the "pusher" is not a member of?

2016-09-27 Thread Todd Wade

On 9/26/16 12:02 PM, Patrick G. Stoesser wrote:

I'm using RT 4.2.8. I'm having several queues for several departments.

Now, tickets have to be pushed into other queues where then the
according department works on them. But the "pusher" should not be a
member of the queue, and he should not even see the queue.

Now I'm not getting anywhere with this. How do I systematically enable
users to push tickets in queues in which they are no members, and which
they don't need to see?

What I would probably do is create a custom field and populate it with a 
list of the queues using the 'External custom fields' documentation:

In this case the data wouldn't really be "external" but you can use it 
as a reference on how to prepopulate custom fields with the queues.

And then add a scrip so that when that custom field value is changed it 
changes the ticket queue.

This will give you a one-off mechanism to allow users to change a 
ticket's queue without them having permissions to see that queue.

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Re: [rt-users] Some users getting CSRF warnings when creating tickets?

2016-09-27 Thread Todd Wade

On 9/27/16 9:17 AM, Alex Hall wrote:

That makes me wonder: would having two subdomains do it? I have and both going to the same thing,
but is the actual domain in the configuration files.

Yes this would do it. There is a config option to allow you to bypass 
the CSRF warning for the additional domains:

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Re: [rt-users] Escaping '<' and '>' in comments/replies and canned responses.

2016-06-10 Thread Todd Wade

On 6/7/16 3:05 PM, Barton Chittenden wrote:

Any further thoughts on this? I'm trying to create canned responses that
involve changes to XML configuration files, and all of the tags end up

What version are you on?

I just pasted some xml in to the ticket content field, created the 
ticket, and hit reply on that transaction and it seems to be working as 

This is on 4.4-trunk


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Re: [rt-users] Centos 7 - Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /rt4 on this server

2016-04-21 Thread Todd Wade


@Martin provided some advice that needs followed, but here is some 
additional info as well:

On 4/21/16 6:28 AM, Yanni wrote:

Under the apache section it talks about "mod_fastcgi" and

Do I have these modules?

As you are on CentOS 7, you can use yum to find out. This example shows 
I have mod_fcgid installed:

yum list installed | grep fcgi
mod_fcgid.x86_64 2.3.9-4.el7 @base

What I add to "httpd.conf" depends on which one of these modules I
have or use?


I also borrowed the RT essentials book from our library but the book is
a bit out-of date and talks about RT3. There are a number of how-to's
online available but all a bit different to each other. I presume that
is because they are written by people who know what they are doing so
they config things they way, they believe is right.

The book is outdated, but the online documentation is up to date:

For reference here is the documentation index:

Whenever I try to view RT I get this error: Forbidden, You don't have
permission to access /rt4 on this server. In a desperate attempt to
solve this permissions issue I did: "chown apache:apache -R /opt/rt4"
but with no luck.

This attempted solution may have weakened security a bit, you don't want 
the application files writable by the webserver user. You may want to 
back up and delete /opt/rt4 and rerun 'make install' in your RT source 

And then again @Martin provided some advice that needs followed, but 
some additional advice is you're using pre-apache 2.4 access directives:

  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

This is the reason for the specific error you are getting. Note in the 
deployment documentation:

= 2.4> # For Apache 2.4
Require all granted

  # For Apache 2.2
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Since you are on an apache > 2.4, you want to use the 'Require all 
granted' directive.


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Re: [rt-users] RT 4.4 failing to send CC emails

2016-04-19 Thread Todd Wade

On 4/19/16 7:34 AM, Luke Hopkins wrote:

Apr 19 11:21:34 rt_test sendmail[42]: u3JBLYOs42: u3JBLYOt42:
DSN: "OtherRecipients of xx Ticket #402":;... List:; syntax
illegal for recipient addresses

Are you setting $UseFriendlyToLine? Can you confirm its value via Admin 
> Tools > System Configuration (/Admin/Tools/Configuration.html)?

Its documented to not work with sendmail 
and from what I can find online this error appears to be the error you 
get from sendmail using it 


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Re: [rt-users] RT 4.4 failing to send CC emails

2016-04-18 Thread Todd Wade

On 4/18/16 9:40 AM, Luke Hopkins wrote:

I'm running RT 4.4 and for some reason whenever I add a one-time cc to a
ticket I get the following error appearing on the ticket:
The RT System itself- Sending the previous mail has failed. Please
contact your admin, they can find more details in the logs.

You'll need to see the mail server logs to get the reason the send is 
failing. Perhaps /var/log/maillog or something like that.

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Re: [rt-users] Onetime CC are giving an internal error

2016-04-09 Thread Todd Wade

On 4/7/16 8:50 AM, Joop wrote:

like an URL encoded block of text which is 8000 chars.
Shouldn't PreviewScrips use POST instead of GET because of the possible
large amount of text?

Yeah it looks like that should POST.

I put in a pull request for this:

I had to add a helper to util.js because unfortunately it looks like 
theres no way to serialize the form as an object with stock jQuery. So 
you might want to wait to see if BPS accepts this as-is before applying it.


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Re: [rt-users] Automatically adding CC from mails to Watchers/CC in ticket

2015-11-03 Thread Todd Wade

On 11/2/15 6:01 AM, Primoz Jeroncic wrote:

Now if I want replies to go automatically to requestor (to his personal
mail, from which they opened ticket) and also to their group mail, I
need to add this group mail under each ticket (People->Add new watchers)
by hand.
As this is time consuming, and I'm not by machine checking this 24/7, to
be able to add them by hand, I was hoping there could be way for RT to
add these CC addresses from original mail which opened the new ticket,
as watchers (as CC:) in RT ticket automatically.

This sounds like you could use the $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs 
configuration variable:

Please be sure to observe the note in there about setting 
RTAddressRegexp when using $ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs.

Re: [rt-users] Group rights

2015-11-03 Thread Todd Wade

On 10/20/15 6:45 AM, Kobus Bensch wrote:

I have now tried every setting possible. How do I give a group
permissions to see all the tickets in a particular queue, even if the
ticket owner has been changed to a person not in that group?

Theres no way to say "If a user is an owner of a ticket in the given 
queue, let them see all other tickets in the queue" if I'm reading your 
description correctly.

If you want all privileged users to be able to see tickets in the queue, 
grant the relevant rights to the SYSTEM group Privileged under the 
queue's group rights (Admin -> Queues -> Click Queue Name -> Group 
Rights) (/Admin/Queues/GroupRights.html?id=XXX).

If you want owners of tickets to see the tickets they own in the queue 
but not other tickets (which I think is a little different than what you 
describe above), then grant the relevant rights to the Owner role in the 
queue's group rights.

Re: [rt-users] fail to upgrade with sql syntax error 'ARRAY()'

2015-11-03 Thread Todd Wade


This looks like make upgrade-database is being ran with an old 
DBIx::SearchBuilder. Perhaps recheck the output of 'make testdeps' and 
if it reports issues run 'make fixdeps'?


On 11/1/15 11:51 PM, Yaobin Shi wrote:

We are using RT as one internal project, thanks for your good work.

when we are trying to upgrade 4.0.13 to 4.2.12 on rhel6, met one problem, did 
not find useful solution in doc/wiki/maliing list archive.

part of the error msg below when execute 'make upgrade-database'

Processing 4.2.11
Now inserting data.
[20433] [Fri Oct 23 09:58:16 2015] [warning]: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have 
an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server 
version for the right syntax to use near ''ARRAY(0xe1a3128)')' at line 1 at 
/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/DBIx/SearchBuilder/ line 617, <$handle> 
line 1. (/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/DBIx/SearchBuilder/
[20433] [Fri Oct 23 09:58:16 2015] [warning]: RT::Handle=HASH(0xd1466c0) couldn't 
execute the query, error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that 
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 
''ARRAY(0xe1a3128)')' at line 1, query: 'SELECT count( FROM ACL main  WHERE ( 
( main.ObjectType = 'RT::System' AND main.ObjectId = 1 ) ) AND (main.PrincipalId = 
'9' OR main.PrincipalId = '8' OR main.PrincipalId = '6' OR main.PrincipalId = '7') 
AND (main.RightName IN 'ARRAY(0xe1a3128)') ' at 
/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/DBIx/SearchBuilder/ line 641, <$handle> 
line 1.
 DBIx::SearchBuilder::Handle::SimpleQuery(RT::Handle=HASH(0xd1466c0), "SELECT 
count( FROM ACL main  WHERE ( ( main.ObjectTyp"...) called at 
/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/DBIx/ line 291

seems that we are missing some dependencies, not sure, can not find the root 
thanks in advance.

Re: [rt-users] RT Not Sending Autoreply E-Mails On Ticket Creation Via E-Mail

2015-09-24 Thread Todd Wade

On 9/23/15 2:01 PM, Tim Gustafson wrote:

I have an RT 4.2.11 instance that is not sending autoreply messages
when tickets are created via e-mail.  If you create a ticket on behalf
of a user through the web form, an autoreply is sent.  It's only when
a ticket is created via e-mail that an autoreply is not sent.  The
Sendmail log file shows no attempt to send an autoreply, and no
outbound e-mail is recorded in the ticket's transaction history.

Hi Tim,

Set the log level to debug, and compare the output of creating a ticket 
in the UI and via email. Heres the config I use:

Set($LogToFile,  'debug');
Set($LogDir, '/opt/rt4/var/log');
Set($LogToFileNamed, 'rt.log');


Re: [rt-users] Custom Role in RT4.2.8

2015-09-19 Thread Todd Wade

On 9/19/15 1:16 PM, Gnemsid wrote:

I've had a look at the wiki and the documentation and from what I can tell
it is possible to add custom roles to RT.  Unfortunately I'm not sure where
to start when it comes to creating them.

I'm would like to add a custom role similar to Admin CC and CC where the
person creating the call can add the correct users to the ticket.  Each
separate role will have different permissions thus allowing certain things
to be seen and for emails to be sent out etc...

RT::Extension::Assets is a good example, it creates roles for accessing 
the catalogs and assets.

Re: [rt-users] RT Approvals

2015-09-18 Thread Todd Wade

On 9/11/15 9:47 AM, Kobus Bensch wrote:

I have setup approvals following this doc:

I would like to setup multiple approvers based on a value in a custom
field. Is this possible and if so can anybody point me in the right
direction or to a doc that I can read that will help me to achieve this?

Note this section of the documentation:

Where it says:

Requestors: {$Tickets{TOP}->RequestorAddresses}

The content in the brackets is perl code. And it also talks about 
different ways you can assign to people or notify different groups.

So combining that, you can put some code in for the AdminCcGroup: value 
(or whatever would fit your workflow) to programmatically determine who 
to send the approval to:

AdminCcGroup: { $Tickets{TOP}->FirstCustomFieldValue('ApprovalGroup') }


Re: [rt-users] Migration from MySQL to PostreSQL - corrupt characters (german umlaut)

2015-09-18 Thread Todd Wade

On 9/17/15 8:12 AM, Maik Nergert wrote:

Hexcode from ü → c3 bc
is encoded again to → c3 83 (Ã) and c2 bc (¼)

First I've upgraded RT from 3.8 to 4.2 with mysql db (utf8) and
everything went smoothly.

Can you confirm that the umlaut can be sucessfully added to the database 
after the upgrade but before the postgres migration?

I'm trying to determine if the issue happened during the upgrade or 
because of rt-serializer.

Re: [rt-users] Error in Dashboard.

2015-07-22 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/22/15 11:24 AM, Bryon Baker wrote:

Bumping this to see if I can get some direction?

Hi Bryon, perhaps you missed my reply? Here it is:

On 7/11/15 1:52 PM, Todd Wade wrote:

On 7/9/15 4:00 PM, Bryon Baker wrote:

I already disable all dashboard for group 44.

How did you do this?

How can I track down which dashboard is producing this error?

Failed to load dashboard 757: Could not load object for

Its going to be an attribute record with id 757. From your RT
install directory, run the command:

sbin/rt-attributes-viewer 757

And it will give you information about the dashboard, such as the

Re: [rt-users] Customizing with overlays, question about file path

2015-07-20 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/16/15 10:46 PM, Roman Massey wrote:

I have an easy question. Where do I create the “local” dir to put
overlays? Confused because there is the path /usr/src/rt-4.2.9/ but also
/opt/rt4/. Do I make /usr/src/rt-4.2.9/local/? or /opt/rt4/local/?

The latter, /opt/rt4/local

/usr/src/rt-4.2.9 is likely where the source of the extension was 
extracted to and built in. RT was likely then installed in to /opt/rt4

Where does your web server configuration look for RT runtime files? 
Thats you best clue.


Re: [rt-users] Edit User Information without Admin rights

2015-07-11 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/10/15 1:06 PM, maks wrote:

I am wondering how you handle customer user creation and editing. Upon
creating a ticket with a new requester email a user is created however
non admin staff accounts cannot edit the Real Name, Email Address, or
Name fields for the new customer.
If I log in under the administrator account I can utilize the users menu
to make changes however I wouldn't want to give everyone admin access of

Hi There,

You'll want to create a group and make the members the people that you 
want to be able to edit users (unless you already have a group of these 
types of people).

Then in the global group rights enter the group name in the 'ADD GROUP' 
field and then grant the group the 'ShowConfigTab' and 'AdminUsers' 
rights under the 'Rights for Administrators' tab.

Unfortunately this will let them see the other links in the Admin menu, 
but if they try to access data in any of the links they will get 
'Permission Denied'

Re: [rt-users] Error in Dashboard.

2015-07-11 Thread Todd Wade


On 7/9/15 4:00 PM, Bryon Baker wrote:

I already disable all dashboard for group 44.

How did you do this?

How can I track down which dashboard is producing this error?

Failed to load dashboard 757: Could not load object for RT::Group-44

Its going to be an attribute record with id 757. From your RT install 
directory, run the command:

sbin/rt-attributes-viewer 757

And it will give you information about the dashboard, such as the name.


Re: [rt-users] Filtering email using MailFrom plugin

2015-07-11 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/11/15 11:50 AM, Ashish Patil wrote:

I get a lot of notifications from root@localhost to the email account
that has been configured. I wish to move these emails to a different
queue. The way I tried to do it is by modifying the MailFrom plugin to
pattern match the sender and change the queue. I am unable to change the
queue. I wish to know how this can be done, or is there a simpler way in
which I can achieve it?


Has been configured where? $OwnerEmail?

Assuming RT is doing everything you want except for putting the message 
in the wrong queue, you could do something like this in a scrip with an 
on create condition and custom action and no template:

my $Ticket = $self-TicketObj;

if (my $Requestor = eval { $Ticket-Requestor-UserMembersObj-Next }) {
  if ( $Requestor-EmailAddress eq 'root@localhost' ) {
my $Queues = RT::Queue-new( RT-SystemUser );
$Queue-Load( 'System Messages' );
$Ticket-SetQueue( $Queue-Name );


Re: [rt-users] FW: [rt-devel] Issue with setting Custom Statuses, Added statuses do not see any other statuses.

2015-07-09 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/9/15 10:49 AM, Ashley Etherington wrote:

My perl is not great so I was unsure how/if I could put spaces in the
Hash's key so I named them just a shorter variant of the status.

You'll need to quote the values. So:

active  = [ ...'Awaiting Collection'... ],
transitions = {
'Awaiting Collection' = ['new', 'open', ..., 'deleted'],

The items in the statuses array need to match exactly to the keys in the 

Re: [rt-users] AD integration for external auth

2015-07-08 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/7/15 4:50 PM, Yan Seiner wrote:

But the way ExternalAuth is set up, I have to provide the ldap userid
and password, which in our system would be a real user.

 'user'  =  'rt_ldap_username',
 'pass'  =  'rt_ldap_password',

Is there any way to get ExternalAuth to use the credentials entered in
the login to bind to the ldap server?

At user login ExternalAuth first finds the user with the credentials you 
mention above, and then attempts to bind with the login provided 
credentials. A successful bind is how it knows that the user is 
authenticated. From the code:

my $ldap_entry = $ldap_msg-first_entry;
my $ldap_dn= $ldap_entry-dn;

# THIS bind determines success or failure on the password.
$ldap_msg = $ldap-bind($ldap_dn, password = $password);

But notice that I need to use either 'HPM\yans' for the user or the
older '' for the system to allow me to bind to the ldap
server. The way we're set up, any user can bind to the server with
valid credentials, but anonymous binds are not allowed.

For the former, you'd have to modify the extension to prefix the 
username it attempts to bind with. The subroutine is 
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::LDAP::GetAuth. You could make a command line 
script to call this and debug it until you get it to return 1. Like 
jdg117 mentioned, you have to get Net::LDAP connecting to your LDAP and 
then figure out how to configure or modify the extension to get it to 
connect in the same way.

For the latter I think you can update the configuration to store the 
email address as the name so that its used when the bind is attempted. 
You'd have to use the email address to log in to RT.

Perhaps make attr_match_list just 'EmailAddress' and then have in the 

'Name' = 'mail', # instead of sAMAccountName
'EmailAddress' = 'mail',

Re: [rt-users] new RT 4.2.x install on Ubuntu 14.04 with nginx

2015-07-08 Thread Todd Wade

On 7/8/15 6:41 AM, Andrei Gronski wrote:

Currently I have some issues with getting nginx running with pearl cri. Most of 
the walkthrough I could find describe the installation with apache.

The deployment guide covers nginx:

Re: [rt-users] Possible to manually initiate templates (emails) from within a scip action?

2015-07-08 Thread Todd Wade

What I would probably do for this is in the scrip action create a ticket 
in a different queue for each user with that condition. This will send 
them an autoreply. To make sure you don't send out duplicates you could 
check for a ticket in that queue with that requestor before creating the 

As for what the code would look like, I'd call $ticket-Create similar 
to how RT::Test::create_ticket does it.

On 7/8/15 11:57 AM, Subjected wrote:

Is it possible for a scrip to trigger/send a template (email) from
within the scrip action itself, with only a blank scrip assigned to the
general scrip configuration?

I'd like to loop through multiple requestors and cc's on a ticket to
send each of them a unique, customized specially to each user, in
response to a ticket transaction.

I want to use this functionality to ensure that any user on a ticket
without a password is sent a welcome email setting their password so
they can use the self-service website.

Re: [rt-users] Notification sent to requestor even when squelched

2015-06-22 Thread Todd Wade

On 6/22/15 1:10 PM, Marcos Orallo wrote:

It's a big problem for us if we cannot fully trust the platform to not
spread confidential information to unintended recipients.

Along with Alex's suggestions / questions, it sounds like this workflow 
would benefit from the comment functionality. Ticket comments allow 
communication via your internal team (AdminCCs) but do not notify 
Requestors and Ccs.

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.2.10 crash

2015-06-16 Thread Todd Wade

On 6/16/15 10:57 AM, Guadagnino Cristiano wrote:

unfortunately, even after completely fixing the db with rt-validator, I
still have the same problem with approvals.

I am at a loss, if anybody has something to contribute it would be very

Can you confirm that the Approvals templates are installed? Navigate to 
/Admin/Queues/index.html?FindDisabledQueues=1 (this is the 'Admin 
queues' page with the 'Include disabled queues in listing' checkbox 
checked), click on the __Approvals queue and then click on 'Tempates' in 
the subnav. Are there Templates listed there?

Without access to your system its very much a guess but it sounds like 
somehow the approvals infrastructure wasn't installed (or wasn't 
installed correctly) in your system during the upgrade that added it in.


Re: [rt-users] Installation Question

2015-06-16 Thread Todd Wade

On 6/16/15 8:55 PM, Barrett, Brian wrote:

Working on setup RT on Red Hat.

My question is what are the best repos to use for Red Hat 6.6 and or Red
Hat 7.

Seen some people use epe other have used the centos.

Do you mean 'EPEL' ( ?

EPEL is a set of extra packages that promises to not conflict with the 
packages provided by the base system (rhel, centos, fedora, etc), so you 
could use EPEL /within/ centos, but it wouldn't be used instead of centos.

Here are the notes I have for a centos 5 install for the system 

yum groupinstall 'Development tools'
yum groupinstall 'MySQL Database'
yum groupinstall 'Web Server'

yum install mysql-devel
yum install gd-devel
yum install expat-devel
yum install graphviz-devel

# add epel repo to yum
rpm -i

yum install mod_fcgid

Notice how I use the EPEL repo for the mod_fcgid package, this is only 
because it isn't available in the base packages.

Some additional system configuration I do is:

+ FcgidMaxRequestLen 1073741824


With this base the system is ready for the GENERAL INSTALLATION in the 

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.2.10 crash

2015-06-10 Thread Todd Wade

On 6/4/15 4:32 AM, Guadagnino Cristiano wrote:

I have recently implemented approvals for one queue in our RT (v4.2.10).

I am experiencing a crash, and I cannot find the reason for it.
As soon as the approver approves a ticket, he gets an error message (see
attached image001.png).

The log is not very clear (not for me at least) on the reason for the crash.

[25336] [Wed Jun  3 15:14:27 2015] [error]: Died at
/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/ line 100.

Looking at the code, that error is because a RT template didn't load. 
-Load probably returns an error message that should be logged, but its 
pretty bad that your RT is crashing there.

Is this a clean install of 4.2.10? Or did you upgrade from a previous 
version? If so, what version?

In general approvals are known to be working correctly, so its likely 
something specific to the contents of your database, its somehow got in 
to a bad state. You might want to check your database with 

Re: [rt-users] Send dashboard to members of a group

2015-05-29 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/29/15 3:39 AM, wrote:

I have a dashboard which I want to send to all members of a specified
group. What would be the best way to do this?

Is there a way to force all users to subscribe this dashboard?
Or is there a way through rt-crontool?

You can use group dashboards and the sbin/rt-email-dashboards script:

Or you can use sbin/rt-email-group-admin to create a new action and then 
use that action in bin/rt-crontool:

Re: [rt-users] RT- unable to fetch emails from our office 365 account.

2015-05-29 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/29/15 8:12 AM, Rohit Gupta wrote:


but I am unable to fetch any emails from our office 365 account and the
fetchmail.log is showing the following error message  (snapshot attached)

500 Can't connect to (certificate verify failed)

It seems like rt-mailgate cannot verify the ssl certificate. I have also
attached the snapshot of the fetchmailrc file.

So it sounds like fetchmail is working fine but rt-mailgate can't 
connect to your RT. You can use --no-verify-ssl in the rt-mailgate 
command but that isn't recommended, you should get the certificate or 
system configured so that your system trusts it.


Re: [rt-users] How Can I Grow A Set Of Users

2015-05-27 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/26/15 12:08 PM, Al Joslin wrote:

I need to assemble a set of users from a list of user Ids

# gives me a list of _all_ the users
$users = RT::Users-new($session{'CurrentUser'});

# how can I add User elements to the User list ?

This script worked for me, outputs the Name field for each record in the 
VALUE array:

use warnings;
use strict;

use RT -init;

my $users = RT::Users-new( RT-SystemUser );
FIELD= 'id',
VALUE= [ 6, 12, 1 ],

while (my $user = $users-Next ) {
print $user-Name, \n;

Re: [rt-users] mail solutions

2015-05-26 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/26/15 2:18 PM, Terry O'Leary wrote:

We have 14 different queues so using fetchmail to manage the email
accounts is useful for us. But that is where the problem lies as well I
think. Fetchmail doesn’t seem to be deleting the email from the inbox
consistently... (I have running in a crontab every minute) executes to
pick up and send any emails to RT mailgate.:

I wonder if you're just running it to frequently? Sounds like it may be 
too much for fetchmail to churn through in 60 seconds, so it fires up 
again before its done.

Is it critical you have fetchmail running once a minute? I'd try once 
every 5 minutes, or wrap the call to fetchmail in something that checks 
if it is already running before running it again.

Re: [rt-users] Projects grouping

2015-05-23 Thread Todd Wade

Would a gantt chart do? There's RT::Extension::JSGantt:

I think its better than Jira's projects page because that page is Jira 
is too noisy.

There is a screen grab on bps' extensions page:

And then you can make a projects index with a dashboard/saved search 
with the following TicketSQL:

Queue = 'Projects' AND HasMember IS NOT NULL AND (  Status = 'new' OR 
Status = 'open' )

On 5/23/15 8:10 AM, Darin Perusich wrote:

I'd like to be able to classify a group a tickets, mark them as a
project, and have that project be accessible under a Projects menu
available along the top of the RT interface which I can then select
and display only those tickets. For those that have used Jira I'm
basically looking to mimic, to an extent, how Projects are
treated/displayed in their ServiceDesk offering. I realize I could
create additional queues to facilitate this behaviour, however I do
not want the overhead associated with creating new queues, and want
these tickets to live under an existing queue.

I didn't see any existing extensions which provide this functionality
and am curious to know if anyone has wanted this behaviour and how
they've addressed it. Also, if this is something Best Practical has
implemented or has thoughts on I'd be interested in engaging them for
some custom development.

Re: [rt-users] Disable autocreate watchers

2015-05-21 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/20/15 3:26 PM, Murillo Azambuja Gonçalves wrote:

I'd like to disable the auto-creation of users when added as watchers.
Is this possible?

Unfortunately no. Watchers are group members of the given group type on 
the ticket and require a user record to be a member of that watcher type.

Re: [rt-users] Admin - Users - Select is VERY slow to load.

2015-05-21 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/17/15 11:13 PM, hydn wrote:

I've just install RT and added only 6 users. I clicked to view users
from root account:

Admin - Users - Select

Once clicking Select it take about 25-30 seconds for that page to
load. ALL other pages load almost instantly. This is still default
setup. Is there something I missed? Why does DB take so long to list 6

Its unsual, I don't have that issue on installs with lots and lots of users.

What database is this for? You're running 4.2.11 ? Nothing of note in 
the logs?

The first step is to grab the SQL query. To log it in RT use `Set( 
$StatementLog, 'info' );` in, or use your database's 
slow logging mechanism.


Re: [rt-users] Upgraded 4.0.0 with RTFM 2.0 to RT 4.2 - can RTFM be removed?

2015-05-21 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/19/15 11:07 AM, Giuseppe Sollazzo wrote:

Ok, I got it working. The Content is actually a custom field that
needs to be configured.

It's reported at

Can I recommend a link to this is added to the distribution's

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Can you be more specific as to where 
you'd like to see the link? Perhaps a diff?

I didn't reply to your initial question because I was a bit confused as 
to how you got in to the situation you did. You said you were upgrading 
from 4.0 with RTFM, but starting with 4.0, articles were built in - you 
wouldn't install RTFM on a 4.0 system:

RTFM has now reached end-of-life. However, as of RT 4.0.0, RTFM's
functionality was integrated into RT itself as Articles.

docs/UPGRADING-4.0 has the details for upgrading from RTFM to articles, 
but that wouldn't have normally applied to you because RTFM isn't 
compatible with 4.0+

[rt-users] [rt-announce] RT 4.2.11 released

2015-05-07 Thread Todd Wade

RT 4.2.11 -- 2015-05-07

RT 4.2.11 is now available.

SHA1 sums

c40063b4265a983343804f2056b22964a8ba7be9  rt-4.2.11.tar.gz
d34d6694462d597d14a474390d335bd2b58f42b8  rt-4.2.11.tar.gz.asc

This release is a bugfix release; most notably, it improves indexing
time for full-text search, as well as improving support for Apache 2.4
and MySQL 5.5.  Interactive command-line tools (including upgrade tools)
will now also default to displaying warnings to STDERR, to aid in
awareness of potential errors.

The complete list of changes includes:

General user UI
 * If storing a transaction failed, note the failure obviously in the
   ticket history (#30419)
 * Make sub-menus accessible on screen-readers
 * Prevent Dashboard portlet from rendering with too many columns
 * Hint that a transaction is Correspondence, using red background, on
   Jumbo and Bulk Update pages as well.
 * Articles distinction between no classes exist and none visible to
   user (#30638)
 * Skip Articles Class selection page if there is only one valid option
 * For consistency with other roles, don't attempt to send email
   notifications to owners that are disabled
 * Improve search performance when searching custom field values on
 * Allow ModifyTicket to change nobody - someone else, without
 * Allow HTML5 s and del tags for the replaced strike tag
 * Respect the user's chosen units for Time Worked across page loads,
   instead of always defaulting to minutes. (#17985)
 * In Jumbo, preserve ticket basics so in progress changes persist after
   returning to the page
 * Make elements styled as .button render the same as other buttons
 * Add print styles for button and .button that match other inputs

 * Default to enabling error warnings to the screen for interactive 

 * Standardize --help, --quiet and --verbose options across tools
 * Allow GSSAPI authentication with bin/rt (#25074)

Web Administration
 * Don't show rights on role groups rights list which are nonsensical
 * Support setting multiply-valued custom fields during REST ticket
 * Fix an infinite loop in multiple-valued custom field parsing
 * Recover gracefully on template creation failure (#29021)
 * Provide a user-legible representation of the user's GPG key (#25376)
 * Ability to change back to role UsernameFormat
 * Consistently store un-encoded header data for forwards (#29714)

Server Administration
 * Improve full-text indexing by 1-2 orders of magnitude, on both
   PostgreSQL and MySQL.
 * Warn if innodb_log_file_size would limit uploads to  5M on MySQL
   5.5 and later
 * Increase the warn threshold on max_allowed_packet to 5M
 * Validate lifecycle right name length
 * For convenience, allow using the distribution name instead of package
   name in Plugin(); for example: Plugin('RT-Extension-SLA')
 * Suggest explicit binlog_path for sphinx = 1.10
 * Drop DatabaseRequireSSL option that does nothing; replace with
   DatabaseExtraDSN option to allow passing of arbitrary additional
   database parameters to the database interface
 * Respect configure-time FontPath configuration
 * Configurable transaction suppression for EscalatePriority (#29465)
 * Switch from Oracle DBA-only tables to tables the user can inspect
 * Properly handle large IN sql arguments by breaking them up in to
   separate statements

 * Deprecate unused RT::Interface::CLI::debug sub
 * Standardize and simplify boilerplate for command-line options
 * Make rt-validator infinite loop checker actually work
 * Add 'mbox' option to $MailCommand which writes mbox-formatted output
 * Allow attributes to be set after object creation in initialdata
   files (#13036)
 * Do not set charset and body on multipart messages in ContentAsMIME
 * Look harder for content in message/rfc822 parts
 * Allow creation of multipart/related via REST, by providing
 * Fold RT::Shredder code into core record classes
 * Skip Shredder tests on all non-SQLite databases
 * Built in HTTP Basic auth and htpasswd support in rt-apache tool
 * New callbacks for Ticket/Elements/ShowBasics, AfterTimeEstimated and
 * Use %ARGS values in /Admin/Users/Modify.html to allow callbacks to
   modify them (#27655)
 * Allow passing SquelchMailTo to Ticket-Create
 * Explicitly depend on Class::Accessor::Fast not Class::Accessor
 * Add BodyClass parameter to Elements/Header so callbacks can more
   easily style only their own pages.

 * Extend the documentation to support Apache 2.4 deployment
 * Attempt to improve reliability in lighttpd by suggesting sockets
   instead of TCP connection
 * Information on finding and installing plugins
 * Information on the new rights interface in the UPGRADING doc (#29515)


Re: [rt-users] Issue Upgrading from 3.8.8

2015-05-01 Thread Todd Wade

On 5/1/15 7:15 AM, II GG wrote:

After importing the MySQL database data from the old server I used the
rt-setup-database script. This errors:

[1324] [Fri May  1 10:45:28 2015] [warning]: Resolver
RT::URI::fsck_com_rt could not parse,
maybe Organization config was changed?
Couldn't finish 'upgrade' step.

I am hoping the database hasn't been played with previously. Any ideas
what might be causing this?

Assuming $Oragnization is the same, this seems to be the case.

What I would do is grab 3.8.8 from the downloads page and see if it runs 
against your copy of the database. This may shake out any accidental 
misconfiguration. Then maybe run 3.8's sbin/rt-validator on it (once 
with --check, and then with --check --resolve --force). After that run 
4.2's upgrade script on it.


Re: [rt-users] newbie rt admin question

2015-04-10 Thread Todd Wade

On 4/10/15 5:07 PM, Karres, Dean wrote:

I have a few queues setup.  I have the “SelfService” web interface
setup.  I can login as an Unprivileged user and create a ticket.  I can
send email and create a ticket.  I can not as the unPriv user, SEE my
created ticket in self service mode.

Exactly what do you see in the UI? Do you get an error message No 
permission to view newly created ticket #XXX ?

I can't duplicate the issue you describe with the rights below. In my 
scratchpad workspace on 4.2.10 I did a 'make dropdb' and 'make initdb'. 
I then logged in as root, created an unprivileged user, and went to the 
Queue's group rights page (/Admin/Queues/GroupRights.html?id=1). I then 
granted 'Everyone' every right in the general tab.

When I logged out and logged in as the test user, I could create a 
ticket and see it fine.

Are you logging out and back in as the unprivileged user after changing 
rights? Rights are cached on login, so thats my sanity check guess. 
Anything jumping out in the logs?

Also note that with this rights configuration (once you get it working), 
all users can see other users' tickets by just updating the URL. You'd 
usually want the ShowTicket and ReplyToTicket rights to be granted to 
the Requestor role, not at the system level.

I have granted “Everyone” all of the “General” rights on the main queue:

·Comment on tickets CommentOnTicket
·Create tickets CreateTicket
·Reply to tickets ReplyToTicket
·Sign up as a ticket Requestor or ticket or queue Cc Watch
·View custom field values SeeCustomField
·View queue SeeQueue
·View ticket summaries