Re: [rt-users] 4.2.12 & External Storage plugin errors

2016-06-17 Thread benjamin baugnies
I found the source of some of the issues: Some files not being externalized -> Hardcoded threshold of 10Mb under which images are not moved (this now a documented parameter in 4.4.0) Files not available from web interface -> www-data apparently requires execute permission on the directory to

[rt-users] 4.2.12 & External Storage plugin errors

2016-04-27 Thread benjamin baugnies
Hello, I'm currently working on a new installation of RT 4.2.12 on Ubuntu 14.04. The install was done using the standard instructions and the basics works. We were able to install several plugins including RT-IR 3.2.0 and everything worked fine. Now, I'm trying to use the External Storage plugin