Re: [rt-users] List of Transaction Types

2015-06-23 Thread Moose
While I don't have a complete list of transaction types for you, I do have a
scrip that will write relevant transaction/ticket info to the logs. 

Condition: On transaction
Action: User Defined
Template: Blank
Stage: TransactionCreate

Custom Action Prep Code:
$RT::Logger-debug(  TRANSACTION TYPE: . $self-TransactionObj-Type
. \n );
$RT::Logger-debug(  TRANSACTION FIELD: . $self-TransactionObj-Field
. \n );
$RT::Logger-debug(  TRANSACTION CONTENT: .
$self-TransactionObj-Content . \n );
$RT::Logger-debug(  TRANSACTION OLD VALUE: .
$self-TransactionObj-OldValue . \n );
$RT::Logger-debug(  TRANSACTION NEW VALUE: .
$self-TransactionObj-NewValue . \n );
$RT::Logger-debug(  TICKET QUEUE : . $self-TicketObj-QueueObj-Name
. \n );
$RT::Logger-debug(  TICKET ID: . $self-TicketObj-Id . \n );

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[rt-users] List of Transaction Types

2015-06-23 Thread Keith Edmunds
Where can I find a list of transaction types?

I found, but that appears
to be old or incomplete (for example, it doesn't include SetWatcher).