[rt-users] Upgraded 4.0.0 with RTFM 2.0 to RT 4.2 - can RTFM be removed?

2015-04-30 Thread Giuseppe Sollazzo
Dear list, we have upgrade our 4.0.0 to the latest 4.2, which includes an article functionality and currently testing it (it's a clone of our live system). On our 4.0.0, we had RTFM version 2.0 installed (although we never really used it, nor configured it) and the installation guide says

Re: [rt-users] Cannot get JumpToFrontPageOnTicketResolve to work.

2015-04-30 Thread Aaron Guise
Hi, That scrip does not work. Scrips work in the background and the redirection needs to happen client side/browser. I got around this by customising the RT mason elements adding code to check the actions list for the change I needed to act on. Once upon a time anyway. -- Aaron On Fri, 24 Apr

[rt-users] charset troubles

2015-04-30 Thread Emmanuel Dreyfus
Hello I just upgraded Apache to 2.4 and RT to latest 3.8, and I get a charset problem: anything that enter RT through rt-mailgate is fine, but any non ASCII character sent through the web interface gets corrupted: I get a ? in a quare instead, which is usually what happens when ISO-8859-1

Re: [rt-users] charset troubles

2015-04-30 Thread Alex Vandiver
On Thu, 30 Apr 2015 21:08:00 +0200 m...@netbsd.org (Emmanuel Dreyfus) wrote: I just upgraded Apache to 2.4 and RT to latest 3.8 RT 3.8 reached end-of-life over a year ago. No release of Apache 2.4 had been made before RT 3.8 was in critical security releases only. I'm unsurprised that there are

Re: [rt-users] charset troubles

2015-04-30 Thread Emmanuel Dreyfus
Alex Vandiver ale...@bestpractical.com wrote: Please upgrade to a supported version of RT. After upgrading to RT 4.2.10, the problem vanished when updating tickets on the web interface, but it still exists when creating a new ticket from the web interface. The generated HTML for creating and