Re: [rt-users] Queues, surveys for agents, and forms

2015-05-05 Thread Geico Caveman
Thanks Loic! I am glad to hear that it is easy to do so. But precisely **how** is the question. Does it go into the config file as a new block? That said, is it possible to move tickets between queues (ensuring that the ticket number does not change)? That functionality is essential as very

[rt-users] Custom fields

Hello, I've created some custom fields for the the 'ticket creation' form, and I would like for certain users to be able to fill in theses custom fields when creating a new ticket so I have given them the right to see and modify CF, but also I don't want them to be able to modify the values for

[rt-users] SelectOwnerAutocomplete fails on mobile UI RT 4.2.10

2015-05-05 Thread
Hi RT users, While testing RT 4.2.10, I noticed that the user dropdown is replaced with a non-functional autocomplete box on both Android and iOS phones. Is the only way to fix that is to bump the limit up from 50? Regards, Ken