Re: [rt-users] RT 4.4.0 ShowHistory -> Scroll problem with French GUI

2016-06-17 Thread Emmanuel Lacour
Le 16/06/2016 à 19:54, Dustin Graves a écrit : > Hi Guys, > > Thanks for the fix, Emmanuel. We ended up doing it a little differently > though with the JS I18N engine. You can see the > branch 4.4/fix-history-scroll-js for the details. We are planning on > merging the fix into 4.4.1. > nice :)

[rt-users] db upgrade - [error]: Condition 'On Forward Transaction' not found

2016-06-17 Thread Felix Defrance
Hi rt-users ! I have recently upgraded our RT from version 4.0.7 to 4.4.0. I have used the rt-setup-database like this: rt-setup-database --action upgrade --force --skip-create --upgrade-from 4.0.6 --upgrade-to 4.3.13 Some errors/warning was solved by executing some 'insert' actions after

Re: [rt-users] 4.2.12 & External Storage plugin errors

2016-06-17 Thread benjamin baugnies
I found the source of some of the issues: Some files not being externalized -> Hardcoded threshold of 10Mb under which images are not moved (this now a documented parameter in 4.4.0) Files not available from web interface -> www-data apparently requires execute permission on the directory to

Re: [rt-users] Stalled tickets - Open on comment/reply?

2016-06-17 Thread Joel Bergmark
Hi, You are right, thanks for the input. I'm trying to set up a custom Lifecycle that I want to use in a few Queues, but seemingly I cant manage to get the configuration to be activated (Still only have the option Default, in the lifecycle dropdown. Here is the config, from,

[rt-users] [rt-announce] New site for the RT Wiki

2016-06-17 Thread Jim Brandt
Hello RT Users, Best Practical is moving the RT wiki to a new hosting site! If you've used the RT community wiki over the years, you may have noticed the ads have increased quite a bit on Wikia. To make sure RT users have a productive environment to share their RT knowledge, we're moving to

Re: [rt-users] Reproducible RT Configuration management

2016-06-17 Thread Brian Duggan
We've built a set of Ansible playbooks around this role: The role doesn't depend on any other roles - it sets up MariaDB and Apache itself. It assumes CentOS 7.x and can configure SELinux, install multiple versions of RT 4.2.x. I'm going to add support for

Re: [rt-users] Reproducible RT Configuration management

2016-06-17 Thread Bart Bunting
Hi, Sorry for the slow reply. That is more or less what I have using puppet scripts. The question I am struggling with is that if we are to write scripts every time a change is required, e.g. an admin cc is added to a queue etc it is a time consuming process and I am questioning the effort

[rt-users] Anyone know how to create a clickable link like this?

2016-06-17 Thread Mike Johnson
So, easy to create a link in the emails triggered by scrips... but, I see Zendesk(another ticketing system) that I interact with for another software we run onsite sends emails that show up in GMail with this cool little button... [image: Inline image 1] Anyone know what creates this and has

Re: [rt-users] Anyone know how to create a clickable link like this?

2016-06-17 Thread Dustin Graves
Hi Mike, This is a pretty neat idea. I looked into it a bit and it seems to be what Gmail calls a ‘Go-To Action’ I couldn’t get it to work in my first pass,