Re: [rt-users] RT 4 on Amazon EC2

2017-02-21 Thread Andrew Huddleston
I had this issue the other day using Amazon Linux AMI. Stand alone server would run, but httpd would spike to 100+% cpu, no error, no logs, no output.. eventually I gave up and used the Centos7 AMI, worked like a dream first time. I now run rt4 in aws. Andrew Huddleston On 22 Feb 2017, at

[rt-users] Assets with 'dynamic' titles

2017-02-21 Thread Andrew Ruthven
Hey, I'm wanting to use Assets to track, well, our assets. But I'll be tracking hard drives and a few other components as well which don't have a specific name . Is it possible to have the subject dynamically generated using a combination of Custom Fields and even potentially relationships?

[rt-users] RT 4 on Amazon EC2

2017-02-21 Thread François Meehan
Hi, I have restored a production instance of RT to an Amazon EC2 t2.small virtual machine. It has 2 Gig of RAM. I can’t get Apache with Mod_FCGI to work but RT will run ok when using the stand alone server. There are no error message to help. One particularity of EC2 is that is does not have

Re: [rt-users] Assets with 'dynamic' titles

2017-02-21 Thread Dippery, Kyle
Probably? If you copy from its home to $RT4/local/lib/RT/, you can modify the Create subroutine (and then probably delete all the routines that you don't override). I'd aim for someplace around lines 222-231 (of the original file): 222 my $catalog =