Re: [rt-users] rt-shredder Users plugin deletes tickets?

2010-03-16 Thread Christian Loos
I mailed this bug report and still waiting for a response: Am 11.03.2010 19:42, schrieb Gary Hall: Hi Howie, I ran into the same problem. In my case, the deleted Tickets contained Correspondence from Users who were

Re: [rt-users] Problem installing latest RT from GIT

2010-03-24 Thread Christian Loos
Am 21.03.2010 16:47, schrieb Torsten Brumm: Hi Group just tried to install latest rt from git and i'm getting confused: config: ./configure --enable-graphviz --enable-gd --with-web-handler=fastcgi --with-db-rt-pass=apassword --with-web-user=apache --with-web-group=apache So, no GPG,

Re: [rt-users] Reports based on duration between open and update/closed

2010-03-26 Thread Christian Loos
Am 24.03.2010 14:43, schrieb Jesper Henriksen: Hey all, Is there a way to get reports on how much time a ticket has been open? For example we would like to see the average time it takes from when a customer reports a problem till we have closed the ticket. Bear in mind that if the ticket is

Re: [rt-users] Help with Approvals needed

2010-04-15 Thread Christian Loos
Am 12.04.2010 08:53, schrieb Brumm, Torsten / Kuehne + Nagel / Ham MI-ID: Dear List, i need some help or Ideas about Approvals of RT. I have to create a huge workflow with several approvals needed. i know already, that i can start several approvals within one template, i also know, that

Re: [rt-users] find time span between dates

2010-04-19 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Steven, I have done this to measure the time (in days) between Created and Resolved by extending the ticket column_map this way: For 3.6.x place a file under local/html/Callbacks/MyCallbackname/Elements/RT__Ticket/ColumnMap/ColumnMap For 3.8.x this would be

Re: [rt-users] Remove requestor's e-mail only from 1 queue

2010-04-26 Thread Christian Loos
If you don't want to touch the code you can also do that with an scrip for this queue. Condition: On Create Action: User defined Template: Global template: Blank Stage: TransactionCreate Custom action preparation code: return 1; Custom action cleanup code: $self-TicketObj-DeleteWatcher( Type

Re: [rt-users] Create child or dependency ticket in a different queue?

2010-04-27 Thread Christian Loos
Maybe checkout also this extension: Am 27.04.2010 10:32, schrieb Torsten Brumm: Hi, check out:

Re: [rt-users] custom condition not working when checking requestor

2010-05-03 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Andy, try this my $transactionType = $self-TransactionObj-Type; if ($transactionType eq 'Create' $self-TicketObj-RequestorAddresses eq $Queue-CorrespondAddress) { return 1; } return 0; But keep in mind that RequestorAddresses is maybe a list of addresses and CorrespondAddress is a

Re: [rt-users] RealName instead of Name

2010-05-11 Thread Christian Loos
Am 10.05.2010 16:35, schrieb Milos.Barina: Hi everyone, after migrating to RT 3.8.7 from 3.6.3, users in drop-down fields (e.g. QueryBuilder) are shown as RealName instead of Name. This is considered an inconvenience by some people. Is there an administrative setting to change it back?

Re: [rt-users] Filtering out unneeded info from ticket

2010-05-15 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Chris, I just created an extension that is doing what you want. You can check it out at github: Chris Am 13.05.2010 19:28, schrieb Chris Hall: Thanks Raed and Torsten, I took a little bit of both. I ended up editing

Re: [rt-users] Date format to set Due Date with scrip?

2010-05-20 Thread Christian Loos
I think better would be this way: my $Due = new RT::Date( $self-CurrentUser ); $Due-SetToNow; $Due-AddDays( 7 ); $self-TicketObj-SetDue( Format =, 'ISO', Value = $Due-ISO ); -- Chris Am 20.05.2010 14:28, schrieb Steven Platt: Hi, The config setting ‘Requests should be due in:’ is not

Re: [rt-users] creating new user password

2010-05-20 Thread Christian Loos
Am 20.05.2010 18:35, schrieb After I create a new user and set the password, I get the following message: Please enter your current password. Password has not been set I need help resolving this problem so my helpdesk staff can start using RT. thanks,

Re: [rt-users] Custom Field display descriptions

2010-05-28 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Chris, Just try this: (?#phone number)^\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4}$ Chris Am 28.05.2010 16:13, schrieb Chris Hall: I was wondering this myself.. on 3.8.7 here.. I'd like a way to have a more descriptive explanation on the form, rather than Input must match ^\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4}$ (not everybody knows

Re: [rt-users] Time taken to open ticket history

2010-06-08 Thread Christian Loos
Hi, just try out my extension: Chris Am 08.06.2010 01:31, schrieb Brian D: Ken, Is there a patch out there that does this? Hiding some of the extraneous txns is something I was thinking of doing as well. Thanks, Brian On Jun 7,

Re: [rt-users] How do I exclude a global scrip for specific queues

2010-06-17 Thread Christian Loos
This is my way: my @QueueList = qw(Q1 Q2); my $qname = $self-TicketObj-QueueObj-Name; return 0 if grep /$qname/, @QueueList; return 1; Chris Am 16.06.2010 18:28, schrieb slamp slamp: On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 5:31 PM, slamp slamp wrote: On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 5:28 PM, slamp

Re: [rt-users] Going crazy with RT 3.8 and Timezones for Display Dates

2010-07-01 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Torsten, try this: my $DUEDATE = $self-TicketObj-FirstCustomFieldValue('Date'); my $DUETIME = $self-TicketObj-FirstCustomFieldValue('Time'); my $DUE = $DUEDATE. .$DUETIME; my $DATE = RT::Date-new( $session{'CurrentUser'} ); $DATE-Set( Format = 'unknown', Value = $DUE, Timezone =

Re: [rt-users] Going crazy with RT 3.8 and Timezones for Display Dates

2010-07-01 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Torsten, normally you don't need to worry about timezones in date calculations. You should always normalize all dates to UTC and then do the calculations. May you can give an example of you date calculations? Chris Am 01.07.2010 14:10, schrieb Torsten Brumm: Hi Chris, this i already

Re: [rt-users] Query Builder Result Page - Clickable CustomField Link

2010-08-03 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Torsten, you have to extend the ticket columnmap to get the link into the search result. -chris Am 02.08.2010 19:42, schrieb Torsten Brumm: Hi RT Users, i have a question regarding CustomFields of Type Upload On File. If i create a query and at the output i let display RT the Content of

Re: [rt-users] How to Manage a First plus Second Level Support Configuration

2010-08-03 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Andrea, first of all you should have applied the custom fields to both queues. If you then create a ticket with the create button under links, then the custom fields values should also be copied. You can then manually change the queue or you could try the following extension:

Re: [rt-users] Email Priority.

2010-08-04 Thread Christian Loos
Create a scrip 'On Create' with the following 'Custom action cleanup code': my $ticket; my $attachment = $self-TransactionObj-Attachments-First; return 1 unless $attachment; my $prio = $attachment-GetHeader('Priority'); return 1 unless $prio; if ( $prio eq 'Urgent' ) { $ticket-SetPriority(50);

Re: [rt-users] Query Builder - Custom Fields

2010-08-04 Thread Christian Loos
You can only search for tickets with the query builder. So you can only search for ticket customfields and not for transaction customfields. -chris Am 04.08.2010 12:30, schrieb Paul Broadwith: Kenn, Thanks for that. Unfortunately they are not showing up so I assume (or does that make

Re: [rt-users] Query Builder - Custom Fields

2010-08-04 Thread Christian Loos
As far as I know the only way searching for transactions with a customfield is within the database. I think the use of transaction customfields is only to do something within scrips depending an a transaction customfield value. Am 04.08.2010 13:18, schrieb Paul Broadwith: AH (sound of

Re: [rt-users] Email Priority.

2010-08-04 Thread Christian Loos
the original On create notify requestors and put that code in. Got nothing. Created a new On create set priority and it still didn't do anything. -Mark -Original Message- From: Christian Loos [] Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 3:54 AM To: Mark Jenks Cc: rt-users

Re: [rt-users] Email Priority.

2010-08-06 Thread Christian Loos
Sorry for the confusion. I wrote the scrip out of my mind and missed these two point. A good starting point for you custom actions is always the wiki: -Chris Am 06.08.2010 03:27, schrieb Mark Jenks: Okay! Figured it out. Set Priority

Re: [rt-users] rt-extension-spawnlinkedticket

2010-08-27 Thread Christian Loos
It is rt-extension-spawnlinkedticketinqueue and the offending line is this one in html/Callbacks/SpawnLinkedTicket/Elements/ShowLinks/Default: form action=% RT-Config-Get('WebPath') ./Elements/SpawnLinkedTicket % name=SpawnLinkedTicket You should check your WebPath setting in

Re: [rt-users] Auto Login Link in autoreply with password

2010-08-30 Thread Christian Loos
Normally this can't work because RT saves the password not as plain text but as md5 hash. But for the login you need the plain password, you can't login with the md5 password hash. The only way to do this is, to use a password cracker who get you the plain password from the md5 hash or you change

Re: [rt-users] Change Update Type default

2010-08-31 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Max, you find the RT code at Github: and Kevin was talking about this commit: -Chris Am 30.08.2010 18:10, schrieb Max McGrath: Hi Kevin, I'm not sure what you mean by

Re: [rt-users] Adding the name of the user entering a comment in the web interface to the template that is used to send an email to CCs

2010-09-08 Thread Christian Loos
For example this: { $Transaction-CreatorObj-RealName } Take a look in the wiki, there are more examples: -Chris Am 08.09.2010 20:30, schrieb Matthew Larsen: Please forgive my ignorance. I’ve been searching through the wiki to try and figure

Re: [rt-users] Adding the name of the user entering a comment in the web interface to the template that is used to send an email to CCs

2010-09-08 Thread Christian Loos
You can take a look in the wiki or in this files: lib/RT/ lib/RT/ lib/RT/ lib/RT/ -Chris Am 08.09.2010 22:40, schrieb Matthew Larsen: Thank you for this. That's what I was looking for. This comes back to me trying to get familiar

Re: [rt-users] Outlook 2007 inserting multiple blank lines

2010-09-24 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Dustin, here are the two commits for this bug: This only works if the mail from outlook contains the X-Mailer header with the

Re: [rt-users] dont reopen

2010-10-25 Thread Christian Loos
Hi, i just added your version of this to the wiki page. We only allow re-opening the ticket if it is resolved less then 7 days. If the ticket is resolved more than 7 days, the requestor gets an mail (template), that it isn't allowed to re-open the ticket. -Chris Am 23.10.2010 01:46, schrieb

Re: [rt-users] Textarea custom field does one update for each line in content

2010-11-08 Thread Christian Loos
We also have this problem. Our users have the SeeCustomField right globally and the ModifyCustomField right per group. If the users have the SuperUser right, there is no problem. RT 3.8.6 -Chris Am 05.11.2010 16:40, schrieb Josh Narins: When a user saves the Custom Field data there is one

Re: [rt-users] No permission to create tickets email bounce

2010-11-18 Thread Christian Loos
You should check if the user is disabled! Am 17.11.2010 22:46, schrieb Shannon Adams: Running RT 3.8.8 I have one user within our company who cannot create RT tickets. She was able to for years until recently. I can't tell what changed. All other users can create tickets fine and

Re: [rt-users] RT 3.9.6 Search Features Missing.

2010-11-22 Thread Christian Loos
I was using bin/ and some menu items was gone. I also remember problems with the upgrade from 3.8.? to 3.9.6 (I can' remember what it was exactly) but i recall a small note from the 3.6 to 3.8 upgrade: don't upgrade, install new. /opt/rt4 would be also a nice place :) Am 22.11.2010

Re: [rt-users] AdminCC info in what table?

2010-11-24 Thread Christian Loos
Or you can use the REST interface: -Chris Am 25.11.2010 00:48, schrieb Kenneth Crocker: Naweed, AdminCc's are basicallt identified as groups and there are relationships with ACL, GroupMembers Tickets. I'd advise having your external system just

Re: [rt-users] Communicate a message to web UI from inside Scrip?

2011-01-06 Thread Christian Loos
How about put a comment with your script in the ticket. The Ticket history would then look like this: * Status change from open to resolve * Comment: ERROR: Cannot resolve without a value for BlahBlah. * Status change from resolved to open I think this would make it clear for the user why they

Re: [rt-users] Notification for reminders

2011-02-02 Thread Christian Loos
Am 01.02.2011 13:02, schrieb Kevin Falcone: On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 09:55:39AM +0100, Johan Sjöberg wrote: I have created some reminders in our RT system, but we get no notification at the time of the reminder. This means that we have to keep watching the Reminders field at RT at a

Re: [rt-users] problem with cf in spreadsheet download

2011-02-02 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Björn, as far as I know you can even use the Result.tsv from RT 4.0 without upgrading. So you get also the changes in RT 4.0, for example not all ticket fields in the tsv but only the fields in the search result. -Chris Am 01.02.2011 14:43, schrieb Björn Schulz: Hi Kevin, I'll try to

Re: [rt-users] Overlay - local Problem

2011-02-04 Thread Christian Loos
Am 04.02.2011 13:57, schrieb Violetta J. Wawryk: # ll /usr/share/request-tracker3.6/local/RT/Interface/ You use the wrong path, you should change it to: /usr/share/request-tracker3.6/local/lib/RT/Interface/

Re: [rt-users] RT-Shredder directory

2011-03-02 Thread Christian Loos
The directory isn't created by the install script, so you have to create it manually. I opened already a bug for this nearly a year ago: -Chris Am 02.03.2011 05:00, schrieb Thomas Smith: I'm working with a recent

Re: [rt-users] scipts not working

2011-03-24 Thread Christian Loos
Try change the regexp from $content =~ m/^\QRT-Set-Test:\E\s*(\S+)\s*$/m to $content =~ /RT-Set-Test:\s*(.+)$/mg; -Chris Am 24.03.2011 11:17, schrieb Violetta J. Wawryk: Hi List, RT: 3.6.7, debian5 sorry, I don't know what I am doing wrong, it must be my lack of pearl knowledge. I have

Re: [rt-users] Subscription of Dashboard and Outlook

2011-03-24 Thread Christian Loos
How about loading a special css file when you generate the dashboard email. This css file can be empty by default so you only have to put a file within the local path where you can tweak the styles. -Chris Am 24.03.2011 19:53, schrieb Shawn M Moore: The email is the same regardless of what mail

Re: [rt-users] Rest API search by email?

2011-04-08 Thread Christian Loos
You must use the right field name. Try this: http://rt_host/rt/REST/1.0/search/ticket?query=Owner.EmailAddress='' The best way would be to create the search with the query builder and then copy and paste the query from the advanced tab to the REST url. -Chris Am 08.04.2011

Re: [rt-users] Save seaarch with type='Reminder' not possible ?

2011-05-15 Thread Christian Loos
Change type = 'Reminder' to Type = 'reminder' and everything is fine. Chris Am 15.05.2011 10:11, schrieb Daniel Schwager: Hi, I try to save my over-due-reminder search (configured in the 'advance search page'): Owner = '__CurrentUser__' AND Due = 'now' AND Due 0 AND type =

Re: [rt-users] Workflow HOWTO

2011-05-30 Thread Christian Loos
How about closing the design ticket if it is approved and then create a new ticket in the construction queue and link it to the design ticket and grant SeeTicket right to the design queue for the construction user. The construction user can see the comments and attachments in the design

Re: [rt-users] Ticket Lifetime Report

2011-07-01 Thread Christian Loos
The RT guys also work on something similar. Have a look at the 4.2/date-time-improvements-in-charts branch at github: -Chris Am 01.07.2011 18:28, schrieb Ryan Frantz: Fellow Users, I've written a short script

Re: [rt-users] Show tickets depending on creator and not owner

2011-07-05 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Fabian, you could simplify you script as you don't need the principal stuff here. The scrip would then look like this: my $scrip = 'Script:AutoAddCreatorAsRequestor'; # Get Current Ticket my $Ticket = $self-TicketObj; # Get Current Ticket ID my $Id = $Ticket-id; # Get E-Mail-Address of

Re: [rt-users] Show tickets depending on creator and not owner

2011-07-06 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Fabian, I don't have a RT 4.0.1 installation by the hand but I checked the code at github and this should work. For the ticket create form it is in share/html/Ticket/Create.html line 119 and for ticket quick create form it is in: share/html/Elements/QuickCreate line 71 Has the current

Re: [rt-users] Customize Ticket History

2011-08-01 Thread Christian Loos
Am 01.08.2011 10:35, schrieb john s.: Hello everybody Is there any way to customize the ticket History ? for ex. i would like to hide the system messages for the ticket for users else the whole overview about the tickets will be lost best regards john Try my extension:

Re: [rt-users] relative data ticket search for monthly report?

2011-08-05 Thread Christian Loos
Am 04.08.2011 23:28, schrieb John Alberts: I know, and I looked at the docs, but I can't figure out how to do what I want. I figured someone on the list must have figured out a way to get last months report easily, regardless of how long it is into the current month. After spending more

Re: [rt-users] Broken mime type text/html inline e-mail visualization

2011-08-05 Thread Christian Loos
Am 05.08.2011 17:03, schrieb Thomas Sibley: Ah, much more clear. For security, RT only allows certain HTML when displaying content inline with the ticket history. What you're seeing is that RT has stripped the tables from your message for inline display. There are answers in the list

Re: [rt-users] RT 3.8.10 and 4.0.1 in apache vritual hosts - possible?

2011-08-11 Thread Christian Loos
You can't run rt3 and rt4 under the same Port(80) and path(/). Change the port or the path of the rt4 apache config. Am 10.08.2011 17:44, schrieb Yan Seiner: RT3 virtual host: root@svr-rt:/etc/apache2/sites-available# cat rt3 VirtualHost *:80 ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost

Re: [rt-users] Reduce RAM usage of mysql and apache on RT install 1GB Ram vps

2011-08-26 Thread Christian Loos
Am 24.08.2011 15:48, schrieb Gilbert Rebeiro: Understood, I have upgraded the memory to 2GB. Let's see how it works. Which RT Version do you run? It would be great if you could share your experiences with me. We moved your RT 3.8.6 some weeks ago from a 32bit Debian lenny machine to a 64bit

Re: [rt-users] PriorityasString: Sort function on dashboard doesn't work

2011-10-25 Thread Christian Loos
Am 19.10.2011 13:38, schrieb john s.: Hello Thomas For example I have 3 Tickets 1. high 2.middle 3.normal Which status and owner have the 3 tickets? These Tickets should appear on the Dashboard 10 highest priority tickets I own in the correct order 1. high 2. middle 3. normal but on

Re: [rt-users] notify colleagues about a ticket in RT web interface (not by mail)

2011-12-01 Thread Christian Loos
Am 01.12.2011 15:17, schrieb Stefan Vollmar: Hi, we have just started using RT and come across this problem: a ticket has been opened (by one of our users via a simplified web interface or internally), somebody in the support group has started working on it (she/he is now the owner) but finds

Re: [rt-users] Strip the requestor

2012-01-05 Thread Christian Loos
$self-TicketObj-DeleteWatcher( Type = 'Requestor', Email = '', Silent = 1); Omit the Silent if you want an History entry. -Chris Am 04.01.2012 23:10, schrieb Randy Black: Anyone? Need to strip the requestor on create for a specific queue. Thanks, Randy

Re: [rt-users] Strip the requestor

2012-01-05 Thread Christian Loos
There is no wildcard value. You have to remove each requestor. You can loop over $self-TicketObj-RequestorAddresses -Chris Am 05.01.2012 12:22, schrieb Randy Black: Thanks! But what is the wild card for the email value? I need them all stripped. Thanks again! RT Training Sessions

Re: [rt-users] PriorityAsAString plugin question

2012-01-05 Thread Christian Loos
I have done this in my version of the extension: -Chris Am 05.01.2012 16:45, schrieb RT User: Thank you! I'd prefer having only priority and not the final priority. Where do I remove final

Re: [rt-users] attachment improvements

2012-01-22 Thread Christian Loos
Hi, can you please send your changes for 1. Attachment forward. I also have to implement this for your company RT (3.8.6) within the next weeks and would implement this in our internal RT plugin or would release a separate plugin on for this change if it would be ok for you. Thanks!

Re: [rt-users] How to hide RT-originator?

2012-01-26 Thread Christian Loos
Set($UseOriginatorHeader, 0); -Chris Am 26.01.2012 18:06, schrieb Katina Haytova: I believe what I need to change is UseOriginatorHeader from 0 to 1 On 01/26/2012 06:57 PM, Katina Haytova wrote: Hello, I would like to hide the real email addresses that appear in RT-Originator in the

Re: [rt-users] Lifecycles: Prevent automatic transition to open between active states

2012-02-10 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Torben, by default there is an global scrip called Open Tickets which set the status to open on correspondence. If you deactivate this scrip the ticket should keep it's status. -Chris Am 10.02.2012 10:32, schrieb Nehmer Torben: Good day, I have a question regarding custom lifecycles.

Re: [rt-users] re configure rt

2012-03-01 Thread Christian Loos
This doesn't work for me. /opt/rt4/etc/ shows only this: # RT was configured with: # # $ ./configure /opt/rt4/share/ /opt/rt4/etc/ Any Ideas? -Chris Am 28.02.2012 16:05, schrieb Thomas Sibley: On 02/28/2012 03:23 AM, john s. wrote: How can i reconfigure

Re: [rt-users] re configure rt

2012-03-01 Thread Christian Loos
autoconf --version autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.61 The files doesn't exist. -Chris Am 01.03.2012 16:22, schrieb Thomas Sibley: On 03/01/2012 08:11 AM, Christian Loos wrote: This doesn't work for me. /opt/rt4/etc/ shows only this: # RT was configured

Re: [rt-users] VB: reminders?

2012-03-19 Thread Christian Loos
You should really read the README file: The changes in this extension are already included in RT 4.0. So for 4.0 you don't need this extension as it only back port some changes from 4.0 to 3.8 to make the reminder feature useful under 3.8. -Chris Am 10.03.2012 16:38, schrieb Martin

Re: [rt-users] VB: reminders?

2012-03-19 Thread Christian Loos
Just have a look at the Wiki: -Chris Am 19.03.2012 09:40, schrieb Martin Petersson: Hi Christian Yes i noticed that but why or what do i have to do to get the email reminders, cause I don’t receive any today?

Re: [rt-users] RT 4.0.5 bug in Excel export

2012-04-11 Thread Christian Loos
Am 11.04.2012 17:35, schrieb Tim Cutts: There might be more satisfactory and general solutions that could be implemented in the Results.tsv mason page. Rather simplistically, it could just run ScrubHTML across everything that comes out of the ColumnMap. Long time ago I send an patch for

Re: [rt-users] Memory leak (RT 4.0.5)

2012-04-19 Thread Christian Loos
Am 18.04.2012 16:31, schrieb Tim Cutts: On 18 Apr 2012, at 13:07, Austin Denyer wrote: System: RT version 4.0.5 Apache version 2.2.16 PostgreSQL version 8.4.11 Debian version 6.0.4 Kernel version 2.6.24-25-xen (64-bit) I've not used the Debian packaged version - is it

Re: [rt-users] Config of own plugin

2012-05-23 Thread Christian Loos
1) and 2)? Thanks a lot for your help. Greetings, Christian Loos Network Documentation Fibre Management _ NETCOLOGNE Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH Am Coloneum 9 | 50829 Köln Tel: 0221 -276 | Fax: 0221

Re: [rt-users] Wildcard in queue search changed from 3.8.8 to 4.0.5?

2012-05-31 Thread Christian Loos
Queue and the LIKE operator was never supported in any RT version! But I think this should be on the wish-list for 4.2. -Chris Am 31.05.2012 14:09, schrieb Claes Jansson: Hi! In 3.8.8 I used a advanced search like this: ( Status = 'open' OR Status = 'new' OR Status = 'stalled' ) AND

Re: [rt-users] Wildcard in queue search changed from 3.8.8 to 4.0.5?

2012-05-31 Thread Christian Loos
a workaround for this? //Claes Christian Loos Network Documentation Fibre Management _ NETCOLOGNE Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH Am Coloneum 9 | 50829 Köln Tel: 0221 -276 | Fax: 0221 -7276 | Mobil: 0177

Re: [rt-users] Extension to allow queue change on creating child ticket

2012-06-13 Thread Christian Loos
2001 From: Christian Loos Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 12:44:35 +0200 Subject: [PATCH] show queue select on ticket cloning If you come to the ticket create page by the create link in the links section of a ticket (cloning), show a queue select box. If you change the queue, the create

Re: [rt-users] sendmailpipe not working after upgrade to 3.8.12

2012-06-14 Thread Christian Loos
Am 14.06.2012 10:46, schrieb Johan Sjöberg: Hi. I just upgraded our RT install from 3.8.10 to 3.8.12. After this RT was unable to send e-mail messages with the default outgoing mail setting (sendmailpipe). I change mail command to sendmail (and removed –t from mail arguments), and then it

[rt-users] scrip writing info

2012-06-28 Thread Christian Loos
preparation code: my condition Custom action cleanup code: my action Both scrip's do the same but I want to know if they are may be handled internally different. Thanks! Chris Christian Loos Network Documentation Fibre Management

Re: [rt-users] attachment filename corrupted

2012-06-29 Thread Christian Loos
Am 27.06.2012 22:53, schrieb Ruslan Zakirov: Hi, Should work in 4.0.6. But for me it don't work in 3.8.13. I send an message to the devel list on 2012-06-22 but didn't any reply until now. Chris

Re: [rt-users] RT Installation

2012-08-26 Thread Christian Loos
Am 25.08.2012 18:17, schrieb Mik J: Hello, I'm trying to install RT and I'm a bit confused. I have read many documentations. During the install process I did # cd rt-4.0.5 # ./configure --with-db-database=rtrackerdb --with-db-rt-user=rt --with-db-rt-pass='rtpwd' --with-db-dba=mydba

Re: [rt-users] clone ticket- disabling cloning of some fields RT4.0.5

2012-09-21 Thread Christian Loos
TimeLeft ) ); I will send this within the next days to BPS to maybe integrate this in RT 4.2. Chris From 53272e2154ad5c3b44580e569194473544cfe594 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Christian Loos Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 16:30:37 +0200 Subject: [PATCH] new config option

Re: [rt-users] Don't close tickets (or re-open) if a specific custom field is not a specific value

2012-10-25 Thread Christian Loos
Am 24.10.2012 16:15, schrieb Holger Haase: Hi all, I searched (Google/wiki/nabble/...) and tried for several hours now. Nothing worked. I have to make sure tha a ticket can only be closed if a custom field (or maybe transaction custom field) has a specific value. I have more than one

Re: [rt-users] Write a Custom Action in rt4 as a Module/package ERROR

2012-10-26 Thread Christian Loos
uncomment this line: #use base qw(RT::Action); Chris Am 26.10.2012 15:02, schrieb Red Pantyhose: Dear rt-users I created the following ActionScrip Module below - the Module is registered. But i get the following Error: Oct 26 14:42:49 rt RT: Scrip Prepare 14 died. - Can't locate

Re: [rt-users] RT4 adjust column width(s)?

2012-12-14 Thread Christian Loos
Am 14.12.2012 03:42, schrieb Thomas Sibley: On 12/13/2012 04:44 PM, Tony G Palomino wrote: Hi all, I'm looking for a way to manually specify a column width in search results. I'm running RT 4.0.5 at the moment. I have a search which displays fields in one long row (which is what I want).

Re: [rt-users] Custom authentication script fails with ExternalAuthPriority not defined, please check your configuration file

2013-01-02 Thread Christian Loos
Hi, why not just call in you PHP app https://your-rt-server-url/REST/1.0/ with user and pass as post parameter and check the first line of the response for the status * 200 Ok = successful login * 401 Credentials required = not successful login Chris Am 20.12.2012 12:56, schrieb Scotto

Re: [rt-users] jquery version

2013-01-06 Thread Christian Loos
Am 04.01.2013 23:42, schrieb Thomas Sibley: jQuery and related libraries will get updated with the next major release, RT 4.2. It would be great if you also can add the translations for date and time picker.

Re: [rt-users] jquery version

2013-01-08 Thread Christian Loos
Am 07.01.2013 20:45, schrieb Thomas Sibley: The JS translations? That's a good point. Create a ticket for it and link to 4.2.0? I created ticket Can you please link it to 4.2

Re: [rt-users] Users simultaneously replying

2013-01-16 Thread Christian Loos
Maybe RT::Extension::TicketLocking? Chris Am 15.01.2013 04:53, schrieb Samuel Paris: Hi Guys We’ve recently started using RT for a department of about 15 users. We’re having a problem where multiple users are simultaneously

Re: [rt-users] FreeformContactInfo with MoreAboutRequestorExtraInfo

2013-01-24 Thread Christian Loos
Am 24.01.2013 04:16, schrieb Rob Ansaldo: We would like to display FreeformContactInfo in the More about requestor section of the ticket display. We already populate this field with info useful to our help desk staff and had customized RT3 to display this. After upgrading to RT4, I cannot

Re: [rt-users] Modify ticket 'body' after extracting custom fields?

2013-02-04 Thread Christian Loos
Am 30.01.2013 17:31, schrieb Roy McMorran: Greetings, I'm receiving incoming tickets from a web form. Certain required form fields (e.g. operating system, asset tag, etc.) are being extracted into custom fields, and that's working well. I'd like to transform the ticket 'body' on creation

Re: [rt-users] Open Ticket On Resolve Of Dependants?

2013-02-06 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Kevin, this scrip open the parent ticket if all dependent are closed: my $deps = $self-TicketObj-DependedOnBy; while( my $link = $deps-Next ) { next unless $link-BaseURI-IsLocal; my $dep = $link-BaseObj; next if $dep-QueueObj-IsInactiveStatus($dep-Status);

Re: [rt-users] Open Ticket On Resolve Of Dependants?

2013-02-12 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Kevin, I can't understand that my scrip didn't work for you as we use this scrip in our RT without any problem. If you change your line $l-BaseObj-SetStatus('open'); to $l-BaseObj-SetStatus('open') unless $l-BaseObj-HasUnresolvedDependencies; the parent ticket is only open until all child

Re: [rt-users] Displaying times in local user's timezone (worldwide support)?

2013-02-13 Thread Christian Loos
Am 13.02.2013 14:19, schrieb Craig Ringer: Yes, yes I am. Inevitably, as soon as I posted this message I noticed that there's a timezone field in the user table, though it isn't exposed in the UI and is defined as varchar(50) with no CHECK constraint, so it's not exactly clear what's supposed

Re: [rt-users] Time to close a ticket?

2013-02-20 Thread Christian Loos
/4.2/charts-improvments From 79143877d2d153d6d0299acfc1794539ac3a82e9 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Christian Loos Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 10:52:14 +0200 Subject: [PATCH] add DaysCreatedToResolved grouping --- lib/RT/Report/ |8 +++- 1 files changed, 7

Re: [rt-users] Ready to roll?

2013-02-25 Thread Christian Loos
Don't forget the cronjobs: Chris Am 26.02.2013 01:09, schrieb John Buell: Ok, I have users set up, groups set up (company departments), queues set up…. The RT box seems to

Re: [rt-users] Cloning a transaction into another ticket

2013-04-16 Thread Christian Loos
Am 16.04.2013 13:48, schrieb Maciej Dobrzanski: $ticket-Correspond(Content = $transaction-Content); I think $ticket-Correspond(Content = $transaction-ContentAsMIME); is what you search for. Chris

Re: [rt-users] Have to restart apache2 after reboot

2013-06-14 Thread Christian Loos
Am 13.06.2013 19:08, schrieb rt4: S18apache2 and S19postgresql. Changed postgresql to S17, but that didn't fix it. If your OS uses Upstart instead of SysV for Init scrips it isn't guarantied that PostgreSQL starts before Apache. In Debian they solved the problem with an RT Init scrips which

Re: [rt-users] Question about restricting queues

2013-06-19 Thread Christian Loos
Am 17.06.2013 20:33, schrieb Chris Hall: I've got a bit of a weird problem, and wondered if anybody has a solution for it. We have several queues, and a few are grouped up by name. For example: Queue A tier 1 Queue A tier 2 Queue A tier 3 Queue B tier 1 Queue B tier 2 Queue B tier

Re: [rt-users] Possible to edit ticket content?

2013-06-28 Thread Christian Loos
Am 28.06.2013 09:05, schrieb Johan Sjöberg: Hi We have a ticket that has grown extremely large because of many mails and lots of included quotes. This means that it takes forever to open in RT. Is it possible to edit the database and truncate the content in each “post”? It seems like

Re: [rt-users] Install RT - server.cnf ?

2013-07-01 Thread Christian Loos
Am 28.06.2013 21:52, schrieb John Apodaca: There is a great procedure for installation of RT 4. Has anyone else used it? Install Request Tracker 4 I installed CentOS 6.4, Apache HTTP 2.2.15, and MySQL 5.6.12. The

Re: [rt-users] Re-send a previously attached attachment?

2013-09-02 Thread Christian Loos
Am 13.08.2013 22:35, schrieb Boli: Hi All, Apologies if I have missed something obvious. How can I re-send an attachment that has previously been attached to a ticket without downloading it and re-attaching it. For example, if a new requestor or CC is added to a ticket, and I want to

Re: [rt-users] Re-send a previously attached attachment?

2013-09-02 Thread Christian Loos
Hi Kevin, Am 14.08.2013 16:36, schrieb Kevin Falcone: The alternate (attaching a previously attached attachment to a new reply) is something we've explored in a few branches with clients, but nothing we've written has stuck or been right for mainstream release. -kevin maybe you can share

Re: [rt-users] Re-send a previously attached attachment?

2013-09-05 Thread Christian Loos
Am 03.09.2013 23:04, schrieb Kevin Falcone: I have not worked with your extension yet, but as I recall the two largest complaints with the branch as-is were: Maybe you or one of the other developers have time to have a look on my extension. Display of attachments on the new replies (they

[rt-users] rights for articles

2013-09-11 Thread Christian Loos
Hi, I'm currently a little bit lost within the article rights. Problem: a user can see on the ticket update page the dropdown list with the articles, but if he select an article the page reloads but the article content isn't included in the message box. If I (with SuperUser power) select an

Re: [rt-users] rights for articles

2013-09-18 Thread Christian Loos
OK, found the solution by my self. I had to give the user the SeeClass right. Am 11.09.2013 16:55, schrieb Christian Loos: Hi, I'm currently a little bit lost within the article rights. Problem: a user can see on the ticket update page the dropdown list with the articles, but if he

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