Re: [rt-users] On Owner Change not working

2006-04-10 Thread Keith Edmunds
\ --dba rtuser --dba-password wibble; \ done;\ done What would be the next sensible step to take to resolve this? Thanks, Keith Keith Edmunds wrote: I've set up a notification on owner change (as in part 2 of However, when a user changes

[rt-users] Add and close by email

2006-05-31 Thread Keith Edmunds
How would I set up an email address that would log and close a call automatically? I suspect what I need is a distinct queue that automatically closes a call when it is logged, or is there a better way? Thanks ___

Re: [rt-users] CommandByMail and Custom Fields

2006-12-02 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Thu, 30 Nov 2006 09:05:54 -0800 Chris Hobbs [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a Custom Field called 'site' that is type 'Select One Value'. If I send the following line in an e-m ail to rt: I have exactly the same problem (except I'm on RT 3.4.5). A custom field of type 'Select One Value'

[rt-users] Hook on change custom field

2006-12-03 Thread Keith Edmunds
I have a custom field of type Select one value, and I'd like to hook into any changes in that custom field so that I can run an external script. What's the best way of going about doing that? Thanks ___

Re: [rt-users] CommandByMail and Custom Fields

2006-12-11 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Mon, 11 Dec 2006 10:15:28 -0500 Stephen Turner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The fact that the X2 line doesn't get logged indicates that there are no CF objects in $custom_fields. A couple of reasons why this might be true: the queue has no ticket custom fields defined or it could be a

[rt-users] Search old tickets from within scrip

2007-08-07 Thread Keith Edmunds
RT 3.6.1 We have one custom field per ticket, Customer, of type 'select one value'. So far, we've set that value manually on each new ticket, but I'd like to automate it. What I'd like to do, within a script, is search for the last ticket from this requestor and set the customer custom field to

Re: [rt-users] Search old tickets from within scrip

2007-08-08 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Wed, 8 Aug 2007 03:26:21 +0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: I can suggest you another way with two scrips: 1) Update Company field of requestors when an user update customer custom field That's a smart idea, but how does one access the requestor's company field (presumably Organization) from

[rt-users] Insert blank column in results

2007-08-16 Thread Keith Edmunds
RT 3.6.1 Some default displays have two lines per entry with the second line typically being in a smaller font (eg, the requester name). However, under the ticket ID in such displays there is no data on the second line, and editing the display shows that this field is represented by 'blank'. I've

Re: [rt-users] Insert blank column in results

2007-08-17 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:56:09 -0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Doesn't look like the Search Builder UI has a blank element for you to add. What you can do is construct or load your search and then switch to the Advanced page. The lower text box lists the results fields - you can insert blank

[rt-users] Missing take link for some users

2008-02-19 Thread Keith Edmunds
RT 3.6.1 We have four users on this system. In 10 newest unowned tickets, one user has the ticket number as a link and also a 'take' link; the other three users have only a plain-text ticket number and no take link. At first I thought this was down to permissions, but I have granted one use full

Re: [rt-users] Missing take link for some users

2008-02-22 Thread Keith Edmunds
Any suggestions that could help with this? I had one off-list suggestion to make sure that the user logged out/in after the permission change, which was being done. Thanks, Keith RT 3.6.1 We have four users on this system. In 10 newest unowned tickets, one user has the ticket number as a

Re: [rt-users] Missing take link for some users

2008-02-24 Thread Keith Edmunds
Do they have the OwnTicket right for that queue? Yes, the user (for testing purposes) has full rights. Thanks, Keith ___ Community help: Commercial

Re: [rt-users] Missing take link for some users

2008-04-08 Thread Keith Edmunds
Sorry to reactivate this thread, but I'm stumped by this. I'm not even sure what to do to start resolving it. The problem: RT 3.6.1: We have four users on this system. In 10 newest unowned tickets, one user has the ticket number as a link and also a 'take' link; the other three users have only a

Re: [rt-users] Missing take link for some users

2008-04-08 Thread Keith Edmunds
Further information: users who don't see a take link can, in fact, take tickets by entering the ticket number in the search box, displaying the ticket and then clicking on the take link at the top of the page. So it would appear that this is not a permissions issue. Any more ideas as to how I

Re: [rt-users] Missing take link for some users

2008-04-08 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Tue, 8 Apr 2008 11:05:29 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: I would do a view source of the rendered HTML to see if the link is malformed in the output. That was interesting. The failing user has this in the HTML where the ticket number goes: a2949/a The user that works has (as

[rt-users] API from Python?

2008-08-13 Thread Keith Edmunds
Hi all We're doing some experimentation around plugging RT into a dashboard type application that pulls other (internal) application data together. Problem is, our preferred scripting language is Python. We have enough Perl knowledge to survive, but no in-depth competence. Is there a viable way

Re: [rt-users] API from Python?

2008-08-17 Thread Keith Edmunds
Thanks for all the comments and examples of how to use Python to talk to RT: all very helpful. Keith ___ Community help: Commercial support: [EMAIL

Re: [rt-users] Missing Links in 10 highest priority tickets I own

2008-10-14 Thread Keith Edmunds
who can still use the list with links. See the attached mails from August 2006. -- Keith Edmunds +-+ |Tiger Computing Ltd| Helping businesses make the most of Linux | | The Linux Specialists | http

[rt-users] Merge tickets, transaction notification and REST

2010-04-20 Thread Keith Edmunds
We have a scrip that runs On Transaction and calls an external script, passing the ticket id. We want to take actions in the external script when a ticket is merged. If we merge, say, ticket 100 into ticket 200, the ticket id passed to our external script is 200. How can we find out, via the REST

Re: [rt-users] Merge tickets, transaction notification and REST

2010-04-28 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:29:01 -0700, said: The LINKS Table will have that info. Type is MergedInto. Thanks for that. It doesn't show on my version of RT, but perhaps I need to upgrade (we're using 3.6.7) Keith Discover RT's hidden secrets with RT Essentials from O'Reilly

[rt-users] Automatically opening stalled tickets / OpenTicketAndComment

2010-11-11 Thread Keith Edmunds
We use the rt-crontool with Tom Lanyon's module to automatically open stalled tickets after a week, and this worked very well with RT3.6. We've recently upgraded to 3.8.8, and we now get this error: Can't call method Message on an undefined value at

Re: [rt-users] Automatically opening stalled tickets / OpenTicketAndComment

2010-11-12 Thread Keith Edmunds
You don't provide the command line you're using, but I bet you're not passing --transaction. That stopped being an implicit argument in 3.8 (it defaulted to --transaction first in 3.6) Thanks Kevin, you're exactly right: adding --transaction first fixed the problem. Thanks again.

[rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-05-31 Thread Keith Edmunds
We're seeing bugzilla-internal@[redacted].com was blacklisted for outbound mail on this transaction We want to send mail to this address, and this used to work with 3.6 (now running 3.8.8). How can we change the behaviour so that mail is sent to that Bugzilla address? Thanks,

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-02 Thread Keith Edmunds
RTAddressRegexp, this option may be matches more addresses. No: it's currently set to: '^(admin|support)(-comment)?\@OURDOMAIN$' it isn't matching bugzilla-internal@anything Check squelching, may be somebody manually marked this address to stop mails. What is squelching? I'm

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-03 Thread Keith Edmunds
Thanks Kevin. There's nothing about no maill will be sent to this user, and if I click reply I can see that replies do go to that user (and that is in fact what happens). The only time we see the problem is when a new ticket is created, when the log says:

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-07 Thread Keith Edmunds
Some slight progress. We were seeing: The incoming message was autogenerated. Not redistributing this message to unprivileged users based on site configuration. Adding: Set($RedistributeAutoGeneratedMessages, 1); ...has removed that message; however, we still get:

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-13 Thread Keith Edmunds
You should probably include a full log, rather than cherry picked parts of it. Fair comment. Here's the full log of a new ticket, up to the time when the 'blacklisted' message appears. I've put blank lines between each line to reduce the confusion from wrapping. The lines starting with an

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-20 Thread Keith Edmunds
On Mon, 13 Jun 2011 10:48:15 +0100, said: The question, in case it's lost in the history, is why is the address being blacklisted (or how can I find out why the address is being blacklisted or, ultimately, how can I stop it being blacklisted). Any chance of a pointer to

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-21 Thread Keith Edmunds
You still seem to have trimmed some, since 9 scrips are identified. There's nothing trimmed within the extract I posted, although there is more before and after. What is scrip 29? Condition: On Create Action: Autoreply to Requestors Template: Global template: Autoreply Stage:

Re: [rt-users] Blacklist and Bugzilla

2011-06-23 Thread Keith Edmunds
Go to ticket 7387 and provide the full headers of the mail that triggered the Autoreply. Below, with blank lines added for clarity: I'm guessing that the RT-Squelch-Replies-To line is significant. MIME-Version:

[rt-users] Migrate, not upgrade, database

2011-12-08 Thread Keith Edmunds
, but without any customisations). A few questions: - is that feasible? - which tables do I need to import? - do I need to massage any of them prior to import? - am I proposing something totally stupid? I really appreciate any insight that others can offer. Thank you. Keith Edmunds -- You can have

[rt-users] Link from custom field

2012-05-24 Thread Keith Edmunds
We've just upgraded from 3.8.8. to 4.0.5. We have one custom field on tickets of select one value, which we use to identify which of our clients raised the ticket. In 3.8.8, I had set a link on the custom field so that it would display a list of all unresolved tickets for this client. I did that

Re: [rt-users] Link from custom field

2012-05-24 Thread Keith Edmunds
Thanks Thomas, that was precisely the problem, and all working now. -- You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want - Zig Ziglar. Who did you help today?

[rt-users] Strike though depends on when resolved

2015-04-13 Thread Keith Edmunds
Hi If Depends On is added as a column to the At a glance ticket lists, tickets that are depended on are listed as expected. However, once the depended-on ticket is resolved, we'd like the At a glance listing to show the resolved ticket with strike through. This *does* happen if the depending-on

[rt-users] List of Transaction Types

2015-06-23 Thread Keith Edmunds
Where can I find a list of transaction types? I found, but that appears to be old or incomplete (for example, it doesn't include SetWatcher). Thanks, Keith

[rt-users] Searching for repeating tickets

2015-09-30 Thread Keith Edmunds
Hi We're using the Repeat Ticket extension ( I want to search for all "base" repeating tickets, and the only criteria I can come up with to identify them is to search for tickets where the custom field "Original Ticket"

Re: [rt-users] Searching for repeating tickets

2015-09-30 Thread Keith Edmunds
Jeffrey Pilant wrote: > Can you search the custom field and look for it to be equal to > That is, use the text "" instead of some number? > Then when the SQL is formed, it creates something like: Select main.* > from Tickets main "CF.{Original Ticket}" = Were you

[rt-users] Check custom field when changing queues

2016-01-18 Thread Keith Edmunds
Hi everyone We want to check that a specific custom field has been set (to any non-blank value) before allowing a ticket to be moved from our Triage queue to any other queue. Does anyone have any code that does that? Thanks, Keith -- "Why does God hate me so much? Is it because I don't believe

[rt-users] Move tickets to queue but don't allow ticket creation

2017-02-12 Thread Keith Edmunds
We have a "Triage" queue and a number of problem-type queues. Ideally, we'd like to allow tickets to only be created in the Triage queue and then be moved to the appropriate problem queue, but it appears that we need the "Create Ticket" permission on a queue to move tickets to it. Is there any

[rt-users] Custom CSS formatting?

2016-09-19 Thread Keith Edmunds
Are there any plans to allow custom CSS formatting? I'm aware of the Theme page, but what I'd like is to have per-row CSS classes on the search results pages. For example, "if Starts < Now then CSS_class='overdue'" Anything like that planned? Thanks, Keith -- "Why does God hate me so much? Is

Re: [rt-users] Unable to connect to MySQL during RT upgrade

2016-10-10 Thread Keith Edmunds
> The 'update-rt-siteconfig' command still seems to be working on the 4.2.8 > install, not the new 4.4.1. update-alternatives(8) Or, use the full command name. Try this: # update-rt-siteconfig -- "Soccer is one of those things that the rest of world cares about more than Americans do - you

[rt-users] Display of child/dependent tickets in search results

2017-03-06 Thread Keith Edmunds
When a ticket that has child or dependent tickets is displayed, any child/dependent tickets that are resolved are shown at struck through. In search results, if child/dependent tickets are shown, resolved ones are not struck through. Has anyone patched RT to strike resolved child/dependent