Re: [rt-users] Changing default format of ticket list in queue?

2017-01-31 Thread Marcos Orallo via rt-users
--- Begin Message --- Hi Alex, I didn't check it in depth, but you may be interested in customizing this Element using the "local" folder. Also, for the links in the QueueList portlet in the dashboards, there

Re: [rt-users] Uncheck boxes to disable notifications to the listed recipients dont working in RTIR 4.0.0

2017-02-09 Thread Marcos Orallo via rt-users
--- Begin Message --- Hi Girts, Make sure you are not suffering this bug: Have you checked the logs for the transaction? If you have Debug logging enable, you should be able to see which recipients were squelched. 2017-02-09 9:02

[rt-users] Search by custom role value

2016-12-05 Thread Marcos Orallo via rt-users
--- Begin Message --- Hi all, Anyone knows hoy can you search by a specific custom role value? I couldn't find the input field in the query composer. Thanks in advance, Marcos. --- End Message --- - RT 4.4 and RTIR training sessions, and a new workshop day!