Re: [rt-users] Emailing dashboards?

2016-11-28 Thread Barton Chittenden
Alex, Navigate to Home > All dashboards, and go to the dashboard you want to receive emails about. In the upper right hand corner, you'll see the following menus: Basics, Content, Subscription, Show. Click 'Subscription', and you'll be prompted for frequency, time, rowsn and recipients. The

[rt-users] Emailing dashboards?

2016-11-23 Thread Alex Hall
Hi all, I know RT can automatically email dashboards to specific users. I've just not sure how to set this up. I found one list of dashboards where a "subscription" column was present in the table, but it only listed a single, global dashboard and not those for a given user. I've been through

[rt-users] Emailing dashboards every 'n' minutes

2013-07-22 Thread Craig Ringer
Hi folks I'm considering patching RT to support emailing dashboards every 'n' minutes when they produce a non-empty result. Has anyone here already implemented anything along those lines? Would others be interested in this if I add it, or an equivalent option to email a single saved search? If