Re: [RDT-Dev] debug status in jruby

2007-02-13 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Schuster (murphee) wrote: Ricardo Trindade wrote: Since there's no apparent way to select jruby as the interpreter, I usually run jruby apps with a java run, specifying jruby's main as the main class, and the current selected file as the argument (via ${resource_loc}). Setting

[RDT-Dev] information in .project files

2006-12-09 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Hi, I noticed this in the .project files : locationC:/eclipseextensions/eclipse/plugins/org.rubypeople.rdt.core_0.8.0.609251132NGT/ruby/lib/location If we commit this into version control, won't this break for people with a different RDT version ? thanks, Ricardo

[RDT-Dev] jruby

2006-12-06 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Hi, I've been following the rdt mailing list for a while, and I'm glad to see that RDT seems to be very active. I'm particularly interested in jruby, since I'm using it and the lack of a debugger is a big pain. So I'm just wondering if we're getting closer to that objective. thanks,

Re: [RDT-Dev] [jruby-user] Re: [jruby-user] jruby with RDT

2006-10-19 Thread Ricardo Trindade
). It would be great if a "Add Ruby Nature" or "Add JRuby Nature" menu option could be added to RDT. thanks, Ricardo Ricardo Trindade wrote: Hi, I'm now using RDT nightly builds, but it still won't parse the code. thanks, Ricardo Ricardo Trindade wrote:

[RDT-Dev] comments on top of file

2006-10-19 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Hi, When I have comments on the top of the file, I get a warning, saying Empty Method Definition thanks, Ricardo - Using Tomcat but need to do more? Need to support web services, security? Get stuff done quickly with

Re: [RDT-Dev] [jruby-user] jruby with RDT

2006-10-02 Thread Ricardo Trindade
e/nature /natures /projectDescription cheers, Ricardo Werner Schuster (murphee) wrote: Ricardo Trindade wrote: -We can't seem to create mixed projects, with ruby and java code. Even manually adding in the .project file the ruby nature and ruby build command, ruby source files never get parse