[RDT-Dev] RDT 0.8.1

2006-09-17 Thread Matt Kent
Chris,I downloaded the latest RDT 0.8.1 release accidentally the other day while updating RadRails. I haven't seen any information about the release anywhere, so could you give me a brief overview of what was included in the 0.8.1 release? Also, how are things progressing with Mirko and his

Re: [RDT-Dev] Plug-In to visualize the Ruby AST

2006-07-12 Thread Matt Kent
I like it! Excellent idea, it will be very helpful for all RDT related development.On 7/12/06, Mirko Stocker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:On Wednesday 12 July 2006 19:38, Jason Morrison wrote: This is very cool! I, for one, find it quite useful for RDT development. I'm glad you like it :) Is there

Re: [RDT-Dev] Contributing

2006-02-03 Thread Matt Kent
Check out the Trac system (http://rubyeclipse.mktec.com/cgi-bin/trac.py/wiki)On 2/3/06, Mike Sandman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:I found a small bug and would like to contribute a fix.How does that work on this project?Also, I have some time before my next gigstarts.Where do I to pick up bug reports