Re: [RDT-Dev] [jruby-user] jruby with RDT

2006-10-02 Thread Ricardo Trindade
e/nature /natures /projectDescription cheers, Ricardo Werner Schuster (murphee) wrote: Ricardo Trindade wrote: -We can't seem to create mixed projects, with ruby and java code. Even manually adding in the .project file the ruby nature and ruby build command, ruby source files never get parse

Re: [RDT-Dev] [jruby-user] Re: [jruby-user] jruby with RDT

2006-10-19 Thread Ricardo Trindade
). It would be great if a "Add Ruby Nature" or "Add JRuby Nature" menu option could be added to RDT. thanks, Ricardo Ricardo Trindade wrote: Hi, I'm now using RDT nightly builds, but it still won't parse the code. thanks, Ricardo Ricardo Trindade wrote:

[RDT-Dev] comments on top of file

2006-10-19 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Hi, When I have comments on the top of the file, I get a warning, saying Empty Method Definition thanks, Ricardo - Using Tomcat but need to do more? Need to support web services, security? Get stuff done quickly with

[RDT-Dev] jruby

2006-12-06 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Hi, I've been following the rdt mailing list for a while, and I'm glad to see that RDT seems to be very active. I'm particularly interested in jruby, since I'm using it and the lack of a debugger is a big pain. So I'm just wondering if we're getting closer to that objective. thanks,

[RDT-Dev] information in .project files

2006-12-09 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Hi, I noticed this in the .project files : locationC:/eclipseextensions/eclipse/plugins/org.rubypeople.rdt.core_0.8.0.609251132NGT/ruby/lib/location If we commit this into version control, won't this break for people with a different RDT version ? thanks, Ricardo

Re: [RDT-Dev] debug status in jruby

2007-02-13 Thread Ricardo Trindade
Schuster (murphee) wrote: Ricardo Trindade wrote: Since there's no apparent way to select jruby as the interpreter, I usually run jruby apps with a java run, specifying jruby's main as the main class, and the current selected file as the argument (via ${resource_loc}). Setting