[rules-users] create .pkg file with or without BRMS

2007-11-14 Thread Arnaud Bouzinac
Hi, I'm using BRMS to generate a .pkg for an application i need to generate the same file without BRMS: i'm trying to use a drools-ant task, but, pkg file generated with drools-ant task is not the same !!! i don't found a specific documentation to do that ? Somebody can help me please ? thanks

[rules-users] Problem drools-ant 4.0.2

2007-10-31 Thread Arnaud Bouzinac
I try to generate a pkg file from a drl file so , i'm using drools-ant task (version 4.0.2) when i load my pkg file, there's a classcast exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.drools.reteoo.ReteooRuleBase cannot be cast to org.drools.rule.Package at

[rules-users] drools 4.0.2 DRL to PKG (without BRMS)

2007-10-27 Thread Arnaud Bouzinac
Just a little question. I have a drl file, and i want to use a pkg file in my application (without using BRMS server) is it possible ? is there a simple way to generate a .pkg file from a drl file ? i need to serialize my rulebase ( not human readable) Thanks for your help