[rules-users] DSL: concatenating DSLs using and and or

2008-12-15 Thread Chong Minsk Goh
Hi, We are currently using Drools to enable conditional routing for our application. We are using DSLs to make it more user friendly. Using Eclipse DSL editor, I noticed that there is an error (Duplicate Declaration of variable) if I use and to concatenate 2 DSL statements using the same

[rules-users] Rules File Design Consideration

2008-04-04 Thread Chong Minsk Goh
Hi, Any help to the problem below is much appreciated : ) Here is the problem: I have a set of rules. Intially these rules are evaluated individually. However, now there is a need to fire these rules in groups which is similar to a logic gate AND or OR. And, the results of this groups of rules

[rules-users] Re: howto BRMS - already stuck at fact model

2007-11-14 Thread Chong Minsk Goh
Hi Darren, Glad I am not alone : ) I am also in the process of using BRMS for our application. Would also like to seek advice on how to better use the BRMS. Especially on how the parsing of user inputs to DRL is executed, specifically which package/api in drools is used. Cheers! Chong Minsk

[rules-users] RuntimeDroolsException: Unable to load dialect

2007-10-15 Thread Chong Minsk Goh
Hi, I am trying to run Drools on Netbeans. I have added the jars from Drools 4.0.2. However, I encountered an error org.doxa.rules.RulesManager - org.drools.RuntimeDroolsException: Unable to load dialect ' org.drools.rule.builder.dialect.mvel.MVELDialectConfiguration:mvel' I did not use any

[rules-users] Accumulate Functions for forms

2007-10-07 Thread Chong Minsk Goh
Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to write customize Java codes for MinAccumulateFunction and MaxAccumulateFunction. However, I could not find any guidelines or templates for these two (there is one for sum and avg in the Documentation). Could anyone provide some resources or examples how to