Re: [rules-users] Guvnor 5.2 and Designer connection refused

2011-08-19 Thread Darren Hartford
I've added one more Tihomir if you are jumping on these issues: Popout (StandaloneEditorServlet) does not use jbpm.xml subdomain: Again, thanks for the feedback to get to the source of these issues. -Darren --- On Fri, 8/19/11, Tihomir Surdilovic

RE: [rules-users] Drools Community Clinic Feb 4th 5PM GMT

2009-01-23 Thread Darren Hartford
One discussion that might be helpful for those that are evaluating Drools (or rather, rule engines in general) is talking about items like: 1) What steps to take to convert an existing application to instead use Drools (and the benefits/gains). Specifically, what parts of some type of sample

RE: [rules-users] howto BRMS - already stuck at fact model loading

2007-11-19 Thread Darren Hartford
Add the imports for the classes you wish to use to the package header information. Confirmed, this was found in jBRMS under Packages - Explore your package, like - middle if screen under 'Info' section, click the 'Edit Package configuration', even if the mouse cursor doesn't

[rules-users] howto BRMS - already stuck at fact model loading

2007-11-14 Thread Darren Hartford
Hey all, new to BRMS as trying to learn how this works. My usecase is to take an existing, working EJB3 application and migrate some of the complex rules over to be managed by BRMS. However, initial attempts over the course of a couple of days have yielded zero results. When trying to