[rules-users] Drools java program on Apple Ipad?

2011-03-18 Thread Jared Davis
I was just asked to investigate porting a drools based program to an Ipad. Any ideas? Regards, Jared -- View this message in context: http://drools-java-rules-engine.46999.n3.nabble.com/Drools-java-program-on-Apple-Ipad-tp2699958p2699958.html Sent from the Drools - User mailing list archive

Re: [rules-users] Memory Consumption with 5000 Rules

2010-12-09 Thread Jared Davis
); end rule 1.matches when $c_0 : CFRO( fi.co matches (1|2|3|4|5), su.co == P, c.co == C) then Bcf fact = new Bcf (); fact.setC( 123); insert( fact); end Regards, Jared Davis -- View this message in context: http://drools-java-rules-engine.46999.n3.nabble.com/Memory-Consumption-with-5000-Rules

Re: [rules-users] Memory usage tied to rule report?

2010-10-07 Thread Jared Davis
Edson, I'm using yEd for the graph viewer and tgf as the format for the graph. Here is the mvel template to produce the tgf file. I left the topten name the same for now. Did I miss any nodes or edges? @declare{topten} @code{ buffer = new StringBuilder(); for (ni : session.nodeInfos) {

Re: [rules-users] Memory usage tied to rule report?

2010-10-05 Thread Jared Davis
Edson, Thanks for the report. The top ten on the left was just what I needed to track down the badly written rules. The 385 rules generate 823 documents using 2 facts. My peak heap usage is now only 250mb. Before it would fail with a 1.2GB heap. Do you think this report is a good

Re: [rules-users] matches doesn't catch rule.

2010-06-24 Thread Jared Davis
try m:myObject(variable matches (WORD 1|WORD 2)) -- View this message in context: http://drools-java-rules-engine.46999.n3.nabble.com/matches-doesn-t-catch-rule-tp919334p919402.html Sent from the Drools - User mailing list archive at Nabble.com. ___

Re: [rules-users] rule fires while condition is false

2010-05-06 Thread Jared Davis
Could the rules be changing the values outside of a modify block? Please try this (untested) rule as a test. It binds the value on the left hand side. rule netRepaymentWithLiabilities1TEST agenda-group autoUnderwriting when ea: EnrichedApplicationVersionTO(amount :

Re: [rules-users] rule fires while condition is false

2010-05-06 Thread Jared Davis
Shai wrote: --snip-- I then do some more things and insert the value of NetRepayment value to the EnrichedApplication, I re insert it to the workspace and then I run the rules. It seems that drools did not re evaluate the EnrichedApplication again and thus the value of NetRepayement

Re: [rules-users] evaluation of null not consistent

2010-04-16 Thread Jared Davis
I don't follow this line in the rule: instance_1_Track : Track($var_1_aou : aouAsFloat != null $var_3_platform_ptr : platform != null ) Should it be the following? instance_1_Track : Track($var_1_aou : aouAsFloat != null , $var_3_platform_ptr : platform != null ) -- View this message in

Re: [rules-users] User and/or Code problem with insert/retract and salience

2010-03-30 Thread Jared Davis
I've narrowed it down to a smaller example. The order of insertion seems to trump the rule salience. The following rule inserts 4 objects. Inserted as A4,A3,A2,A1 the rules sequence is unexpected. Inserted A1,A3,A4,A2 they fire as expected. rule setup.two when then // generates out of

Re: [rules-users] Need Syntax help for a string match

2009-11-17 Thread Jared Davis
Here are two ways to write the regular expression. m : Customer( age matches (18|21|33|28|40|41)) m : Customer( age matches (18|2[18]|33|4[01])) Did you try m : Customer( age in (18,21,33,28,40,41)) I don't know which solution is faster. I think that would be an interesting

Re: [rules-users] Performance is too bad when using matches predicate

2009-06-02 Thread Jared Davis
starsavari wrote: We are considering drool rule engine for data profiling (run the data through the various regex pattern for data analysis) on a large amount of data. We have rules to determine the SSN, Phone number, Driver license number, tracking number etc. Most of our rules are regex

[rules-users] Help with MatchesEvaluatorsDefinition that caches compiled regular expression patterns

2009-05-04 Thread Jared Davis
I need some help placing a cache of compiled regular expressions using the MatchesEvaluatorsDefinition as a starting point. Just for a test I placed a static map in the class: static MapString,Pattern uglyHack = new HashMapString,Pattern(); Then in each of the evaluators I have different

[rules-users] NullPointerException in SessionConfiguration

2009-03-27 Thread Jared Davis
Any advice on this NPE? (March 20th snapshot of 5.00) It occurs when a second thread attempts to create a session using a static KnowledgeBase. java.lang.NullPointerException at org.drools.SessionConfiguration.initProcessInstanceManagerFactory (SessionConfiguration.java:260) at

[rules-users] How to tell if rule is using eval internally

2009-03-26 Thread Jared Davis
How do you tell if a rule is using eval() without access to Eclipse? The documentation states certain nested accessors will be re-written into eval statements. Regards, ___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org

[rules-users] Compiles in 4.07 not in 5.0 Snapshot (3/20)

2009-03-23 Thread Jared Davis
Hi, This rule (not the best style) compiles fine in 4.07. It gives this error message using 5.0 Snapshot. I changed some of the text to be generic so I could post the code. Rule Compilation error : [Rule name='A.B.inlet.mxb.first.link.20090216.01']

[rules-users] Re: DSL question: how to apply same conversion multiple times?

2008-11-11 Thread Jared Davis
, Jared Davis ___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/rules-users

[rules-users] Re: Best way to detect duplicate rule names?

2007-11-27 Thread Jared Davis
Mark Proctor mproctor at codehaus.org writes: At the moment no, we could expose a handler/even that allows the user to add additional behaviour. For now your best way of doing this is to augment the PackageBuilder with AOP. snip Mark, Thank you for your help with my questions. We have

[rules-users] Best way to detect duplicate rule names?

2007-11-20 Thread Jared Davis
- that would be even better. Regards, Jared Davis ___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/rules-users

[rules-users] Is InternalRuleBase safe to use?

2007-11-14 Thread Jared Davis
Hi, re:Drools 4.0.3 I want/need to use ConsequenceExceptionHandler for exception handling. I'd like to be able to get the ConsequenceExceptionHandler from a StatefulSession. The only way I see to get the handler relies on InternalRuleBase. The JavaDoc at