Re: [rules-users] Is InternalRuleBase safe to use?

2007-11-17 Thread Mark Proctor
If it safe to use in that it works now, but its an internal api so could change at any time - so we don't recommend you using it. The correct place to set the ConsequenceExceptionHandler is via the RuleBaseConfiguration, which allows you to overide it there. Mark Jared Davis wrote: Hi,

[rules-users] Is InternalRuleBase safe to use?

2007-11-14 Thread Jared Davis
Hi, re:Drools 4.0.3 I want/need to use ConsequenceExceptionHandler for exception handling. I'd like to be able to get the ConsequenceExceptionHandler from a StatefulSession. The only way I see to get the handler relies on InternalRuleBase. The JavaDoc at