Re: [rules-users] Anti-rules and infinate loops

2007-01-10 Thread Michael Neale
Thats a clever suggestion, Another way (more brute force procedural), is to use agenda-groups. So most of your rules are in an agenda-group called calculateDate or similar. You then have a group called deftault which just has the rule that checks if the date is still null, and sets it. You

Re: [rules-users] Beginner looking for help with some Drools/Rule concepts

2007-01-11 Thread Michael Neale
If you assert engine as a seperate fact, you can then access the engine directly. In the next version, you will be able to do Car(engine.running == true) and it will be converted to a predicate (sugar) - but always less efficient in RETE terms then accessing a field directly on a fact. On

Re: [rules-users] Connective field contraints.

2007-01-31 Thread Michael Neale
Not in 3.0. In the new version, which is now being worked on in trunk of SVN, yes you can use connective operators (all of them I think). On 1/31/07, nicolae oana [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi everybody, There are in JBoss Rules other connective field constraints, except for comma ? Regards,

Re: [rules-users] Creating a long literal

2007-02-03 Thread Michael Neale
hmmm.. in an eval it *should* work - I assume there is a compile error that mentions the L ? well this should not be a problem in 3.2, but for 3.0.x we can certainly look at it if you have a unit test. A literal outside of an eval shouldn't be needed - as the type is inferenced from the facts

Re: [rules-users] fact tuples selection - what are the principles - a bit confused?

2007-02-12 Thread Michael Neale
that sounds correct. No you can't really depend on things happening in a certain order. of course it will be consistent between executions for the same data, but you can't count on that. It would mostly be effected by the order in which you assert facts. I guess the question is why are you

Re: [rules-users] Nested exceptions

2007-02-12 Thread Michael Neale
so in your consequence a NPE is happening? yes it wraps it up. I think there has been some talk of modifying the trace (if posisble) to show exactly where it happens, but at the moment its just that unpleasant wrapped exception from the consequence. On 2/13/07, Matthew Shaw [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [rules-users] Example of contains operator...

2007-02-12 Thread Michael Neale
contains works on the Collection interface. So if parnerList is a ArrayList of String, then you could do: parnerList contains 2900 On 2/13/07, jdepaul [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Still having trouble with the contains operator... I have the following rule in place: rule Shipper List Match

Re: [rules-users] retracting a fact after all interested rules have fired??

2007-02-12 Thread Michael Neale
the salience can work fine, or else you can use agenda-groups and then something like: workingMemory.fireAllRules(); workingMemory.setFocus(cleanup); workingMemory.fireAllRules(); On 2/8/07, Justine Hlista [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Need some instruction for retraction strategies. We have an

Re: [rules-users] Rules Repository and Rule Modeller

2007-02-14 Thread Michael Neale
yeah, very much so. Hopefully have a demo of it in M2 or M3. I have been meaning to update the blog with the latest on package management, but haven't found time, I will do ASAP. On 2/15/07, Anstis, Michael (M.) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Just a note to enquire as to the status of the

Re: [rules-users] DROOLS 3.1M new syntax Decision Tables

2007-02-14 Thread Michael Neale
it should - as it just generates rules, it doesn't interpret them when processing the DTs. On 2/15/07, Olenin, Vladimir (MOH) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I wonder if new syntax (specifically – 'accumulate' keyword) works correctly with Decision Tables? Can the new keywords be used in

Re: [rules-users] How to generate rules from decision tables where LHS has no field constraints

2007-02-14 Thread Michael Neale
you should be able to do that - just leave the constraint cells empty, or put some comment in them. On 2/14/07, Martin Weidner [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, Maybe I have overlooked something, but I couldn't find a way to generate a simple rule from an excel decision table, where the left

Re: [rules-users] Short-circuit rules by group?!

2007-02-14 Thread Michael Neale
activation-group may be what you are looking for. For things in the one activation group, only one rule is guaranteed to fire. eg: activation-group NIKE its an attribute like no-loop etc. On 2/14/07, jdepaul [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have several rules defined in groups by Customer,

Re: [rules-users] How many objects we can assert into working memory maximum

2007-02-26 Thread Michael Neale
The answer is: 42. Or, perhaps, the length of a piece of string. It really varies with how much memory you want to throw at it, thats all really. The effectiveness of the RETE network may also add some overhead. I have heard of people pushing in millions of facts into one working memory, but

Re: [rules-users] DSL - Calling Java Method , Eval functions

2007-02-28 Thread Michael Neale
yes, in the mapping use an eval (... your code here ...) and you can take the mapping from the DSL sentence. On 2/28/07, kingston [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is it possible to write a rule in DSL to check for a value that is returned by a calls to a java method in the Condition part ? Are

Re: [rules-users] Converting this DRL into a Decision Table

2007-02-28 Thread Michael Neale
thats not quite valid DRL. But you can do that sort of thing, you have a cell that spans all the field columns, and in that cell put p: Person age status etc. On 2/28/07, Vargas, Michael E [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm currently trying to convert this Rules

Re: [rules-users] Help Needed in eval

2007-03-05 Thread Michael Neale
I assume $a and $n are bound to some facts in the rule? paste your rule here. On 3/5/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, My eval condition as follows eval(($a.getSupervisorRem().intValue()) (($n.getCount().intValue())/($conf.getSupervisorCnt().intValue(

Re: [rules-users] Web service deployment

2007-03-06 Thread Michael Neale
sounds like the classes that are visible to axis are not visible to rules - depends how you are packaging up your application - war or ear? On 3/7/07, Jones, Alan R [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Is there a way to deploy JBoss Rules so that it's exposed as a web service in Axis2? I keep

Re: [rules-users] DSL to DRL File Conversion - Is it possible ?

2007-03-07 Thread Michael Neale
no in 3.0 version unfortunately. You can tell the parser to print out the DRL - but it will just write it out the System.out (only for debuggin). Look in RuleParser for that option. In trunk - which will be the new version - there is a seperate step which outputs DRL - but I don't think that

Re: [rules-users] Newbie question: can I create a variable in the rules file?

2007-03-08 Thread Michael Neale
hi Kris. Well, you can't bind a variable to a new instance on the LHS - on the LHS you have no control over when conditions are evaluated, so the value of now would not necessarily be what you think. Nevertheless, I can see what you want: rule CanDoHisStuff activation-group permissions when

Re: [rules-users] Question on HonestPolitician Example

2007-03-18 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Joe. Actually that example is showing off truth maintenance and logical assertions. That rule should not be fired if Hope was a normal stated assertion, but it is not, it is a logical assertion (ie it depends on the truth that supported it). In that example the truth that it is based on is

Re: [rules-users] Rule Organization suggestions

2007-03-19 Thread Michael Neale
hmmm.. interesting problem. Well - how are the IDs mapped in now? as part of the rule name? you can definately access the rule name in the consequence of a rule. Yes in the BRMS each rule has a unique ID (UUID in fact - but that may not be that helpful for you). It sounds like you want more of a

Re: [rules-users] application output from rules RHS

2007-03-19 Thread Michael Neale
well, the execution should happen when the agenda is processed, and the action should take effect immediately. This happens when you fireAllRules(). If you are talking a single thread, then the GUI can't update until control is returned to it presumably. On 3/20/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL

Re: [rules-users] Re: Changing rules at runtime

2007-03-20 Thread Michael Neale
unfortunately I don't know enough about spring to say how this works. But my guess is it is being loaded up as part of a listener for servlet context where spring bootstraps stuff. Basically that needs to be replaced with something you can trigger to force a reload of the rules (basically think

Re: [rules-users] Can drools use to validata a large no of facts?

2007-03-29 Thread Michael Neale
thats a bit of a how long is a piece of string question really. I would say that it may or may not be a problem ;) For really large volumes of data, people normally may filter it if they have some basic criteria they can use, and the data comes from a database etc. Relational databases are good

Re: [rules-users] Need DRL authoring Help

2007-04-03 Thread Michael Neale
you are close ;) Yes, it is a challenge, thats what the examples are for etc. but try this (FYI I think you mean or): *rule* UCCnet_DVE_Depth_All *when* catalogObject : CatalogObject( ) eval( catalogObject.getElementValue(depth) == *null* ||

Re: [rules-users] RE: Need DRL authoring Help

2007-04-05 Thread Michael Neale
OK you are really bending what you would use rules for, I really wouldn't recommend that. flattening the object model would allow you to write rules over it, but as it stands, its just going to be a bit difficult for you. catalogObject : CatalogObject( ) *eval*(

Re: [rules-users] NoViableAltException

2007-04-10 Thread Michael Neale
could you paste an example of this as a new bug in JIRA? if it did work with previous, it should work with trunk. Michael. On 4/10/07, John Howard [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm getting an ANTLR exception when parsing a DRL file. The expression is: eval(Distribution.getDistributionHex(5332).

Re: [rules-users] Design Pattern for Business Workflow

2007-04-10 Thread Michael Neale
that a fairly broad request. Rules can certainly be used for UI tier validation. The interface for rules is very simple, you pass it lots of facts, and your rules, and then let it do its thing (fireAllRules), there really is not much more to it then that. Michael. On 4/9/07, Sebastien Degardin

Re: [rules-users] Add/remove objects from working memory are very CPU intensive

2007-04-11 Thread Michael Neale
definately upgrade to latest 3.0.x version (3.0.6). Also, those methods are were most of the work happens, its a common misconception that all the work happens lazily when you call fire all rules but that is not the case, as you assert each object, it propagates through the RETE network, so that

Re: [rules-users] conways game of life

2007-04-17 Thread Michael Neale
Its interesting, Conways game of life was created to demonstrate a determinisitc universe - if you think as the little critters as life forms its pretty cool. A good example of how very very simple rules (and only a small number) can create complex behaviour. On 4/17/07, Mark Proctor [EMAIL

Re: [rules-users] Logging activations through JMS...

2007-04-18 Thread Michael Neale
not sure off the top of my head for examples, I am sure there are (its easy to do anyway, just take a look at the API). As for JMS - sure that can be done. I guess the one caution would be to do with performance: if you are accessing a remote JMS destination, then the engine may be blocking on a

Re: [rules-users] JBoss Rules IDE 3.1-M1 - Validating all *.xls files in source path?

2007-04-18 Thread Michael Neale
. The validation of a large rule base can take some time and randomly results in exceptions much of the time. Once I've tested and verified a set of rules I could (optionally) exclude them from validation. I'll write this all up in the JIRA this evening. Thanks again, Bree On 4/17/07, Michael Neale

Re: [rules-users] mismatched token

2007-04-19 Thread Michael Neale
Ah, yes that is a known problem in 3.0 (which in trunk doesn't exist): you have rule in your package name: package import; Refactor it to be rules and it will go away, its a problem with keyword collisions.

[rules-users] ok - index problems - got a real simple test to try !

2007-04-24 Thread Michael Neale
Really truly ;) , try this with junit, and JR 1.2.2 (1.3 also does it): public void testIt() throws Exception { Repository repo = new TransientRepository(); Session sess = repo.login(new SimpleCredentials(foo, password.toCharArray())); Node root = sess.getRootNode();

[rules-users] Re: ok - index problems - got a real simple test to try !

2007-04-24 Thread Michael Neale
ignore that, wrong mailing list ;) On 4/24/07, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Really truly ;) , try this with junit, and JR 1.2.2 (1.3 also does it): public void testIt() throws Exception { Repository repo = new TransientRepository(); Session sess = repo.login(new

Re: [rules-users] all download links on new portal broken

2007-04-25 Thread Michael Neale
yes should be fixed now ! Thanks ! Michael. On 4/25/07, Ellen Ning Zhao [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi folks, today the has a new face. The content arrangement and the look are better but the downloads for drools do not work now. Download links from this page:

Re: [rules-users] error

2007-04-26 Thread Michael Neale
all the jsr94 jars, I mean ;) (there is the drools one, plus the JSR one). On 4/27/07, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: you need the drools-jsr94 jar in your classpath On 4/25/07, fakhfakh ismail [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hello, when I exucute my code of rules an error is affiched

Re: [rules-users] 3.1 M1 from keyword

2007-04-26 Thread Michael Neale
should already be done - mvel may be using the wrong one. Can you tell me what class it is that gives the nosuchmethod? (ie what the target class is) and we can make sure all references are to inlined one so this won't happen again. Michael. On 4/27/07, Mark Proctor [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [rules-users] JBRMS

2007-05-24 Thread Michael Neale
Yes, as discussed, you need to add import statements for the types you want the BRMS to be aware of - if you like, create a feature request jira for auto importing. I deliberately didn't do it cause I thought it would cause more confusion, but perhaps I was wrong. Also, the video on the blog:

Re: [rules-users] Reg : DSL And Decisin Tables in Drools

2007-05-24 Thread Michael Neale
I think what you are after is the BRMS: On 5/23/07, kranthikumar dalai [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi to all, I gone through

Re: [rules-users] Rule Modeling

2007-05-24 Thread Michael Neale
yes that was a deliberate decision at this stage. May reconsider if there is good reason. Its not something we want to expose directly in a GUI, at least not without some formula pallette to help people build and validate simple formula like expressions. On 5/23/07, Chris Woodrow [EMAIL

Re: [rules-users] Sudoku Example Errors

2007-05-24 Thread Michael Neale
Errors like that are not normal, and definitely indicates a bug (ie not a compile error or anything - not something you should have to debug). So some more information is needed like versions, how you are running it, where the example came from etc (as there are a few versions floating around).

Re: [rules-users] JBoss rules and EJB3 integration best practices?

2007-06-25 Thread Michael Neale
ideally there is only one instance of a rulebase, and you create new sessions as needed - presumably with session beans you will have a few instances (which is not ideal, but you can live with it). On 6/24/07, Philip Reimer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash:

Re: [rules-users] BRMS import

2007-06-25 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Mike. Sorry for the late reply, been flat out finishing things off ;) yes you can do that, you can import it into a package from the web GUI. On 6/16/07, Shepherd, Michael [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Can I import an existing set of JBoss rules (Drools 3) into BRMS? Thanks, Mike

Re: [rules-users] Call functions from other functions?

2007-06-29 Thread Michael Neale
in 3.0, you can, but with a gotcha: say you have 2 functions, functionA and functionB. You can call functionA from inside functionB by prefixing functionB like: FunctionB.functionB In 4.0, I *think* that is not needed. Michael. On 6/29/07, Ru [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello rules-users, Is

Re: [rules-users] question about DSL, nested values

2007-06-29 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Matt. yeah mapping deep hierarchies in a way that anyone can understand is not that easy. You can have helper methods on your objects to give you functionality. eg if you don't care which address you are talking about, then you could do something like: Person ( , (hasAddress(blah)) )

Re: [rules-users] Unexpected token . in primary - Rule Compilation Error

2007-06-29 Thread Michael Neale
hmm.. there is a problem with the action of the 2nd rule, so, converting it to vanilla DRL: rule SpeCodeSpeValProdPlan12 salience 50 when ... then if(common.getProd() == {prodCode1} || common.getPlan() == {planCode1}){System.out.println(Error);} end That doesn't look quite right - you are

Re: [rules-users] Loading more than 10000 rules

2007-07-19 Thread Michael Neale
If you see the error out of PermSpace you can increase perm space. Another strategy, is to build the rules, in chunks, say 1000 at a time, take the Package object, and *then* add it to the rulebase. That may make it easier. You will need more then the default space on the heap for this I would

Re: [rules-users] Predicate expression effect on performance

2007-07-19 Thread Michael Neale
In a sense, yes - but its the result of the comparison that is cached really. In the case you described, it is subrule generation. So either side of the or is like a separate rule. In version 3, the result of isSameAmount (ie if it was true or false) is cached. Things will only be re-checked if

Re: [rules-users] Re: BRMS Server - memory Issue while execution - Critical

2007-07-20 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Arjun - I wouldn't recommend re-using session unless there is some expensive state you wish to reuse. Pooling them will use up far more resources then freeing them. You should only pool expensive to obtain resources. On 7/21/07, Arjun Dhar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Stateless sessions should

Re: [rules-users] NoClassDefFoundError for

2007-08-13 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Steven - can you provide the background on this? (I didn't see any other info - perhaps gmail has gone nuts or my brain has, I have been on holidays). Michael. On 8/13/07, Barfield Steve [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Jesse/Fernando/anybody Do you know if this problem has been resolved – I

Re: [rules-users] expander mappings empty !

2007-08-13 Thread Michael Neale
I think because the stream has reached the end once you load it the first time. Get a fresh reader from a fresh stream and it should work. On 8/13/07, hypnosat7 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: But why the expand methode in DrlParser.parse(final String source, final Reader dsl) can't build the

Re: [rules-users] Guided DRL Editor

2007-08-21 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Rod. The documentation for it is in the manual chapter on the BRMS (which did not make it into the TOC - that has been corrected for the next maintenance release). But it follows the same idea. Unfortunately there is no easy to build/test the rules with it at the moment (also being

Re: [rules-users] new-bie problem

2007-09-03 Thread Michael Neale
Well the sheet can do with deciding the plan - in code if none is decided then the default one applies (ie the default is not part of the rules). As for the rest - well think of columns as fields and rows as rules, and you will get the idea with some practice. On 9/4/07, Rajeev Dave [EMAIL

Re: [rules-users] Anybody using Drools 4.0 with approximate string matching?

2007-09-03 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Irving. That is a very interesting and kind of cool problem. Happily, Mike Brock who built MVEL, which is part of drools, embeded soundex into it. So you can do (and I just tried this): rule Hello World when c : Cheese( eval(type soundslike foobar) ) then

Re: [rules-users] Anybody using Drools 4.0 with approximate string matching?

2007-09-03 Thread Michael Neale
Also, there is strsim: so you can do Something( eval( (field strsim blah) 0.9 ) ) (or something like that anyway - to look for similarity rating). But I think soundex is what you really want. On 9/4/07, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote

Re: [rules-users] Web Service deploy out of memory

2007-09-03 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Edgardo. Well it shouldn't leak like that. Looking at your code, I am not sure how it works (as I am not sure of the Web Service component you are using). But if the web service is creating a new instance of the ValidaLlamadaWS class for EACH call, then yes that woudl be the problem. What

Re: [rules-users] Web Service deploy out of memory

2007-09-03 Thread Michael Neale
If it still happens - it would be good if you could attach some code to reproduce it to a JIRA. On 9/4/07, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Edgardo. Well it shouldn't leak like that. Looking at your code, I am not sure how it works (as I am not sure of the Web Service component

Re: [rules-users] Web Service deploy out of memory

2007-09-04 Thread Michael Neale
Tue, 04 Sep 2007 01:44:47 -0400, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] escribió: If it still happens - it would be good if you could attach some code to reproduce it to a JIRA. On 9/4/07, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Edgardo. Well it shouldn't leak like that. Looking

Re: [rules-users] broken link

2007-09-04 Thread Michael Neale
Yeah I am getting rid of that legacy content page as we speak - thanks for pointing it out. On 9/5/07, Manukyan, Sergey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On a page : There is a broken link pointing to :

[rules-users] insurance domain users?

2007-09-04 Thread Michael Neale
If anyone is using rules and you work in an insurance company/domain - please contact me off list. Michael Red Hat. ___ rules-users mailing list

Re: [rules-users] BRMS - how to use variables on Action part?

2007-10-06 Thread Michael Neale
On the RHS, if you put = it will allow you to type in that calculation. I guess that is not as intuitive as it shoudl be (on the LHS it makes you tell it what you want to do), I am open to considering changing that so it is more obvious. Yes, you can only access setters this way (at the moment).

Re: [rules-users] Another rule vendor being acquired

2007-11-15 Thread Michael Neale
Excellent work Paul ! As an Australian, I am quite proud that it is RuleBurst ! I have met a few of them and they are great people with an interesting product. On Nov 15, 2007 7:07 AM, Paul Haley [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I hope it is interesting to the community to consider the second

Re: [rules-users] Re: Drools and BRMS (60,000+ rules)

2007-11-26 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Len. Yes the main challenges I see are to do with the sheer numbers of rules you see yourself happening, and how to manage that in any sort of BRMS. ie are there 100's of packages, or a few uber packages etc. How do you break it up so its manageable? etc... even simple things, like if there is

Re: [rules-users] Can't run BRMS on Jboss 4.0.1 AS

2008-01-07 Thread Michael Neale
well 4.0.1 is a bit old - try the latest - it did have a few issues. On Jan 8, 2008 1:30 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm trying to run the BRMS GUI on the Jboss 4.0.1sp1 AS but I'm getting the following errors after I login and click 'Packages'. I'm working in a Windows environment using

Re: [rules-users] Re: repository documentation

2008-01-07 Thread Michael Neale
The manual has a chapter or 3 on the BRMS specifically. Chapter 9 in: On Jan 8, 2008 3:44 AM, John Verhaeg [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Massi Gmail mmquelo at writes:

Re: [rules-users] Problems deploying BRMS on Jboss 4.0.1 AS

2008-01-07 Thread Michael Neale may provide some tips. Post 4.0.1, this problem goes away (4.0.1 is a tad old now). Michael. On Jan 5, 2008 4:15 PM, Rahul Upadhyay [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I Think you don't have full permission of JBOSS or BRMS war. Go to

Re: [rules-users] Problems using functions in .drl file

2008-01-08 Thread Michael Neale
I think you need java 5 for the ide even though the engine can run with 1.4 Sent from my iPhone On 08/01/2008, at 5:57, Keith Bennett [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am having problems using functions in my .drl file. When I add a function, I get the following two errors: ImportError:

Re: [rules-users] repository documentation

2008-01-08 Thread Michael Neale
The only specific dogs would be the javadocs for the drools-repository (and of course the source for that module ). Sent from my iPhone On 05/01/2008, at 8:02, John Verhaeg [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can someone point me to some documentation that explains how to populate a drools repository

Re: [rules-users] Problems using functions in .drl file

2008-01-08 Thread Michael Neale
this environment working. On 1/8/08, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I think you need java 5 for the ide even though the engine can run with 1.4 Sent from my iPhone On 08/01/2008, at 5:57, Keith Bennett [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am having problems using functions in my .drl file. When I add

Re: [rules-users] OutOfMemory with BRMS 4.0.3

2008-01-16 Thread Michael Neale
Sophie are you still seeing this? Do you see this with regular use or just sitting there ? Michael. On Jan 11, 2008 4:56 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: No, I haven't, because initially I wanted it to be deployed in an environment distinct from my client classes, which are in jboss application

Re: [rules-users] OutOfMemory with BRMS 4.0.3

2008-01-16 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Sophie - how is the jboss runtime server querying this? via the rule agent (and a URL)? just trying to work out what the usage pattern is so we can reproduce it. Michael. On Jan 11, 2008 12:20 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, I am using Drools BRMS 4.0.3 with tomcat 5.5.25, and I get

[rules-users] BRMS version 4.0.4 problems

2008-01-16 Thread Michael Neale
Something has gone awry, 4.0.4 BRMS seems to have been packaged badly somehow. So please be patient while we sort it out. Michael. ___ rules-users mailing list

Re: [rules-users] OutOfMemory with BRMS 4.0.3

2008-01-16 Thread Michael Neale
If you have any more details - and confidential, feel free to send them to me direct (currently I am working on some stress tests to see if I can make it happen more quickly ;) On Jan 17, 2008 9:52 AM, Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Sophie - how is the jboss runtime server querying

Re: [rules-users] Multiple DSL sources

2008-01-17 Thread Michael Neale
Hmm... if you look in BRMSPackageBuilder in the BRMS source code, you can see you can add DSL files together (you just have one expander statement - the expander statement is for the IDE) - however, I think that may not work in eclipse to make it content assistance pick up the other DSL file. On

Re: [rules-users] OutOfMemory with BRMS 4.0.3

2008-01-17 Thread Michael Neale From: Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent by: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: 01/17/2008 12:52AM Subject: Re: [rules-users] OutOfMemory with BRMS 4.0.3 Hi Sophie - how is the jboss runtime server querying this? via the rule agent (and a URL)? just trying to work out what the usage pattern

Re: [rules-users] OutOfMemory with BRMS 4.0.3

2008-01-23 Thread Michael Neale
to the server version ...? Regards, Sophie Michael Neale [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent by: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 22/01/2008 11:31 Please respond to Rules Users List To Rules Users List cc Rules Users List Subject Re: [rules

Re: [rules-users] java.lang.ClassCastException comparing BigDecimals (compareTo)

2008-01-30 Thread Michael Neale
hmmm... have you tried setting dialect 'mvel' for the rule/package? I am not sure if you can do that even in java 5 (but in MVEL we can make it happen if it doesn't already). On Jan 25, 2008 11:19 PM, José Arrarte [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, First of all, I'd like to thank all the people

Re: [rules-users] BRMS

2008-02-09 Thread Michael Neale
Hi len. Yes I think if you create you own in annotation and if you recompile that may work. If not recompiling, I am not sure. But if you hack source, we could refactor so the seam stuff is not in the main class. Another approach is to have the brms as a self contained war, and have the

[rules-users] SVN URL changes

2008-07-14 Thread Michael Neale
Details are here: -- Michael D Neale home: blog: ___ rules-users mailing list

Re: [rules-users] Drools BRMS Secrity Features

2008-09-21 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Vikrant. In the version 4 - no the security was basically only around authentication (so you either had access or you didn't). Now in the upcoming 5 version (I don't think this was in M1, but will be in M2): This allows fine

Re: [rules-users] Creation of RuleModel dyanmicalliy

2008-09-21 Thread Michael Neale
Vikram - I am making the assumption that on the RHS of a rule you want to kick off a rule process. If this is the case, then in 4.0.x here is now way to do that with the rule model stuff. In 5, it is possible (as you can put an arbitrary expression on the RHS and it will render it out). On Fri,

Re: [rules-users] RE: Deploying the BRMS on Web-Sphere 6.1

2008-09-22 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Vikrant. well the drools-guvnor/ doesn't use a filter so much as it is default web.xml behaviour - you can specify a welcome page, which it goes to when the root path is supplied. If Websphere 6.1 can't even do that - I would say something is seriously wrong (may be a bad install?) - you could

Re: [rules-users] RE: Deploying the BRMS on Web-Sphere 6.1

2008-09-24 Thread Michael Neale
another shot at seeing the behavior after upgrading to a higher release. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] ] On Behalf Of Michael Neale Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 5:25 AM To: Rules Users List Subject: Re: [rules-users] RE: Deploying the BRMS on Web

Re: [rules-users] Working with collections

2008-09-28 Thread Michael Neale
The days list property needs to be a Collection (at the moment I think it uses the collection semantics in java, which sadly arrays are not part of the collections family). You can do Arrays.asList() to convert it to a list in the getter method, and it should work. If you however make it a

Re: [rules-users] Upload Rules to BRMS at runtime

2008-10-02 Thread Michael Neale
Hi all. Yes in 5 - there is webdav and a (limited) rest API - the rest API isn't really well known or used yet, but the WebDAV one is. Later on, we will be adding rest + atom pub interface - the atompub means you can put metadata (eg categories, comments) remotely in the BRMS, but at the

Re: [rules-users] BRMS rule info logging

2008-10-02 Thread Michael Neale
BRMS is more of a design time feature - what you are talking is logging an audit trail of rules execution - you can do that with event listeners in your code (so your rules don't even have to be aware of it) then as rules fire, you can grab the details (from the listener APIs) and log it as you

Re: [rules-users] 'Guvnor' on WebSphere 6.1 Success

2008-10-02 Thread Michael Neale
Thanks Steve. I have put that on the wiki. On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 2:54 PM, Steve Nunez [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: These directions worked for WebSphere Fundamentally the problem is the lack of JAR files in the default WebSphere CLASSPATH, or the wrong versions. Two things are neccessary

Re: [rules-users] Debug rules running on server

2008-10-29 Thread Michael Neale
at this stage I don't think this is possible. The rules debugging doesn't (AFAIK) implement the java debug protocol: which is what allows remote debugging (generally). So you have 2 options: 1) (obvious !) reproduce it in process 2)

Re: [rules-users] How to monitor what rules are fired

2008-10-29 Thread Michael Neale
Hi Ravi - if you look at the classes in: org.drools.audit For example: - you can wrap that around a session, and it will accumulate stuff in memory that you can print out. You will want to have good toString() methods on your fact objects - so you can inspect the

Re: [rules-users] Deploy rules to JBoss server

2008-10-29 Thread Michael Neale
yeah they shouldn't be anything too special - Joe in ear directly or web apps lib? (I would think the former would work better). On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 2:40 AM, Joe White [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We use JBoss and put them in an EAR and it works fine. Probably best to treat the Drools jars the

Re: [rules-users] stackOverFlowError when serializing a RuleBase

2008-10-29 Thread Michael Neale
Are you also on HPUX? If not - any chance you can wrap it up in a unit test, attach it to a JIRA? On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 11:54 AM, Rene Wooller [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I get a similar error to pedrof's: java.lang.StackOverflowError at

Re: [rules-users] Error when trying to create new PackageBuilder

2008-10-29 Thread Michael Neale
sounds like something bad in the jar you are using? On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 5:28 AM, webdevfreak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm using Drools 4.0.4 and get the following error when trying to convert from .drl to .pkg file. Exception in thread main java.lang.VerifyError: (class:

Re: [rules-users] Loading rules

2008-10-29 Thread Michael Neale
yeah you DO NOT want to be rebuilding rules on each request - that would really be bad. you can load and cache them, and do a check on each request to see if you need to update the cache - that is possible, and reasonable. On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 4:53 AM, Chris Chen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I

Re: [rules-users] Problem with nested properties

2008-12-11 Thread Michael Neale
I don't recall drools 4 being able to do nested fields like that. Drools 5 can if you want to check it out. Sent from my iPhone On 11/12/2008, at 19:52, Olivier THIERRY [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, We plan to use rules engine on a project because business rules will often change and

Re: [rules-users] Performance question - eval on a HashMap vs. from on an ArrayList

2008-12-11 Thread Michael Neale
If the number of items are small , its probably much of a muchness, and the difference would be hard to predict. The from kind of looks more declarative compared to the eval - its probably better. Sent from my iPhone On 11/12/2008, at 13:29, steve.vance [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi,

Re: [rules-users] Decision table capabilities

2008-12-11 Thread Michael Neale
Well the exact semantics or otherwise or else are never really agreed upon, As there is more to it then meets the eye. A global style otherwise is not too hard to do. But else is what a lot of people want. Sent from my iPhone On 11/12/2008, at 3:41, Ravi Krishnamurthy [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [rules-users] Guvnor Web Based Decision Tables

2009-02-10 Thread Michael Neale
It stores the data on XML - do yes you could programmatically generate the XML and the poke it in via webdav. Sent from my phone. On 11/02/2009, at 16:47, Vikrant Yagnick wrote: Hi all, I had a question with regards to the Web Based Decision Tables functionality in

Re: [rules-users] Problem using KnowledgeAgent

2009-02-18 Thread Michael Neale
So from the filesystem it won't pick up changes? (does it throw the same exception). On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 5:34 AM, Dan Seaver wrote: Mark, I have some more information for you. The exception occurs when I issue: agent.monitorResourceChangeEvents(true|false) If I

Re: [rules-users] Declarative Model Editor in Guvnor

2009-02-22 Thread Michael Neale
no that doesn't sound correct ? can what you mean by import into guvnor - you mean using the guvnor plugin ? or re-importing it by creating a new package? On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 5:02 AM, J Michael Dean wrote: When I declare a very simple object in Guvnor and validate, save,

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