[rules-users] problem in comparing two dynamic values inside

2007-03-07 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Your logic in the condition is wrong. ___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/rules-users

RE: [rules-users]The Rule is not working with milestone

2007-03-28 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, The below rule for dublicate checking is working fine with 3.0.5 but not with milestone version? Is that a problem with milesone? rule rule01 when $provAddress:ProviderAddress( $addType : addressTypeCode, $pPI : primaryPracticeIndicator ) $provAdd:ProviderAddress( addressTypeCode ==

Subject: Re: [rules-users] DSL is Dropped?

2007-04-11 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Mark, I did see your reply on one of the question that DSL is not enable for M1. In which version it will be enable. we plan to use milestone. Is it going to be enable or DSL feature going to be removed? Thanks and Regs, Basha ___ rules-users mailing

[rules-users] Rule simplification

2007-04-24 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have a object having 10 properties. i want to do null check for all those properties. i want to write a single rule to do and i don't want to write java functions in drl.i don't want to write 10 individual rules as the action are same for all the property null check. am using 3.0.6. how

[rules-users] [rule-users]:Rule grouping

2007-04-25 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have five rules A,B,C,D,E, Rule C is common for all(i.e) if A or B or D or E is executed then rule C need to be execute followed by the respective rule. i dont want to duplicate the C code in all other 4 rule and want C as a common seperate rule. how can i achieve this, Thanks and Regs,

[rules-users] M2 release DSL support is partial?

2007-05-15 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Mark, The DSL is enabled completely or partially(engine level). (ie) can we use the Eclipse(plugin) to create and test dsl? since we tested M2 with eclipse and it seems the Rules are not = acticvated when using DSL. Our rules are very complex and we required such a Guy support to =

[rules-users] how to check reference

2007-05-18 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, we are using drools version 3.0.6. I want to check the object references of t inserted objects in working memory. How to check the condition in LHS? right now am doing the following way when $obj1:object() $obj2:object() then if($obj1!=$obj2) System.out.println(Fired);

[rules-users] [rule-users] rule comparison

2007-05-20 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
added for 4.0. In 3.0.x you need eval() too. []s Edson 2007/5/19, Sikkandar Nawabjan [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Hi , The very reason i used to compare two object reference is that i got then executed multiple time when i do duplicate check between object properties. so i beleive the pattern

[rules-users] [rule-users]RunTime polypmorphic support in 3.0.6?

2007-05-20 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have a query. am using Drools 3.0.6. i have a ObjectA and ObjectB and ObjectC. ObjectB and OBjectC inherits Object A. am using seperate drl file for objectA, objectB and objectC. i need to use the DRL pertain to ObjectA when validate ObjectB and ObjectC. So when i check the object say

[rules-users] RE:[ rules-users] Rule engine is worth?

2007-06-07 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have a question. After gone through several rule engines and rule engine documents i learned the capability of rule engine is very good interms of giving coding/changing rules to business analyst.he able to modify the rule without the help of technical person. But the reality is not so. i

[rules-users] RE: [rule-users]Drools support of Unix platform

2007-06-07 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, We implemented our project using Drools3.6. we plan to port it on IBM AIX platform. Is there any shower stopper can anticipate? Drools3.6 is tested on AIX? Thanks and Regs, Basha winmail.dat___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org

[rules-users] RE:[ rules-users] 4.0.0MR2 Beeta?

2007-06-20 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, am bit confused about 4.0.0MR2. It is a official release i assume. But the name(milestone) seems it is a Beeta release. is it really a beeta version?If so when will be the standard edition planned to release? Thanks and Regs, Basha From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[rules-users] RE: rules-users Digest, Vol 8, Issue 45

2007-07-09 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
anybody have the idea of what is consequneceexceptionwhy it is occured? am using droosl 3.0.6 org.drools.spi.ConsequenceException - org.drools.RuntimeDroolsException: java.lang.NullPointerExceptionorg.drools.spi.ConsequenceException: org.drools.RuntimeDroolsException:

[rules-users] RE: rules-users Digest, Vol 10, Issue 56

2007-09-28 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, How to check my property contains only numeric. for ex when address(telphoneno==??) telephone no should be numeric then s.o.p(error); Basha winmail.dat___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org

[rules-users] RE: How to set the static variable

2007-10-04 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I want to create and set the static flag(its not part of my object) in working memory and want to use it across all my drls/dsls. How to do that. Basha From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thu 10/4/2007 6:46 PM To:

[rules-users] RE: Is the future avail in 4.0

2007-10-05 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have couple of questions 1) I want to validate a Object and based upon certain condition set the flag and that flag available in my working memory context so that all the rules will execute based on the value of this flag. Is there any way to set the Global variable in working memory

[rules-users] RE: How to stop firing rules from dependent object

2007-11-07 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have 2 Objects and its corresponding drl/dsls to validate the rule ObjectA - A.drl,A.dsl ObjectB - B.drl,B.dsl when i insert ObjectA i want the rules in A.drl to be fired. when i insert ObjectB along with ObjectA i want to fire rules only from B.drl There are some rule in B.drl

[rules-users] RE: rules-users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 16

2007-11-07 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
List rules-users@lists.jboss.org Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1 you'll have to setup rules that detect the state of the working memory that then uses semaphores to control which rules can fire. Mark Sikkandar Nawabjan wrote: Hi, I have 2 Objects

[rules-users] RE: rules-users Digest, Vol 11, Issue 27

2007-11-13 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, What is the Role of dslr in development and deployment perspective. i don't see anything about dslr in this manual. please send some link where i can learn about this Thanks and Regs, basha From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thu

RE: [rules-users] RE: how to find duplicate inlineeval

2007-11-14 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
); If you do that, your rule can be written as this: when $obj1:Object1($id:id,$name:name) $obj2:Object1(id==$id,$name:name==$name) then Since the engine will never allow the same fact to simultaneously match both patterns. []s Edson 2007/11/13, Sikkandar

[rules-users] RE: Duplicate check using dialect

2007-11-14 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
you send us a self contained test showing the problem you are having? []s Edson 2007/11/14, Sikkandar Nawabjan [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Edson, As you said i used inline eval. But am getting erroe message like this can't be used in static context.am using statelesssession to assert my objects

RE: [rules-users] RE: Duplicate check using dialect(firing multiple times)

2007-11-14 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
] [ message=Hello World ] $f2 = [EMAIL PROTECTED] [ message=Hello Bob ] []s Edson 2007/11/14, Sikkandar Nawabjan [EMAIL PROTECTED]: i just use this sort of rule rule Hello World dialect mvel when m : Message

[rules-users] RE:Problem Using Update

2007-11-26 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have rule like this rule Update Id dialect mvel salience 10 no-loop true when $add:Address(name==india) then $add.setId(100); update($add) end am getting the error org.drools.FactException: Update error: handle not found for object and Address mailto:[EMAIL

[rules-users] RE:update is not working properly

2007-11-26 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
( $add) can't a drl file contain both update and retract together? if both rules satisfy the facts what will happen for the handle? Thanks and Regs, Basha Sikkandar Nawabjan wrote: Hi, I have rule like this rule Update Id dialect mvel salience 10 no-loop true when

RE: [rules-users] RE:Problem Using Update

2007-11-27 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
? Do you have sample code, to show/reproduce the error ? The mentioned JUnit Test should do the job. thanks, Darko Ivancan On 26/11/2007 17:08, Mark Proctor wrote: Sikkandar Nawabjan wrote: Hi, I have rule like this rule Update Id dialect mvel salience 10 no-loop true when

RE: [rules-users] Stop Processing Rules

2007-11-28 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, Still i have the problem with update(org.drools.FactException: Update error: handle not found for object). i read the manual and found one statement The update() method can only be used with objects that have shadow proxies turned on. i don't understand this. how to check proxy for my

[rules-users] RE: not able to deploy in linux

2007-12-04 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
when i deployed and run the rule in linux machine am getting the following error. why is that? The same rule is working fine with windows sun.io.MalformedInputException at sun.io.ByteToCharUTF8.convert(ByteToCharUTF8.java(Compiled Code)) at

[rules-users] RE:brms with jdk compatibility

2007-12-12 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, My application using jdk.1.4.2 and if i use brms with my application will it work Basha winmail.dat___ rules-users mailing list rules-users@lists.jboss.org https://lists.jboss.org/mailman/listinfo/rules-users

[rules-users] RE: Reverse Engineering

2007-12-17 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, I have one doubt regarding reverse engineering. I have rulebase(set of drls and corresponding dsls). From the existing file sources i want to use it as input to rule flow and brms. can i do that? If so can you briefly tell me how to do that Sikkandar Basha Tech Lead

[rules-users] RE: Insert logical in session

2007-12-18 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, Stateless session used Insert method or insertlogical method? How abt statefulsession Sikkandar Basha Tech Lead WPEPDS UST Globalhttp://intranet.ustri.com/email/UST-logo.jpg B5N 144, Bhavani Technopark, Trivandrum, India [EMAIL

[rules-users] RE:brms help

2007-12-26 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, We have a rule base(drls and dsls) we want to use our existing rule base in brms so that in future if any rule required to add we can use brms. is that possible? How to do that? am new to brms. what is the most right way. i found brl and webgui. which one i should use Basha

RE: [rules-users] Does the result of one rule can trigger theevaluation of one or more other rules.

2008-04-11 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Yes it is quite possible provided that in the action part you need to set appropriate date that the other rule expect to trigger. ex: rule 1 when Object1(data1 == s) then Object2.setBoolValue(true) update() rule 2 when

[rules-users] incompatible error

2010-01-27 Thread Sikkandar Nawabjan
Hi, Am using drools 5 and am getting following error when I do packaging the drl and dsls org.drools.base.SalienceInteger incompatible with org.drools.rule.Rule what could be the reason? Thanks sikkandar ___ rules-users mailing list