Germany Investigating Iraq, Al-Qaeda Link, DPA

2003-02-05 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Al-Qaeda-Iraq link being investigated in Germany, report says Wed Feb 5 2003 13:11:03 ET Munich, Germany (dpa) - Federal investigators in Germany are looking into a possible threat of attacks by a Jordanian linked by the United States to the Iraqi regime, according to a published report. The

NY Sun: Key White House Iraq Aide is Out

2003-02-07 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Mr. Miller's exit was unplanned.One conservative close to the administration characterized it as a late-night departure. An expert on Iraq who follows the Iraqi opposition movement, Laurie Mylroie, called Mr. Miller's leaving very important. You need people there who will carry out

Rumsfeld, Munich Conference Speech

2003-02-09 Thread Laurie Mylroie
There is a momentous fact of life that we must come to terms with and it is the nexus between weapons of mass destruction, terrorist states and terrorist networks. On September 11th, terrorist states discovered that missiles are not the only way to strike Washington-or Paris, or Berlin or Rome or

US War Plan: Shock Awe, Newsweek

2003-02-09 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Newsweek February 17, 2003 Boots, Bytes and Bombs The Pentagon calls it 'shock and awe.' Iraq will call it a nightmare. The military's new high-tech road map for taking out Saddam-and how he might fight back By John Barry and Evan Thomas Feb. 17 issue - It's called the E-bomb. Delivered by a

Ed Epstein, Anthrax Letters 9-11

2003-02-09 Thread Laurie Mylroie Ed Epstein Team B Analysis Team B Issue #2: The Case that the Anthrax Mailings Were Related to the 9-11 attacks On September 18th, 2001, one week after the aerial attack, an anonymous party mailed two letters containing dry anthrax bacteria to the New

Iraq intimidates Scientists, ABC News

2003-02-10 Thread Laurie Mylroie
ABC News February 10, 2003 Iraqi scientists remain tight-lipped in weapons inquiry. By Christopher Isham and Brian Ross Feb. 10 - In the last 10 days, United Nations inspectors have been given what are described as important, new and credible leads from a recent defector, who also told ABCNEWS

Manila PNG's Iraq Diplomat for Abu Sayyaf Link, Reuters

2003-02-12 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Manila Expels Iraqi Diplomat It Linked to Rebels Wed Feb 12, 7:00 AM ET By Ruben Alabastro MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines ordered the expulsion of an Iraqi diplomat Wednesday for alleged links to Muslim radicals blamed for a bombing that killed a U.S. soldier and three Filipinos in October.

More on US Mishandling of Iraqi Opposition

2003-02-15 Thread Laurie Mylroie
IRAQ NEWS, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2003 I. PACHACHI SLAMS HAWKS, AFP, FEB 14 II. US COURTS PACHACHI, NYT, FEB 11 III. KUBBA OPPOSED IRAQ LIBERATION ACT, NY SUN, DEC 23 It is very hard to understand what the US is doing in regards to planning for a post-war Iraq. AFP reported yesterday that

Kanan Makiya, Our Hopes Betrayed, Observer

2003-02-16 Thread Laurie Mylroie
IRAQ NEWS, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2003 I. KANAN MAKIYA, OUR HOPES BETRAYED, OBSERVER, FEB 16 II. IRAQI OPPOSITION SLAMS US PLAN, OBSERVER, FEB 16 I. KANAN MAKIYA, OUR HOPES BETRAYED Our hopes betrayed How a US blueprint for post-Saddam government quashed the hopes of democratic Iraqis. Kanan Makiya

Fury as Chirac threatens new EU states, Daily Telegraph

2003-02-17 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Daily Telegraph February 18, 2003 Fury as Chirac threatens new EU states By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Brussels President Jacques Chirac made himself Europe's most unpopular leader at the emergency summit in Brussels last night, lashing out petulantly at the East European states that back the

W F Deedes, The UN the League of Nations, Daily Telegraph

2003-02-22 Thread Laurie Mylroie
NB: Lord Deedes covered the events in Abyssinia as a cub reporter in the 1930s. After World War II, he became a politician and was appointed a minister by Winston Churchill. He was editor of the Daily Telegraph from 1974-86. Daily Telegraph Friday 21 February 2003 The world was weak in 1935 -

Stephen Hayes, Horrors of Peace, Weekly Standard

2003-03-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Weekly Standard March 10, 2003 The Horrors of Peace Saddam's victims tell their stories. by Stephen F. Hayes Dearborn, Michigan Do you know when? It is the question on all minds these days--those of stockbrokers, journalists, financiers, world leaders, soldiers and their families. When will

Taliban promised to reveal Iraq link, FT

2003-03-06 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Financial Times Taliban promised to reveal Iraq link By Mark Huband, Security Correspondent, in Washington March 6 2003 Senior officials from Afghanistan's Taliban regime undertook to provide the US with detailed information showing links between Iraq and terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, but

Jim Hoagland, Who is Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

2003-03-08 Thread Laurie Mylroie
the target of a takeover operation by an intelligence service with good legend-manufacturing skills and a great, burning desire for revenge on the United States? That is a question U.S. investigators should push more actively. In Study of Revenge, author Laurie Mylroie sketches the strong ties that Iraq's

L. Mylroie, Blind to Saddam's 9-11 Role, NY Sun

2003-03-12 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The New York Sun March 12, 2003 Blind to Saddam's 9-11 Role By LAURIE MYLROIE A retired American general, close to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, once explained that the single, most important element in the war against terrorism was situational awareness - understanding what is going

L. Mylroie, The Baluch Connection to Iraq, WSJ

2003-03-17 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal AT WAR The Baluch Connection Is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tied to Baghdad? BY LAURIE MYLROIE Tuesday, March 18, 2003 12:01 a.m. EST Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, is a Pakistani Baluch. So is Ramzi Yousef, who masterminded the 1993 World Trade

Iraqi Conscripts shoot officers, rather than fight, London Times

2003-03-21 Thread Laurie Mylroie
London Times March 22, 2003 Conscripts shoot their own officers rather than fight From Tom Newton Dunn with 40 Commando near al-Faw, southern Iraq IRAQI conscripts shot their own officers in the chest yesterday to avoid a fruitless fight over the oil terminals at al-Faw. British soldiers from 40

David Frum, A Perle Before, NRO

2003-04-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie
NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE Posted: April 4, 2003 Publication Date: April 21, 2003 A Perle before . . . By David Frum It's 1974. U.S. presidents are clinking champagne glasses with the masters of the Kremlin--and foreign-policy realists are quietly urging Americans to take whatever deals they can get

Iraqi Torture Video, Wash Times

2003-06-30 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Video shows torture of prisoners overseen by Saddam's half brother THE WASHINGTON TIMES July 1, 2003 By Paul Martin (with thanks to W. Scott Malone) BAGHDAD - A graphic video to be broadcast today shows Saddam Hussein's half brother, ousted Interior Minister Watban Ibrahim Hasan al-Tikriti,

Iraq 9/11 Commission, NY Sun

2003-07-09 Thread Laurie Mylroie
, Al Qaeda, and the Muslim World. The New York Sun has obtained a copy of the testimony of one witness, an expert on Iraq, Laurie Mylroie. She will tell the commission today that the reasons for going to war with Iraq are misunderstood. Long a promoter of the view that Iraq was behind the 1993

More on Iraq 9/11 Commission, Boston Globe

2003-07-10 Thread Laurie Mylroie
, is in US custody, and the possible role Iraq played in helping Al Qaeda is receiving fresh scrutiny. The most controversial theory of Iraqi involvement was aired yesterday by Laurie Mylroie, an adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, who has argued for years that Iraq

Oil for Food Sales Link Iraq, Al Qaeda, Forward

2003-07-11 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Forward JUNE 20, 2003 Oil for Food Sales Seen As Iraq Tie To Al Qaeda U.S. Probes Bank Network By MARC PERELMAN FORWARD STAFF The hunt for Saddam Hussein's money could provide some clues to one of the claims made by the Bush administration to justify its war in Iraq - the possible link between

WSJ, Making Policy is the President's Job, not the CIA's

2003-07-13 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal REVIEW OUTLOOK Lack of Intelligence Making policy is the President's job, not the CIA's. Monday, July 14, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT The flap over who baked the yellowcake uranium story is so transparently political that it is tempting to ignore. But now that Democrats and other

INC Emerging in New Iraqi Council, NY Sun

2003-07-14 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The presence of Mr. Chalabi and 15 other former exiles on the council is seen as a triumph for the Pentagon and a considerable defeat for the State Department in their ongoing struggle over Iraq policy. The State Department was working overtime to sideline the former exiles, sources said. The

Jim Hoagland, The Kurdish Example

2003-07-26 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Washington Post The Kurdish Example By Jim Hoagland Sunday, July 27, 2003 SALAHADIN, Iraq -- Isolation in their remote mountain homeland and an intensely nurtured sense that they will inevitably be betrayed by foreigners who pretend to befriend them have formed the Kurds' identity. But that

Paul Gigot, Iraqis' Greatest Fear is US will cut and run

2003-07-27 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Which brings up the other large American mistake: The failure to enlist Iraqi allies into the fight from the very start. Pentagon officials had wanted to do this for months, but they were trumped by the CIA, State and former Centcom chief Tommy Franks. The result has been too many GIs doing jobs

Congressional Probers Ignored Evidence of Iraq-9/11 Link, Newsmax

2003-07-30 Thread Laurie Mylroie
(With thanks to Roger Aronoff) Monday, July 28, 2003 12:49 p.m. EDT Congressional Probers Ignored Evidence of Iraq-9/11 Link The attorney who won a $64 million federal court judgment just two months ago in a case alleging that Iraq played a significant role in the 9/11 attacks was

Constitution Next Fight in Iraq, NY Sun

2003-08-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie The New York Sun August 4, 2003 CONSTITUTION IS NEXT FIGHT FOR FREE IRAQ ‘WILL HAVE PEOPLE…KILLED FOR DISSENTING FROM ISLAM’ By ADAM DAIFALLAH Staff Reporter of the Sun WASHINGTON — The next hurdle for

Melanie Kirkpatrick, Clear Ideas Versus Foggy Bottom, WSJ

2003-08-06 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Wall Street Journal ANALYZE THIS Clear Ideas Versus Foggy Bottom The State Department is jealous of all the sound thinking going on at the Pentagon. BY MELANIE KIRKPATRICK Tuesday, August 5, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT The ripest political target in Washington these days is a man who rarely gets his

Tamara Chalabi, Jordan Slandered by Father at Saddam's Behest, WSJ

2003-08-14 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal Jordan Slandered My Father at Saddam's Behest August 7, 2003 By Tamara Chalabi BAGHDAD -- Ahmad Chalabi, my father, is here in Iraq, sitting on the Governing Council of Iraqi nationals that will help ours become a free country. Iraqis from all regions and religions line

John Guardiano (Marine in Iraq), Bush Good, Saddam Bad, WSJ

2003-08-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal FROM THE FRONT 'Bush Good, Saddam Bad!' A Marine reports from Iraq, where things are far better than the media let on. BY JOHN R. GUARDIANO Tuesday, August 19, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT AL HILLAH, Iraq--There's more to America than New York, Washington and Los Angeles. The same

IMPORTANT: Codevilla, The Arrogance of the Clerks, NR

2003-08-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
"They [CIA analysts] see. . . a challenge to what they believe is their due as the 'best and the brightest'--a monopoly on the right to determine how the U.S. Government views the world. . . . "Robin Winke's sociology of CIA recounts that when World War II came, 'the coaches and the

Jim Hoagland, Bremer's Tug of War, Let Iraqis help him get on with it

2003-09-21 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Washington Post Bremer's Tug of War By Jim Hoagland September 21, 2003 A man with $20 billion to spend is certain to accumulate a lot of things, including new troubles and determined rivals for control of that fortune. The hot seat that L. Paul Bremer occupies as America's proconsul in Iraq

WSJ, The Kerfuffle over Wilson's wife

2003-09-30 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal REVIEW OUTLOOK Political Intelligence The agenda behind the kerfuffle over Joe Wilson's wife. Wednesday, October 1, 2003 We've been knocking our heads trying to figure out how a minor and well-known story about an alleged CIA outing has suddenly blossomed into a Beltway

Clfford May, Was it really a secret that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA?, NRO

2003-09-30 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online Clifford May September 29, 2003, 10:22 a.m.Spy GamesWas it really a secret that Joe Wilson's wife worked for the CIA? It's the top story in the Washington Post this morning as well as in many other

Saddam's Money Stashed in Syria, Time

2003-10-12 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Time Magazie W O R L D Saddam's Syrian Stash Investigators think they've found some of Hussein's loot. Is the money funding terrorist attacks By ADAM ZAGORIN Saturday, Oct. 11, 2003 Since the fall of Baghdad in April, American officials have scoured the globe in search of Saddam Hussein's

Claudia Winkler, Journalists in Saddam's Iraq

2003-10-16 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Weekly Standard Special Relationships It's becoming clear that some journalists in Saddam's Iraq had special relationships with the government. Others did it the right way. by Claudia Winkler September 17, 2003 IT'S WORTH RECYCLING John Burns's stunning

Jim Hoagland, A Major US Error in Iraq

2003-10-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Bush has at times deliberately ruled out specific support to Iraqis who have lived under and fully understand Western democracy and who can promote its values in their own country. He has, I am told, accepted the argument made by Jordan's king, Egypt's president, the CIA and others that Iraqis

WSJ, Iraq in Historical Perspective

2003-10-20 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal Best of the Web Today [Excerpt] BY JAMES TARANTO Monday, October 20, 2003 3:29 p.m. EDT Quagmire reprints an article from Life magazine complete with the

WSJ, The Importance of Debt Relief

2003-10-26 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Wall Street Journal REVIEW OUTLOOK Indebted to Saddam Debt relief is more important to Iraq than donations. Monday, October 27, 2003 12:01 a.m. EST Yesterday's rocket attack on the Al-Rasheed hotel in Baghdad will no doubt dominate this morning's headlines, in part because of the narrow miss of

Saddam Ally at Rashid Hotel?, Wash Times

2003-10-26 Thread Laurie Mylroie
October 27, 2003 The Washington Times Saddam ally an insider at hotel hit by rockets By Paul Martin BAGHDAD - A contractor supplying kitchen staff and secretaries for the Al Rasheed Hotel, the scene of yesterday's rocket attacks, was allied to Saddam Hussein's security services and might have

Wolfowitz Profile, Wash Post

2003-12-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Holding Their Ground As Critics Zero In, Paul Wolfowitz Is Unflinching On Iraq Policy By Thomas E. Ricks Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, December 23, 2003; Page C01 In late September, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz appeared in Manhattan at an event sponsored by the New Yorker

John Lehman, On the CIA, Iraq, and Terrorism

2003-12-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
[Lehman] said he sees a lack of nimbleness and creativity at the CIA, and a tendency to discourage dissenting points of view. A prime example, Lehman said, is the view among intelligence agencies that the Iraqis had nothing to do with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Sept. 11

CIA Fooled on Saddam's Whereabouts? Wash Times Iraq News Note

2004-01-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie
NB: It will be recalled that even after Saddam showed up on TV a few hours after this strike, the CIA continued to maintain that he was dead. Another US strike followed some days later, and the CIA once again pronounced Saddam dead. Indeed, as late as July, George Tenet was telling people that

Jim Hoagland, Give the Shiites a Say

2004-01-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Washington Post Give the Shiites a Say By Jim Hoagland Friday, January 23, 2004 Iraq's Shiite majority has begun to pry political control of the country from U.S. administrator Paul Bremer and his small, overwhelmed staff in Baghdad. The Bush administration should welcome and help shape

Mylroie, What went wrong, NRO

2004-01-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online January 23, 2004, 8:38 a.m.Mishandling TerrorismThe law-enforcement mistake. By Laurie Mylroie In his State of the Union speech

Saddam's International Web of Bribery, Daily Telegraph

2004-01-27 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Daily Telegraph Saddam's web of bribery 'went round the world' By Philip Delves Broughton in Paris and Jack Fairweather in Baghdad January 28, 2004 Saddam Hussein bribed his way around the world, buying the support of presidents, ministers, legislators, political parties and even Christian

Iraq's Weapons, World Magazine

2004-02-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie
, said Laurie Mylroie, a consultant on Iraq in both the Clinton and Bush administrations and author of Bush vs. the Beltway: How the CIA and the State Department Tried to Stop the War on Terror. A key former weapons inspector in Iraq, retired Army Col. Richard O. Spertzel, told WORLD: If Dr. Kay

INVITATION: Memorial Service for Victims of Erbil Bombings

2004-02-05 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) invite you to attend a joint memorial service for victims of the terrorist bombings in Erbil on February 1, 2004. Mourners and supporters of Kurdish liberty will gather on Sunday, February 8th, 2004 at 3:00 PM Location:

Danger of Iraq's Missing WMD, Wash Times

2004-02-09 Thread Laurie Mylroie
What's 'right' is relative, Mr. [Daniel] Gallington said. We always have to go with the most dangerous possible scenario with these guys. The one that troubles me most is that Saddam did know we were going to invade and he sent [weapons material] to possibly Syria. So, if you can't find it in

CIA Struggles to Spy in Iraq, Afghanistan, LAT

2004-02-20 Thread Laurie Mylroie
[M]any of the agency's personnel were there for just one to three months. That was true for the station as well as the [weapons search team], said David Kay, who resigned last month as special advisor in Iraq to Director Tenet. None of us were happy about that. So-called domain experts on

Jim Hoagland, Respect the Iraqi Council

2004-02-22 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Washington Post Respect the Iraqi Council By Jim Hoagland Sunday, February 22, 2004 The Bush administration liberated Iraqis 10 months ago. But it still does not trust them -- not even the 25 Iraqis chosen to help manage their country's transition to freedom. They have been rewarded for their

Jim Woolsey Hosted by Iraqi he Helped Free, NY Sun

2004-02-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The New York Sun February 23, 2004 EX-CHIEF OF CIA KEEPS DATE FOR A POWER LUNCH His Host in Iraq Once Sat in U.S. Jail By ELI LAKE Staff Reporter of the Sun YETHREB, Iraq - When Haidar al-Bandar was released from his eighth Immigration and Naturalization Service prison in 2000, he invited his

Claudia Rosett, Oil-for-Food Scam?, WSJ

2004-02-24 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal THE REAL WORLD A New Job for Kay Let him investigate the U.N. Oil-for-Food scam. BY CLAUDIA ROSETT Wednesday, February 25, 2004 When David Kay recovers from his weapons hunt, there's another Iraq-related quest I'd like to send him on. It's time a top intelligence team went

WSJ Editors, Perle's Goodbye

2004-02-26 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Wall Street Journal REVIEW OUTLOOK February 26, 2004 Perle's Goodbye Richard Perle has resigned from the Defense Policy Board, and therein lies a tale of modern Washington. Despite repeated disclaimers, my membership on the Defense Policy Board has led many people who see my articles, books and

Saddam's Regime Skimmed Billions from UN Aid, NYT

2004-02-28 Thread Laurie Mylroie
New York Times Hussein's Regime Skimmed Billions From Aid Program By SUSAN SACHS February 29, 2004 BAGHDAD, Iraq - In its final years in power, Saddam Hussein's government systematically extracted billions of dollars in kickbacks from companies doing business with Iraq, funneling most of the

INC Intel Program, NY Sun

2004-03-01 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The New York Sun March 1, 2004, p. 1 Jockeying Begins for Control of Iraqi Intelligence Agency By ELI LAKE Staff Reporter of the Sun BAGHDAD, Iraq One of the most significant battles going on here is one that hasn't yet hit the newspapers--the maneuvering over who is going to inherit the

WSJ Editors, Breakthrough: Iraq's Interim Constitution

2004-03-01 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Wall Street Journal REVIEW OUTLOOK Breakthrough in Baghdad Iraqis agree to a remarkably liberal interim constitution. Tuesday, March 2, 2004 12:01 a.m. EST A paradox of post-Saddam Iraq is that American elites keep asserting that it's a quagmire even as progress keeps being made in Baghdad.

Cheney's Gridiron Remarks, Weekly Standard

2004-03-07 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Dick Cheney's Gridiron Remarks Highlights of the vice president's remarks at last night's 2004 Gridiron dinner. by Special to The Daily Standard 03/07/2004 12:50:00 PM Editor's note: The following

60 Minutes Does it Again--What is Treason? What is just Irresponsible Journalism?

2004-03-09 Thread Laurie Mylroie
IRAQ NEWS, TUESDAY, MARCH 9, 2004 Readers will recall an earlier "60 Minutes" blunder on Iraq, when it claimed, based on Ron Suskind's book on Paul O'Neill, that the Bush administration planned the Iraq War long before 9/11 and there were documents to prove it:

Claudia Rosett, Oil-for-Food Corruption, NRO

2004-03-10 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online March 10, 2004, 6:19 p.m. Kojo Kofi Unbelievable U.N. stories. By Claudia Rosett In the growing scandal over the United Nations Oil-for-Food program, which from 1996-2003 supervised relief to Saddam Hussein's Iraq, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and his staff have

The New Pentagon Papers Carl Levin, Weekly Standard

2004-03-15 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The New Pentagon Papers and Carl Levin. From the March 22, 2004 issue: Karen Kwiatkowski is Ted Kennedy's new expert. 03/22/2004, Volume 009, Issue 27 Teddy Kennedy's New Expert The

US: Saddam Took over $10 Billion from UN Oil Program

2004-03-18 Thread Laurie Mylroie
(Distributed by the Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State. Web site: Text: New Data Indicate Saddam Took $10.1 Billion From U.N. Oil Program (GAO revises estimates of illegal revenues from 1997-2002) (1090) U.S. congressional

Syria Restive under Impact of Iraq War, NYT

2004-03-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
New York Times Hussein's Fall Leads Syrians to Test Government Limits By NEIL MacFARQUHAR March 20, 2004 DAMASCUS, Syria, March 19 - A year ago, it would have been inconceivable for a citizen of Syria, run by the Baath Party of President Bashar al-Assad, to make a documentary film with the

Iraq-al Qaeda Link, Wash Times

2004-03-20 Thread Laurie Mylroie
WashingtonTimes Inside the Ring March 19, 2004 Notes from the Pentagon Iraq-al Qaeda link We have obtained a document discovered in Iraq from the files of the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS). The report provides new evidence of links between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda leader Osama

9/11 Commission Hearing Excerpt

2004-03-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Excerpts from today's 9/11 Commission hearing (Commissioner John Lehman questioning former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright) LEHMAN: Did you know about Abdel Rahman Yasin and his fleeing to Baghdad and his support and cooperation with Saddam's intelligence service? Did you see any

Mylroie, Clarke's Responsibility for 9/11, NRO

2004-04-05 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online April 05, 2004, 8:47 a.m.“Don’t Look at Me”Dick Clarke’s reversed reality.By Laurie Mylroie In 1992, when Richard Clarke assumed the counterterrorism portfolio in the White

Ed Epstein, Did Clarke End Saddam's Support for Terrorism?

2004-04-05 Thread Laurie Mylroie Question: Richard Clarke credits himself, and President Clinton, with ending Saddam's support of terrorism. Following Saddam's failed attempt to assassinate ex-President George Bush Sr. in Kuwait, the U.S. had retaliated in June 1993 with a

Ahmad Chalabi, Q A on the Fighting in Iraq, NYT

2004-04-11 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The New York Times April 9, 2004 QA: Ahmad Chalabi on the Fighting in Iraq From the Council on Foreign Relations, April 9, 2004 Ahmad Chalabi, head of the U.S.-backed Iraqi National Congress and a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, says the council is working behind the scenes to stop the

Anne Applebaum, Powell, Having it Both Ways

2004-04-22 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Washington Post Having It Both Ways By Anne Applebaum April 21, 2004 About five months ago, Colin Powell received an award named in honor of George C. Marshall, another American general who became secretary of state. In advance of that event, Powell indicated that he would like to give an

UN Iraq Envoy Calls Israel Policy Biggest Poison, Ha'aretz

2004-04-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
NB: Lakhdar Brahimi (former Algerian Foreign Minister and an Arab nationalist) is the figure promoted by the State Department to oversee the development of a future Iraqi government, and the White House has signed on to that. Is this really what we want? April 23, 2004 Report: UN envoy to Iraq

Michael Rubin, Catastrophic US Concession to Baathists, NRO

2004-04-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online April 23, 2004 Catastrophic Concessions The Coalition dances with the devil. By Michael Rubin Local humor reflects society. Within Iraq's Shia community, there is a popular joke: Saddam dies and enters a special prison in hell for worst 100 offenders of all time. Residents

Fouad Ajami, US Pandering to Old Arab Order in Iraq, WSJ

2004-05-12 Thread Laurie Mylroie
May 12, 2004 COMMENTARY The Curse of Pan-Arabia By FOUAD AJAMIMay12,2004;PageA14 Consider a tale of three

Fouad Ajami, US Pandering to Old Arab Order in Iraq, WSJ

2004-05-12 Thread Laurie Mylroie
May 12, 2004 COMMENTARY The Curse of Pan-Arabia By FOUAD AJAMIMay12,2004;PageA14 Consider a tale of three

Fouad Ajami, US Pandering to Old Arab Order in Iraq, WSJ

2004-05-12 Thread Laurie Mylroie
May 12, 2004 COMMENTARY The Curse of Pan-Arabia By FOUAD AJAMIMay12,2004;PageA14 Consider a tale of three

Mylroie, Saddam-9/11 Link Confirmed, Front Page

2004-05-11 Thread Laurie Mylroie
r aims. In taking on and eliminating the Iraqi regime, Bush corrected a policy blunder of historic proportions. His decision for war was both courageous and necessary. Now, he needs to make it clear just why that decision was made. Laurie Mylroie was adviser on Iraq to the 1992 camp

David Frum, What Next in Iraq?. NRO

2004-05-11 Thread Laurie Mylroie
David Frum National Review Online MAY. 11, 2004: WHAT NEXT IN IRAQ What now? War is a time of intense mood swings – and the moods have been swinging fast over the past two weeks. Some prominent supporters of the Iraq

Mahdi al-Bassam, Let's Keep our Eyes on the Prize in Iraq, NRO

2004-05-07 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online May 07, 2004 Keeping the Promise Let's keep our eyes on the prize. By Mahdi al-Bassam Over the past week, the world has seen images of atrocious prisoner abuse in Iraq. There was outrage in Western Europe and the Arab world; France, Russia, and secular Arabs were

David Frum, The Chalabi Smear, NRO

2004-05-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online ArchiveE-mail AuthorSend to a Friend <% printurl = Request.ServerVariables("URL")%>Print

Barbara Lerner, Rumsfeld's War, Powell's Occupation, NRO

2004-05-01 Thread Laurie Mylroie
NB: This is an outstanding analysis of what has gone wrong--and will continue to go wrong--in Iraq, unless it is addressed. National Review Online April 30, 2004, 9:29 a.m.Rumsfeld’s War, Powell’s OccupationRumsfeld wanted Iraqis in on the action — right from the beginning.By Barbara

Michael Rubin, Iraq Didn't Have to be this way, NRO

2004-05-03 Thread Laurie Mylroie
National Review Online May 3, 2004 Self-Fulfilling ProphecyState vs. Iraq planning.By Michael Rubin On May 1, insurgents in Fallujah rejoiced. American

Claudia Rosett, Oil-For-Terror, WSJ

2004-04-28 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Wall Street Journal April 28, 2004 THE REAL WORLD Oil-for-Terror U.N. Iraq money may have ended up in accounts tied to al Qaeda and the Taliban. BY CLAUDIA ROSETT Wednesday, April 28, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT It's looking more and more as if one of the best reasons to get rid of Saddam Hussein was

Iraqi Intelligence behind Berg Murder, Guardian

2004-05-22 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Beheading suspects 'led by Saddam's nephew' Luke Harding in Baghdad Saturday May 22, 2004 The Guardian The mystery of who killed Nick Berg, the freelance contractor beheaded on video, took a new twist last night when Iraqi police claimed they had arrested four suspects with links to Saddam

Mylroie on C-SPAN tomorrow

2004-05-25 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Laurie Mylroie will appear on C-SPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow, May 26, from 7:45 to 8:30 AM to discuss U.S. policy toward Iraq. The show will take viewer calls

Iraq Appointee a Fraud a Danger

2004-05-29 Thread Laurie Mylroie
the influence of the much better known opposition figure Ahmed Chalabi. By the way, they are cousins. These kinds of people can put our U.S. government and our troops in bad positions and in danger. Laurie Mylroie, author of "Bush vs. the Beltway," and critical of the CIA handling of Iraq, bla

Michael Rubin, Trust the Iraqis, TNR

2004-05-30 Thread Laurie Mylroie
THE NEW REPUBLIC TRUST THE IRAQIS. Silent Majority by Michael Rubin Post date: 05.27.04 Issue date: 06.07.04 Last August, I participated in a town-hall meeting hosted by the administrative council of Dibis, an ethnically mixed town 22 miles northwest of Kirkuk. Locals complained about everything

Dave Marash, A Brighter View of Iraq, ABC News

2004-05-30 Thread Laurie Mylroie
ABC Brighter View There Is More Than One Way to Look at Upheaval in Iraq Analysis by Dave Marash BAGHDAD, May 30, 2004 Most thinking these days on Iraq is decidedly pessimistic. Part of that is traditional political/intelligence cover your a--, worst case analysis. Part of it is

WSJ, Tenet Resignation is Bush Opportunity

2004-06-03 Thread Laurie Mylroie
OpinionJournal WSJ Online REVIEW OUTLOOK A Better CIA Tenet's resignation gives Bush an opportunity. Friday, June 4, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT We have no reason to doubt that CIA Director George Tenet did in fact resign for personal reasons yesterday, and President Bush duly praised his service. Once

Israel Cracked Iranian Code, J'lem Post (citing New Yorker)

2004-06-04 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The Jerusalem Post March 3, 2004, Wednesday SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 5 LENGTH: 269 words HEADLINE: Report says Israeli unit cracked Iranian code BYLINE: Yaakov Katz A secret intelligence unit, known as Unit 8200, broke a sophisticated Iranian code enabling Israel to monitor communications, including

Danielle Pletka, US Wounded Itself when it Betrayed Chalabi, LAT

2004-06-05 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Los Angeles Times June 4, 2004 U.S. Only Wounded Itself When It Betrayed Chalabi By Danielle Pletka The recent reports detailing the alleged perfidy of Ahmad Chalabi actually say much more about his accusers in the U.S. government than they do about Chalabi himself. They reveal Washington as a

Herbert Meyer, The Need for Reagan-Style Intel Reform, WSJ

2004-06-14 Thread Laurie Mylroie
that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden had no more than an arms-length relationship, journalists including Stephen Hayes and Laurie Mylroie have uncovered an overwhelming volume of information which, when you pull the pieces together into a pattern, make a persuasive case that Iraq and al Qaeda

Saddam Threatens US with Terrorist Attacks, July 25, 1990

2004-06-18 Thread Laurie Mylroie An "Iraq News" subscriber, Pierre Legrand, has posted the followingon his website. "Iraq News" has verifiedit is an accurate reproduction of the NYT report. On July 25, 1990, on the eve of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, Saddam

Frank Gaffney, 9/11 Commission's Failure, Fox News

2004-06-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
tialnature — that Saddam had already acted on his desire to strike this country? Dr. Laurie Mylroie’s The War Against America: Saddam Hussein and the World Trade Center Attacks – A Study of Revenge, whichconcerns the first effort to destroy the Twin Towers in 1993; Jayna Davis’ The Third Terrorist:

Jim Hoagland, UN Plan for Iraq Elections Gravely Flawed, Wash Post

2004-06-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Washington Post 'Mickey Mouse' and the U.N. By Jim Hoagland June 20, 2004 The U.N. won't participate in Mickey Mouse elections, sniffed Carina Perelli during a recent news conference at the United Nations. Take that, Iraq and Afghanistan. Shape up or ship out. For all the good work it does, the

Michael Rubin, UN Plan for Iraqi Elections Gravely Flawed, Wash Post

2004-06-19 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Washington Post The Wrong Elections For Iraq By Michael Rubin June 19, 2004 On June 30 the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq will cease to exist. A caretaker Iraqi government will run the country until elections in January. While the transfer of sovereignty is a watershed, Iraqis say

Richard Perle: Iraq's Central Criminal Court the Campaign Against the INC

2004-06-20 Thread Laurie Mylroie
RICHARD PERLE'S COMMENTS AT AEI "IRAQ HAND-OFF" PANEL June 14, 2004,eventID.841/transcript.asp MR. PERLE: ...How many of you are familiar with the name Zuhair al-Maliky? Anybody? He's a man of no consequence, except he sits in Baghdad issuing

Jim Hoagland, The Toll of 'No More Iraqs'

2004-06-23 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Washington Post The Toll of 'No More Iraqs' By Jim Hoagland June 24, 2004 Military victory in Iraq was supposed to change the psychology of nations as well as the regime in Baghdad. For diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible, and no one can now doubt the word of America, President Bush

Mylroie, Odd al Qaeda Family-- Iraq, NY Sun

2004-06-24 Thread Laurie Mylroie
The New York Sun June 24, 2004 All in the Family? Laurie Mylroie outlines a theory of Iraqi involvement in the two attacks on New York The claim of the 9/11 commission that no credible evidence exists linking Iraq to Al Qaeda's assaults on America, including the attack of September 11, 2001

Amar Baluchi Financed Indonesia Bombing, Wash Post

2004-06-26 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Gunawan, who had been living as a student in Pakistan, was asked by his brother to transfer the money from another activist, Amar Baluchi, through a series of intermediaries, according to Indonesian prosecutor Payaman. Some of the funds ultimately reached key planners of the Marriott attack,

Evidence of Niger Uranium Trade Years Before War, FT

2004-06-27 Thread Laurie Mylroie
Financial Times What Wilson couldn't learn sipping tea Evidence of Niger uranium trade 'years before war' By Mark Huband Published: June 27 2004 21:56 When thieves stole a steel watch and two bottles of perfume from Niger's embassy on Via Antonio Baiamonti in Rome at the end of December 2000,

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