[SC-L] Secure Coding Wikipedia

2004-07-09 Thread Fabien

I'm currently trying to make an article on Secure Coding for the french
section on Wikip├ędia. So if you speak french you can go to :


And if you don't speak french, you can also help me by sending your
ideas here. I will try to translate them.

Thanks in advance.


Re: [SC-L] Programming languages used for security

2004-07-09 Thread Fabien

I'm not a secure coding expert, so my point of view is more from a
developper view.

   + What functionality should the accompanying libraries support
 (e.g., encryption, access control, etc.)?

In my opinion, it's the most important things for a languages, something
to easily validate user input or to encrypt password are a must have.

And the other good thing with a good base library is that the user don't
need to re-develop his own one. And it's easier to extend, to maintain
and to import the security of a main librairy instead of a lot of 3rd
parties library.

Fabien, sorry for his english.