Re: [SC-L] informIT: Modern Malware

2011-03-26 Thread John Wilander
A positive side effect of many vendors being US-based is that the US market takes most of the buzzword marketing hit. :) On a more serious note, I think there really are APTs out there, state-driven and all. The problem is when organizations use the term to get away with sub-standard security

[SC-L] Official OWASP Summit Challenge

2011-01-23 Thread John Wilander
will be there. The authors of (my) favorite appsec books will be there. Best thing of all? You are most welcome to join! Get going with the Challenge – Best regards, John Wilander -- John Wilander, Chapter

[SC-L] OWASP AppSec Research 2010 - Call for Papers

2009-06-24 Thread John Wilander
€Christoph Kern, Google €Sergio Maffeis, Imperial College London Organizing Committee €John Wilander, chapter leader Sweden (chair) €Mattias Bergling (vice chair) €Alan Davidson, Stockholm University/Royal Institute of Technology (co-host) €Ulf Munkedal, chapter leader Denmark

[SC-L] The problem with (Java's) Security Policy (Was: Unclassified NSA document on .NET 2.0 Framework Security)

2008-11-25 Thread John Wilander
wrong please tell me what to do. I'd really like to deploy maintainable security policies. Mark Petrovic has written some good things on this issue ( uirements.html). Regards, John Wilander -- John Wilander, Security

[SC-L] Web Services vs. Minimizing Attack Surface

2006-08-15 Thread John Wilander
are all about exposing functionality to offer interoperability. Have any of you had discussions on the seemingly obvious conflict between these things? I would be very happy to hear your conclusions and opinions! Regards, John John Wilander, PhD student Computer

Re: [SC-L] bumper sticker slogan for secure software

2006-07-21 Thread John Wilander
precise. But it's short and does the trick for me---it separates adding security functions from trying to secure all functions in the system (during all phases). Regards, John John Wilander, PhD Student Computer and Information Sc. Linkoping University, Sweden http