Re: [SC-L] Programming languages used for security

2004-07-12 Thread Jeff Williams
a bunch of security features into the libraries. I've seen far too many libraries that expose a very powerful API and make it too easy for a developer to make security mistakes. Does anyone have pointers to articles on designing API's so that they are easy to use securely? --Jeff Jeff Williams

[SC-L] Secure software development contract annex

2005-02-22 Thread Jeff Williams
Hi, I'd love to get this list's feedback on a new document from OWASP. OWASP Secure Software Development Contract Annex ( Everyone involved with a software contracting relationship of any kind, even within a single application team, should have a

Re: [SC-L] Application Insecurity --- Who is at Fault?

2005-04-06 Thread Jeff Williams
I would think this might work, but I - if I ran a software development company - would be very scared about signing that contract... Even if I did everything right, who's to say I might not get blamed? Anyway, insurance would end up being the solution. What you *should* be scared of is a contract

Re: [SC-L] Why Software Will Continue to Be Vulnerable

2005-05-01 Thread Jeff Williams
did a talk on this at the NSA High Confidence Software and Solutions conference a few weeks back. The slides are here --Jeff Jeff Williams Aspect Security, Inc.

[SC-L] ANN: WebGoat 3.7 - Application Security hands-on learning environment

2005-09-09 Thread Jeff Williams
The *only* way to learn application security is to test applications hands on and examine their source code. To encourage the next generation of application security experts, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has developed an extensive lesson-based training environment called

RE: [SC-L] Bugs and flaws

2006-02-02 Thread Jeff Williams
that saying 'flaw' alone doesn't help distinguish it from 'bug' in the minds of most developers or architects. --Jeff Jeff Williams, CEO Aspect Security -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Crispin Cowan Sent: Wednesday

RE: [SC-L] Bugs and flaws

2006-02-02 Thread Jeff Williams
Um, so if there is no documentation you can't find design flaws? --Jeff -Original Message- From: Gary McGraw [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 8:50 PM To: Jeff Williams; Secure Coding Mailing List Subject: RE: [SC-L] Bugs and flaws I'm sorry, but it is just

RE: [SC-L] Bugs and flaws

2006-02-02 Thread Jeff Williams
is very difficult at best. gem -Original Message- From: Jeff Williams [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thu Feb 02 20:59:14 2006 To: Gary McGraw; 'Secure Coding Mailing List' Subject:RE: [SC-L] Bugs and flaws Um, so if there is no documentation you can't find design flaws

[SC-L] RE: The role static analysis tools play in uncovering elements of design

2006-02-04 Thread Jeff Williams
alarms. Maybe that's what you meant by 'inhibit'. --Jeff   Jeff Williams, CEO Aspect Security email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] phone: 410-707-1487   From: John Steven [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 1:40 PM

RE: [SC-L] RE: The role static analysis tools play in uncoveringelements of design

2006-02-06 Thread Jeff Williams
Brian, ³Show me places in the program where property X holds² Yes. That's it exactly. Current tools can answer this type of question to some extent, but they're not really designed for it. The interaction contemplated by most of the tools is more like show me the line of code the vulnerability

RE: [SC-L] Bugs and flaws

2006-02-07 Thread Jeff Williams
I'm not sure which of the three definitions in Brian's message you're not concurring with, but I think he was only listing them as strawmen anyway. In any case, there's no reason that static analysis tools shouldn't be able to find errors of omission. We use our tools to find these 'dogs that

RE: [SC-L] ZDNET: LAMP lights the way in open-source security

2006-03-07 Thread Jeff Williams
I'm a strong advocate of static analysis, but drawing conclusions about overall security based only on these tools is just silly. Even ignoring the scripting language problem, these tools simply aren't even looking for many of the types of problems that cause the most serious risks. They're

[SC-L] Re: 4 Questions: Latest IE vulnerability, Firefox vs IE security, Uservs Admin risk profile, and browsers coded in100% Managed Verifiable code

2006-03-29 Thread Jeff Williams
Jeff, as you can see by Stephen de Vries's response on this thread, you are wrong in your assumption that most Java code (since 1.2) must go through the Verifier (this is what I was sure it was happening since I remembered reading that most Java code executed in real-world applications is not

RE: [SC-L] By default, the Verifier is disabled on .Net and Java

2006-05-03 Thread Jeff Williams
Two important clarifications for Java (based on my experiments): 1) The verifier IS enabled for the classes that come with the Java platform, such as those in rt.jar. So, for example, if you create a class that tries to set (the private variable that points to the

RE: [SC-L] By default, the Verifier is disabled on .Net and Java

2006-05-11 Thread Jeff Williams
Stephen de Vries wrote: With application servers such as Tomcat, WebLogic etc, I think we have a special case in that they don't run with the verifier enabled - yet they appear to be safe from type confusion attacks. (If you check the startup scripts, there's no mention of running with

RE: [SC-L] Re: [WEB SECURITY] On sandboxes, and why you should care

2006-05-27 Thread Jeff Williams
Dinis Cruz wrote: If you do accept that it is possible to build such sandboxes, then we need to move to the next interesting discussion, which is the 'HOW' Namely, HOW can an environment be created where the development and deployment of such Sandboxes makes business sense. It's the

[SC-L] Re: On sandboxes, and why you should care

2006-05-27 Thread Jeff Williams
] Cc: Dinis Cruz; Stephen de Vries; Secure Coding Mailing List; owasp- [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: [WEB SECURITY] RE: [SC-L] Re: [WEB SECURITY] On sandboxes, and why you should care On 5/26/06, Jeff Williams [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dinis Cruz wrote: If you do

Re: [SC-L] A New Open Source Approach to Weakness

2006-08-11 Thread Jeff Williams
We're familiar with the CWE project and there's a lot of overlap between our vulnerabilities - not surprising given that most came from the same sources. Where possible we're trying to keep the same names. We've found that some of the topics are really attacks, and have organized them

[SC-L] OWASP webappsec mailing list

2006-10-10 Thread Jeff Williams
. As always, OWASP is free and open for everyone. Please forward this message to anyone who is interested in application security. Thanks for your support. --Jeff Jeff Williams, Chair The OWASP Foundation Dedicated to finding and fighting the causes of insecure software