Re: [SC-L] Resource limitation

2006-07-18 Thread Pete Shanahan
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was recently looking at some code to do regular expression matching, when it occurred to me that one can produce fairly small regular expressions that require huge amounts of space and time. There's nothing in the slightest bit illegal about such regexp's - it's

Re: [SC-L] Dark Reading - Application and Perimeter Security - Hacking the Vista Kernel - Security News Analysis

2006-07-26 Thread Pete Shanahan
Ken Buchanan wrote: I thought you had to have administrator access before you were If you took Joanna to mean 'User privileges' when she said 'user-mode', then you were mistaken. The opposite of user mode is kernel mode. Yes, I think that would be my foot-in-mouth there. I misread the

Re: [SC-L] Could I use Java or c#? [was: Re: re-writingcollege books]

2006-11-15 Thread Pete Shanahan
ljknews wrote: At 8:18 PM -0600 11/14/06, Wall, Kevin wrote: That makes a Java inappropriate for a lot of system-level programming tasks. Simple example: There's no way in pure Java that I can lock a process in memory. Wrt this list, that has a lot of security ramifications especially on