Re: [scifinoir2] Re: MakeMySpace Safer for Teens

2006-02-21 Thread buky90
once again people are trying to abdicate responsibility onsomeone else. If your kid is spending that much time on games tv computer or anything else get those mirrrors out. On 2/20/06, Martin Pratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Maybe he'll just go O.C. with it. Who am I kidding? g123curious [EMAIL

Re: [scifinoir2] Brother wins Olympic Gold Medal in 1,000 meter speedskating!

2006-02-21 Thread buky90
But as usual you have too take the sour with the sweet. H E wassupposed to skate chase in a race the day before and due to him not doing so we got dissed. yeah yeah he won a gold but I'm really tired of the one for all oooppps... all for me by the brothers.Could this be one of the reasons the

[scifinoir2] OT: Gov. madness isn't exclusively a U.S. thing.

2006-02-21 Thread Meta
This is the latest proposal from a member of a political group here in The Netherlands. Meta Abort 'unloved' Antilleans, says Rotterdam politician 20 February 2006 AMSTERDAM — Alderman Marianne van den Anker for the Leefbaar Rotterdam (LR) party has called for a debate in Rotterdam

[scifinoir2] Sticky Fingez as Blade in tv series...

2006-02-21 Thread Said Kakese Dibinga Unfortunately, its true... If you could make a difference, what would you do?...Said Kakese Dibinga - Yahoo! Autos. Looking for a sweet ride? Get pricing, reviews, more on new and used

[scifinoir2] On curling and Olympic drama

2006-02-21 Thread KeithBJohnson
I don't care if George Bush did watch curling on Air Force One the other day, or that it's gaining a kind of weird cult following: it's still a boring sport! Now what has been interesting is the ice skating and ice dancing. Not that I'm a fan of either one, but man, those athletes have been


2006-02-21 Thread Keith Johnson
THE UNFAIR RACIAL CLICHÉ ALERT -- Deadicated to Scatman Crothers I've seen this in the movies before! The black guy dies! -Harry Block (played by Orlando Jones): EVOLUTION Interesting site, especially from a white dude. He