[scifinoir2] 'Vendetta' loses title character amid shoot

2005-05-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
'Vendetta' loses title character amid shoot By Gregg KildaySun May 8, 9:56 PM ET Hugo Weaving ("The Matrix") has replaced James Purefoy as the title character in the futuristic thriller "V for Vendetta," which is shooting in Berlin. Natalie Portman, Stephen Rea, Rupert Graves and Stephen

[scifinoir2] Scientists create antigravity machine

2005-05-13 Thread KeithBJohnson
Really cool. I love stuff like this. Whenever new advances are made in magneto-suspension tech I'm there! For years I've been dreaming of a world where travel is done by underground bullet trains instead of airplanes.(Think I firstsaw such travel methods in the movie "Genesis II"). With

Re: [scifinoir2] Star Wars crosses to dark side in grand finale

2005-05-16 Thread KeithBJohnson
I agree, it's just wild. I've noticed for the last year or so whenever I read yahoo or other sites' stats on weekend box office, they always put in blurbs about how the overall box office is doing. They'll say, "'Monster-in-Law' did well above even studio expectations, yet the overall box

Re: [scifinoir2] The Church of Anakin

2005-05-17 Thread KeithBJohnson
Thanks for posting, George. No message here. No condemnation of people who need to get a life. Not even amajorcelebration of my fellow scifi lovers. This just struck me as really cool because no one worried about convention or opinions. They thought it'd be a good idea to let kids suggest

[scifinoir2] Star Wars fans have strong presence at theatre

2005-05-18 Thread KeithBJohnson
I'm reading the coverage of all these Star Wars fans camping out in anticipation of "Revenge of the Sith". The TV stations have spent several days at the theatre down the street from where I live,where there'sa virtual tent city in the parking lot.Dozens offolks who've brought sleeping bags,

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Oppose eliminating the filibuster!

2005-05-19 Thread KeithBJohnson
Similar crap took place in my native Texas when the Republican majority started major redistricting to cut the few gains made over the years. Gots to stop all that "unfair" advantage given to people of color! -- Original message -- This is so wrong, and the arrogance of

RE: [scifinoir2] Re: Star Wars fans have strong presence at theatre

2005-05-19 Thread KeithBJohnson
Don't know about you, but I had way too much exposure to that growing up. Man, even now I can smell the rancid smell of the locker room at school, funk and dirty clothes mixed with Old Spice, Brut, British Sterling. I need to eat a peppermint now before I retch. -- Original message

RE: [scifinoir2] Hercules on NBC--Weak!

2005-05-19 Thread KeithBJohnson
Watch it with those "gladiator" jokes, or Yahoo will be hop-scotching us to SciFiNoir3, 4, and 5!! -- Original message -- "Tell me son; have you ever seen a grown man naked???"Martin Pratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: That was a British accent? I have to agree with you,

[scifinoir2] What happened to Grey's Anatomy?

2005-05-19 Thread KeithBJohnson
I tuned into this show because I'd heard a Sister was the creator and main writer. She spoke at length with Tavis Smiley aboutthe diverse cast (three Blacks and an Asian) and how the stories often center around guests of color. That may be true, but I haven't seen anything that really

[scifinoir2] Did *anyone* see Revenge of the Sith?

2005-05-24 Thread KeithBJohnson
Five days after the premiere and I think I'm the only one who's commented. Has anyone else seen the movie? What were your thoughts? Yahoo! Groups Links To visit your group on the web, go to:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scifinoir2/ To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:[EMAIL

[scifinoir2] Re: More info on Palpatine and others

2005-05-26 Thread KeithBJohnson
Sounds interesting. I've never been a Star Wars fan, so haven't read any books like that you mention. That is, I really like it as entertaining scifi, but haven't plunged into the lore and history the way I have Star Trek or certain comic characters. But all the stuff around Palpatine and the

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: FW: NEWS: Vast Condom Horror in Pacific

2005-06-02 Thread KeithBJohnson
It's probably based on the true story of how thousands upon thousands of fishing nets menace the world's sealife. NPR did a story on that two days ago. Fishing nets are often lost or discarded then drift all over the ocean posing a threat. Some of the nets are hundreds of square metres, intact,

Re: [scifinoir2] OT:Article from LA Times- A Hard Truth to Portray

2005-06-06 Thread KeithBJohnson
Oh yeah, that's been going on for years. Especially here in the South, you can find all manner of living museums and preserved plantations from Alabama to Virginia that do these recreations of history. On one hand I understand the importance of portraying the history the way it was, and

[scifinoir2] Spanish voice actors replaced for Los Simpson new season

2005-06-07 Thread KeithBJohnson
This is pretty wild. I guess I never thought about The Simpsons being dubbed in Spanish and using the same actors for over a decade! What's next? Russian police shooting down the actors for Comrade Simpson? Original voices replaced for 'Los Simpson' season By John Hecht Tue Jun 7, 5:50 AM

Re: [scifinoir2] SciFiNoir Reincarnation Status Report and Request

2005-06-07 Thread KeithBJohnson
I'd be willing to help Keith -- Original message -- Just providing this update. I have the mailing list and the portal installed. I am now in the process of configuring and customizing them. While the list is easy to configure, the portal is a very complicated but

[scifinoir2] OT: Overheard at a press conference

2005-06-08 Thread KeithBJohnson
Last week, our esteemed Prez gave a speech that caught my attention as I was listening to an excerpt on NPR. But not why you'd think. This is what he said: I'm aware of the Amnesty International report [deploring prison conditions at Guantanamo Naval Base], and it's absurd... It seemed like to

[scifinoir2] Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle

2005-06-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
Now *this* has me excited! Another film from the master, Miyazaki! For those who may not know of him, Miyazaki is an animation legend. His films hold box office records in Japan, making hundreds of millions of dollars. Animators the world over worship him (Disney animators fight for the honor

[scifinoir2] More changes for X3

2005-06-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
I'm getting a little nervous about X3. I really wish Bryan Singer had stayed the course and finished out the series, though I guess doing Superman was too good a deal for him. You know, I don't get Hollywood. It's confusing to me how they look at some directors' past work and see in it the

Re: [scifinoir2] Ten most harmful books of the 19th and 20th century

2005-06-14 Thread KeithBJohnson
Just go to the homepage and click on the link. There are actually two interesting links right there, both the Ten most harmful books, and the equally interesting Ten Books Every Student Should Read in College. http://www.humaneventsonline.com/ -- Original message --

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Don't forget The Batman and Justice League

2005-06-14 Thread KeithBJohnson
Oh yeah, I caught that fight between Supes and Marvel! I recorded the show and watched it Sunday. Drove my wife crazy 'cause I kept rewinding the fight scenes over and over. I *loved* the scene when Supes punched Marvel through a building, then flew after Marvel, punching him over and over in

Re: [scifinoir2] Anyone catch Dead Zone?

2005-06-15 Thread KeithBJohnson
It didn't disappear but the times were moved around a bit. I recorded it but haven't watched yet. I have three eps of The 4400 to watch first -- Original message -- It seams as if Dead Zone Disappeared for over a year. Now its back. Has anyone seen it? Wednesday, May

Re: [scifinoir2] Anyone catch Dead Zone?

2005-06-17 Thread KeithBJohnson
Better than season one? That one started off strong, then got a little bland in the middle, and increased in excitement a bit toward the end. -- Original message -- The new season of the 4400 is excellent. lois [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It didn't disappear but the times

RE: [scifinoir2] Re: OT: Ex-KKK Member Convicted in 1964 Killings

2005-06-22 Thread KeithBJohnson
Amen, James! -- Original message -- Further, I have yet to see one story on this trial that mentions the T word. The various Klaverns (and their neo-Nazi colleagues in the North) were more than murdering racists and segregationist enthusiasts. They are terrorists, no

Re: [scifinoir2] Catch the AE special on Star Wars

2005-06-28 Thread KeithBJohnson
That's why I included the link so you could check it out. It aired from midnight to 2 am today and I'm not sure when it'll play again. Go to AETV.com to look for the schedule -- Original message -- All that ink ... yet I still don't know when it is to play. RS=D ---

[scifinoir2] O'Connor to leave Supreme Court

2005-07-01 Thread KeithBJohnson
Oh Lord, here we go! With her gone and the Chief Justice no doubt having to leave due to cancer, the current adminstration will be selecting at *least* two new justices! The pendulum's swing to the right may not yet be done. Better hold on to your rights dearly...

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: War of the Worlds-Has Cruise's Meltdown Affected Whether You Will Go See It

2005-07-01 Thread KeithBJohnson
No, I don't play an instrument, but I understand the concept of tuning them. It was just a rather roundabout way for her to say that and it surprised me. So what i needed was clarification that what I *thought* she was saying is indeed what she was saying. Surprised given the fact he's never

[scifinoir2] FW: New Test Would Measure Students' Web Wisdom

2005-07-06 Thread KeithBJohnson
Fascinating. Every generation hits this We had to learn and know more in my day point. I learned on a slide rule as a kid, then used a calculator for the first time as a freshman in college. That calculator was a TI that cost me $200. Four years later I paid $20 for a Casio that did all

Re: [scifinoir2] The Batman is getting better

2005-07-12 Thread KeithBJohnson
Justice League airs Saturdays at 9 pm Eastern on Cartoon Network. I'm not sure when or if episodes are repeated in the following week. I think the current season is winding down. It may have concluded. I recorded the last two weeks so I don't know. It's been very, very good. Well worth the

Re: [scifinoir2] The Batman is getting better

2005-07-12 Thread KeithBJohnson
How's it going?! Been away for a week to handle a death in the family. Didn't see as much movie/TV talk as normal. Everyone on vacation? -- Original message -- Hey, Keith! [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Justice League airs Saturdays at 9 pm Eastern on Cartoon Network. I'm not

Re: [scifinoir2] Fw: Three-sun planet reportedly found: World Science

2005-07-19 Thread KeithBJohnson
The astronomy nut in me loves to read stuff like this. A new planet discovery is always interesting, but one in a system with three suns?! Kewl! But beyond that, the discoverer used a Star Wars reference to name the planet type, calling it a Tatooine Type planet. Is that going to be the

Re: [scifinoir2] Trek's problem? It wasn't enough like Galactica

2005-07-19 Thread KeithBJohnson
What this proves to me is how little people understood Trek at its best. And, how little respect Deep Space Nine garnered. I'll agree Enterprise wasn't a good show in the main. But as I've said before, it was a very good show in much of the last season. I don't care if it's alien of the week or

[scifinoir2] 'Star Trek's' Scotty, James Doohan, dead at 85

2005-07-20 Thread KeithBJohnson
Wonder how many people left who'll still feel genuinely sad about this? In an age when most people don't get the historical significance of a Scottish engineer, I dare so not as many as I'd like. I will miss Doohan, the Canadian with the decent Scottish accent. How memorable were his

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: 'Star Trek's' Scotty, James Doohan, dead at 85

2005-07-21 Thread KeithBJohnson
Congratulations! Two other thoughts came to mind when reading this. One, I always laugh when the press covers genre specific topics and don't quite get it right, as the reference to Dr. Spock shows. Two, he called you a TrekKIE! Now that's what I'm talking about--none of that nouveau,

re: [scifinoir2] Craig Brewer's 'Hustle' generates Oscar talk

2005-07-22 Thread KeithBJohnson
I agree. The problem with portraying troublesome aspects of life ain't that you expose the negatives sometimes. Truth is Truth. The issue comes when you stereotype, skew, and concentrate on one thing only. Boyz in Da Hood is a great movie that tells the truth of a certain aspect of Black life

Re: [scifinoir2] Wal-Mart cancels experiment with in-store dating

2005-07-25 Thread KeithBJohnson
How would it be done? Would the old lady who looks like your granny fill out a survey for what you want? Would you get I'm available badges to wear? Would they be amenable to people who want selections to be limited by race, age, or orientation? How do you stop an insistent would-be courter

Re: [scifinoir2] For Fans of Marvel Comics Art from the 60s and 70s

2005-07-29 Thread KeithBJohnson
Kewl! I've read two of the three featured on the home page: The Thing and the Aquarian (wasn't he the Jesus-like hippie New Age dude with a natural forcefield that stopped all high-energy attacks?), and the Thing and Jocasta. It was a great intro for me--reading these in the early '80s after

Re: [scifinoir2] Wireless wallets come closer to reality

2005-08-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
What's the T-plate? -- Original message -- I had the same concept in mind when I created the T-plate in my storylines... Keith Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Bet you'd been wondering when my next convergence/future-is-now post would be coming, right? :) Some thoughts

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-08-04 Thread KeithBJohnson
i posted about this during Season one of Galactica and did a count of Blacks. I counted about three or four, incuding the comm officer and some nameless pilots (I assume) used in the background. I then found a lot of Blacks existed afterall: on the prison barge! When Apollo was sent over there

Re: [scifinoir2] NYTimes.com: When Pigs Wi-Fi

2005-08-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
There's an interesting editiorial in PC Magazine about this. Evidently the big carriers such as Verizon were upset by Philly's attempt to create free wireless for everyone. They lobbied the state congress, which passed a law that gives telecom companies the right to build competing systems.

Re: [scifinoir2] NYTimes.com: When Pigs Wi-Fi

2005-08-11 Thread KeithBJohnson
Hmmm...do I detect the plot of a short story or book you're crafting? -- Original message -- Maybe we might have to wait until 2045 after a war with South America... [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:There's an interesting editiorial in PC Magazine about this. Evidently the big

[scifinoir2] Sean Astin making '24' debut in 4-hour opener

2005-08-26 Thread KeithBJohnson
Astin making '24' debut in 4-hour opener By Kimberly Speight2 hours, 32 minutes ago Sean Astin, who starred in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is joining the cast of Fox's real-time drama 24, which will again kick off its season with four episodes screening on two consecutive nights. Astin will

RE: [scifinoir2] Are you watching Prison Break?

2005-09-15 Thread KeithBJohnson
I may be *way* off base, but it put me in mind of a show from a few years back, Nowhere Man, starring Bruce Greenwood. I know they're not the same, but the pacing seemed familiar. I like shows that have a mystery theme, but sometimes such shows seem to drag and I find them too plodding and

Re: [scifinoir2] OT -- moral dilemna

2005-09-16 Thread KeithBJohnson
Ouch! -- Original message -- Try this --no cheating This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally. No one else will know, so you wont be fooling anyone but yourself if you

Re: [scifinoir2] Braga: Threshold Won't Hold Back

2005-09-16 Thread KeithBJohnson
I wish them luck. Another Star Trek alum trying his hand. I bet Ronald Moore's success with Galactica is a great incentive. It's great to see a decent number of speculative fiction shows again, isn't it? Always fun and frustrating to see which are good, which stink, and whether the networks

RE: [scifinoir2] 'Serenity' Cast Pics

2005-09-16 Thread KeithBJohnson
Yeah, I specifically left the Sisters out. Only been to Ohio once. Spent three days there , don't remember many Sisters. It was out where USG has its HQ. -- Original message -- Let's not forget Ohio...but then again, I'm talking about sistahs there... Keith Johnson

[scifinoir2] Bones and Supernatural on tonight

2005-09-20 Thread KeithBJohnson
Bones, starring Angel David Boreanaz, is on tonight at 8 pm on Fox. I guess I'll give it another chance, though I wasn't blown away by the pilot. The show to watch tonight, though, is Supernatural. It airs tonight at 9 pm on the WB. Sounds like a good one, with the brothers running into the

[scifinoir2] More shows debuting tonight

2005-09-21 Thread KeithBJohnson
Wow, is this an exciting TV season or what? Been a while since I've worked the old VCR this much! Shows debuting tonight: * Lost - 9 pm on ABC. What's in that crazy glowing hatch that's labelled with the bad luck numbers? Who are the folks on the boat who kidnapped the psychic kid? What

Re: [scifinoir2] Lost and Invasion

2005-09-22 Thread KeithBJohnson
I still have the premiere of Threshold on tape hope to watch it tonight. I also recorded Surface, which by all indications ain't that good. Think I will pass at even trying to watch Ghost Whisperer, as Medium's quite good enough, thank you! -- Original message -- to be

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Lost and Invasion

2005-09-22 Thread KeithBJohnson
Threshold, Invasion, and Supernatural seem to be the good ones among the new shows. Medium, Lost, the Stargates, and Galactica are the popular holdovers from last season. Surface will probably die, as Threshold and Invasion are better shows in the same genre. Same for Ghost Whisperer, unless

Re: [scifinoir2] How much of a Geek are you?

2005-09-28 Thread KeithBJohnson
I got the following: You got 10 right! Excellent, you have the makings of a proper propeller head. Does that make me a Supremely Exalted Propeller Head? :) -- Original message -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4287006.stm BTW, I got 9 correct: ... the makings

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: How much of a Geek are you?

2005-09-28 Thread KeithBJohnson
Same here, so I eliminated the choices for one that seemed more in line with what they were referencing. And *that* is proof that standardized multiple choice tests don't always measure intelligence. And as for racial factors: d'you think white folks would remember grinding as either working

[scifinoir2] Either I get TiVo or watch less TV

2005-09-29 Thread KeithBJohnson
Lots of great TV on tonight: Alias - ABC - 8 pmHaven't watched this in three years (gotta buy the DVDS of past seasons) but I know lots of fans exist. Sydney's pregnant, I hear, and on the run?? Smallville - ABC - 8 pm Continuing last season's cliffhanger, with chunks of Kryptonite

[scifinoir2] Threshold a Promising Series

2005-09-29 Thread KeithBJohnson
I watched the first episode of Threshoold last night. So far it's my favorite of the new scifi/supernatural shows. Great cast, with strong actors like Carla Gugino, Charles Dutton, Brent Spiner. They all have a presence that works in this scenario.Each actor is very strong in his/her own

Re: [scifinoir2] Original Kolchak on New Kolchak?

2005-09-30 Thread KeithBJohnson
Nope, he was standing there. I kept waiting to see if ABC was running some kind of contest, like Spot the Kolchak and win! I thought it was a stupid thing otherwise. I wondered if it was a bored, high tech who inserted the image 'cause it served no purpose. If you read my review I posted

RE: [scifinoir2] Firefly marathon on Sci Fi Channel

2005-10-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
Well, if you saw my Serenity review, you know I recommend the movie. Catch it at a matinee. -- Original message -- Nope...On a seriously limited budget... Keith Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Okay, Florida! :) I forgot you don't get Sci Fi Channel. Well, I think the

[scifinoir2] Nicolas Cage gives Superman's birth name to son

2005-10-04 Thread KeithBJohnson
Now this might meet the definition of nerd! My wife and I have discussed potential names for kids, and I was all stuck on African monikers. Now this has me thinking. Why saddle my kids with some boring human names when I have a galaxy of selections to choose: Boys: Namor Johnson -

[scifinoir2] Re: Nicolas Cage gives Superman's birth name to son

2005-10-05 Thread KeithBJohnson
I can imagine a son of mine at the first day of school. As the teacher asks the kids to identify themselves, you get chipper, typical stuff like My name is Suzie Parker!, and I'm Johnny Johnson!, or We're twins, Melissa and Melinda Williams!. Then the teacher turns to a solemn young man

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-10-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
Your point is dead-on, which is what I meant. Star Trek was the beacon, starting slowly (a Black woman, no Black men in major roles), then grew with Geordi (whose disability definitely raised eyebrows among Blacks) and Worf, and reaching fruition in Sisko. The series matured in its treatment of

[scifinoir2] FW: Thank God for our Leaders--or, A Fool's Prayer

2005-10-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
Dear Lord, I see hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, and potential flu pandemic. I am so thankful, Lord, that in your wisdom, you made sure we didn't do something stupid like let money sit around unused, waiting for these little events. It just gives me a special feeling to know that Katrina

RE: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-10-11 Thread KeithBJohnson
I agree with that. He'd lost the fire after his wife's death. I'm just saying I wish he'd started out as Captain Sisko of whatever that starship was he was on. But hey, like you say, he grew like hell in what is probably my favorite Trek series. Oh course, ol' boy didn't really shine until he

[scifinoir2] Surface marathon on Sci Fi Channel

2005-10-11 Thread KeithBJohnson
http://www.scifi.com/schedulebot/today.html For those who want to catch up, the Sci Fi Channel is showing all four episodes of Surface beginning at 7 tonight. A friend spoke highly of the scifi series Surface, so I decided to give it a look. I've only seen two shows so far. Not sure if I want

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-10-11 Thread KeithBJohnson
Capoeria is the fighting style Wesley Snipes uses a great deal in the Blade movies. Not purely, of course, but it's an influence. -- Original message -- --- In scifinoir2@yahoogroups.com, Kelly Wright [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: A notable exception was Eddie Gordo from

Re: [scifinoir2] FW: Snide Humor - Thank God for our Leaders--or, A Fool's Prayer

2005-10-12 Thread KeithBJohnson
Thanks! I composed that in a fit of anger/irritation/resignation the other day. It's just so tiring trying to tell the crowd the emperor has no clothes, and so many are still complimenting him on the wardrobe! -- Original message -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sarcasm that says

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-10-13 Thread KeithBJohnson
Yeah, that was all in one ep. I left out the scene where Bester has sent a couple of goons from Psi Corp to take him back. One is a lady who's relentless in her pursuit. At one point, as his powers are escalating, he begs her to leave him alone, but she doesn't--and is subsequently

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-10-13 Thread KeithBJohnson
I hear you. I think we all have the same feelings about Blacks in scifi--and TV in general. And it gets confused when you expand it. For example, if they *were* going to give the Brother a white love interest on B5, why did they never even kiss? Sign of the times. Now folks have read my

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: What does Sci-Fi have against Black people?

2005-10-13 Thread KeithBJohnson
Good point, it often goes with the casting director. Though, I'm sure that *if* Moore wanted to bring more men of color on, he could. I get the impression he's very much involved in casting. I think it's like you said, the age-old problem: they just don't get it. DJ Vibe wrote I doubt he gets

[scifinoir2] They Oughta Stop This Import at the Border!

2005-10-17 Thread KeithBJohnson
Remember a couple of weeks ago I expressed concern about the quality of fare America's film industry is sending to the world? Explain this to me: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo grossed an estimated $1.4 million from 815 screens, taking its cume to $19.5 million. Openings included No. 1 rankings

[scifinoir2] Batman Begins DVD Drops Tomorrow!!!

2005-10-17 Thread KeithBJohnson
My take... Anyone who didn't see the movie in theatres, big mistake, but the DVD is worth snapping up immediately. Christian Bale is great as a young Bruce Wayne. He strikes the perfect balance of a man driven to the edge by loss, but holding on to nobility. There's an interesting and welcome

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Threshold a Promising Series

2005-10-27 Thread KeithBJohnson
Of the new and returning scifi/fantasy series, which are you watching and liking: Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Lost, Invasion, Surface, Night Stalker, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville (getting better), Charmed, Ghost Hunters (just seeing if you're paying

Re: [scifinoir2] Author Anne Rice's Latest Book Deals with Boy Jesus

2005-10-27 Thread KeithBJohnson
I've never read her books or seen any movies based on them. I've never been a fan of vampires enough to read about them (other than the occassional vamp in a Marvel comic). -- Original message -- When I first saw the tag line for this, my first reaction was, Pardon

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Threshold a Promising Series

2005-10-27 Thread KeithBJohnson
I forgot to add Supernatural -- Original message -- Of the new and returning scifi/fantasy series, which are you watching and liking: Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Lost, Invasion, Surface, Night Stalker, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville

[scifinoir2] OT: Funny Google Search Result

2005-10-31 Thread KeithBJohnson
This search result from Google is wild! How is this possible? I tried other words like defeated, loser, fool, liar, buffoon, idiot, dark horse, thief, hypocrite, and none of them gave a similar result. I did find one other word that gave me a similar result: incompetent Try this before Google

Re: [scifinoir2] FW: Nova Program Battle of the X-Planes

2005-11-01 Thread KeithBJohnson
I forgot the aesthetics. .That was a big problem with the Boeing. I do wonder which was more maneuverable, but as you say, looking good is very important in the US. The experts all seemed to think this would be the last major armed fighter program. we shall see... You know, I wonder if we'll

Re: [scifinoir2] 50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West

2005-11-02 Thread KeithBJohnson
I wish 50 would shut the hell up. I am past tired of all these rappers--and others seeking to stay in the spotlight--saying stuff about other people. Often they set off useless feuds that do nothing but instigate Black-on-Black crime, be it actual guns and knives, or just the disrespect they

Re: [scifinoir2] FW: Nova Program Battle of the X-Planes

2005-11-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
Do you have a background in the aerospace industry, military experience, or just a passion for aircraft? I've enjoyed your responses. -- Original message -- In a message dated 11/1/05 7:39:58 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: About looking good, I have to agree...It is

Re: [scifinoir2] 50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West

2005-11-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
That's why I said what I said yesterday. 50 needs to shut the hell up. If he wants to rap about his street cred, his hard upbringing, how he's been shot 9 times and lived to tell the tale--well, that's between him, the record company, and the consumers. But I am sick beyond belief of our Black

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: 50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West

2005-11-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
If you read my post, you'll see I said nothing about Blacks not being able to disagree. I didn't say we had to be homogeneous in words or deeds. I was specifically refering to the narrow world of rappers who continually bash each other. And look: if people just disagreed that'd be fine. But if

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: 50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West

2005-11-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
Well said, that was my point. 50 has the right to say what he wants. But he also has a responsibility to think before he speaks. How about good old-fashioned humility and respect? As I said before, he could have said it with respect. We keep letting folks off because they're rich or edgy or

RE: [scifinoir2] Re: Threshold a Promising Series

2005-11-03 Thread KeithBJohnson
Thank God! A scifi-related, non-50 Cent post! :) -- Original message -- Crap, but true... [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:That's crap. -- Original message -- BTW, they replaced Sci-Fi with the Golf Channel...(gag!!!) Keith Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: 50 Cent Disagrees With Kanye West

2005-11-04 Thread KeithBJohnson
Uh, and Nanu! Nanu! to you! -- Original message -- Yo, Semper Fi... sancochojo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:You know, I think the second most overused word that we use in our community is respect Actually I think that only We(black folk)use it until its worn to the

[scifinoir2] RE: Blacks in WWI (Was 50 Cent Disagrees...)

2005-11-04 Thread KeithBJohnson
I found the below at a site dealing with Black soldiers in WWI. I looked because I mistakenly thought Devil Dogs was applied to Black soldiers in Europe. According this I was wrong, but there were the Harlem HellFighters, who were quite impressive. I assume there were other Blacks who also

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Blacks in WWI (Was 50 Cent Disagrees...)

2005-11-07 Thread KeithBJohnson
I knew about the Seminole Scouts, but not in this detail. Thanks. Whenever I read of people of color and our past exploits to become accepted in America--or elsewhere--it's usually with a mixed feeling of pride and sadness. I mean, it seems you either had to die in combat or kill someone else

[scifinoir2] Blacks in Military History

2005-11-11 Thread KeithBJohnson
I started the conversation with Blacks in WWI, more fascinating to me because it's all but lost in the past, and it had to have been impossibly tough on them in that war. But the following, dealing with Blacks in WWII, is worth noting, especially today. I can't remember if anyone already posted

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Patent issued for anti-gravity device

2005-11-11 Thread KeithBJohnson
Naw, I'm putting the finishing touches on my cold fusion in a coke can. -- Original message -- (Rustling noise) I'd better find and submit soon my inertial damper application. BTW, is anybody working on synthehol? Hahaha! George Captain The USS Ronald E. McNair

Re: [scifinoir2] Famous Black Military Units - Another Unit worth noting

2005-11-14 Thread KeithBJohnson
Cool! Man, this is stuff I didn't know! The germs of a lot of stories--and not just scifi--are in these histories! -- Original message -- Another Unit worth noting, The Triple Nickel When the all-black 555th Parachute Infantry Company, remembered by many as the Triple

Re: [scifinoir2] Braga: I'm Done With Trek

2005-11-14 Thread KeithBJohnson
You know, I'd learned new respect for Braga after getting into Threshold, which I love. Now this article reminds me that he won a *Hugo* for writing the Next Generation finale, and that he penned the two biggest of the films, including First Contact, which I like. It makes me wonder if Berman

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Japanese, Chinese Angry Over 'Geisha' Casting

2005-11-29 Thread KeithBJohnson
Feelings like this persist all over, whether it's Protestants/Catholics, American whites/Blacks, Indians/Spaniards in Latin America--you name it. Sometimes the objections seem silly to those outside the storm. For example, I know some people think it's silly to be upset if a Chinese person

[scifinoir2] Help Locating Animated version of A Christmas Carol!

2005-12-05 Thread KeithBJohnson
I'm desperate to find a copy of an animated version of A Christmas Carol. It was released in 1971, produced by animation legend Chuck Jones, directed by Richard Williams. Alastair Sim--whose live-action 1951 film is widely regarded as the best version of Dickens' classic tale--reprises his role

Re: [scifinoir2] RE: Are you watching Prison Break?

2005-12-05 Thread KeithBJohnson
You're right, I noticed that last night when I check their website. Thanks for the correction. You been watching? -- Original message -- Keith Johnson wrote: The last of the new shows aired this week, with more to return in January. I'm assuming reruns will start

[scifinoir2] Okay, now you can cancel this show

2005-12-16 Thread KeithBJohnson
So they finally hire a Brother, after four tries. Irksome, though, that this is the first time Trump states that the runner-up was as just as good, and appeared to rethink his choice. But it's a reality show--whaddya want? Still, I wonder: given the sad truth that many Americans get their

Re: [scifinoir2] Fwd: Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin

2005-12-16 Thread KeithBJohnson
That's interesting. Though i have a question. They mentioned skin, and then discuss why the skin allowed whites to thrive in Europe. But it's not just skin color that distinguishes them from Blacks, nor possibly explains how they've thrived in colder climes. Generally speaking, there are

RE: [scifinoir2] Re: See what 50 years will do...

2007-09-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
in English, which makes it the land of the ³FEE², not free. On 9/5/07 10:02 AM, KeithBJohnson@ mailto:KeithBJohnson%40comcast.net comcast.net KeithBJohnson@ mailto:KeithBJohnson%40comcast.net comcast.net wrote: Hey guys, The e-mail keeps getting resent, but the errant word isn't being

RE: [scifinoir2] Doctor Warns Consumers of Popcorn Fumes

2007-09-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
Funny! Well, yoga's all about focusing and concentration, so the attractiveness of your fellow participants doesn't matter. (Yeah,right!) -- Original message -- From: Reece Jennings [EMAIL PROTECTED] I was humbled by the same type of experience! And I found out that I

RE: [scifinoir2] Doctor Warns Consumers of Popcorn Fumes

2007-09-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
sounds like the stuff of a good autobiography... -- Original message -- From: Reece Jennings [EMAIL PROTECTED] Good for you! Hey, too bad you're too tall for the Total Gym I'm selling. I forgot that Chuck Norris is a midget! I'm about 3 inches too tall to get a good

[scifinoir2] Homeland Security Adviser Dismisses bin Laden as virtually impotent

2007-09-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
Jesus Christ, where does Bush keep finding these idiots?? I don't care if bin Laden was *only* capable of putting forth a few tapes a year, he's still an ideological danger. Don't care if he's tied to a dialysis machine 24/7, if he can't set foot outside his cave (or compound, more likely), he

[scifinoir2] Comcast Cable in Dispute with Big Ten Network

2007-09-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
Got the below letter from my cable provider today detailing how the Big Ten Network is trying to bilk me for more cash. And they keep telling us that new technology will *expand* our choices. Yet every new tech, every new method of delivering information or services, finds someone who manages

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: See what 50 years will do...

2007-09-09 Thread KeithBJohnson
to the original email that did it. Trace¹s point is the only one, of course. We shouldn¹t HAVE to watch what is said, but this is the internet, which is international, yet based in English, which makes it the land of the ³FEE², not free. On 9/5/07 10:02 AM, KeithBJohnson@ comcast.net

RE: [scifinoir2] Doctor Warns Consumers of Popcorn Fumes

2007-09-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
ha-ha! I agree with you. Besides, if the world ever falls into chaos and anarchy (like in a bad Van Damme post-apocalyptic movie) I don't want to be wandering around wastelands only able to eat veggies. This way, even eating a relatively small amount of meat, I keep the body chemistry in a

Re: [scifinoir2] Homeland Security Adviser Dismisses bin Laden as virtually impotent

2007-09-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
You may be right, but ain't that interesting, given that the invasion of Iraq was deemed necessary by them in part because of the supposed connection to bin Laden and Al quida! -- Original message -- From: Bosco Bosco [EMAIL PROTECTED] Keith Isn't it possible that if

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Uhuru

2007-09-10 Thread KeithBJohnson
no, of *course* we remember. That's why I said she didn't look like a tomboy! -- Original message -- From: Said Kakese Dibinga [EMAIL PROTECTED] I guess nobody remembers the shot of Uhuru appearing on the transporter bay in the mini-skirt and sports bra-like top combo

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