Re: [scifinoir2] Fantastic Four Movie Review by Kevin Carr

2005-07-14 Thread buky90
I loved th ff movie at first I was upset with doom not the protrayal but they didnt contradict his history they justed didntbring it into this movie.the last shot of him going to laveteria cool. the story wasnt that greay but the individual protraits were spot onand if you didnt chortle during the

Re: [scifinoir2] Medium Premieres tonight

2005-09-20 Thread buky90
2 things anybody thinking that stargate sg 1 has gotten better ,amazing after 8 seasons. Also this statement on religion a kinda subtle appproach (heh)Mr gousset givin one of the best readings in his career. On 9/19/05, Keith Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The good TV keeps on coming.

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Fallen Heroes: ( Heroes Season 2) Grade C+

2007-10-24 Thread buky90
OT ANY BODY KEEPING UP WITH DAMGES best show on tv so im watching and my boy mario van peebles is directing an episode. then answer too my prayers he appears on screen too.. for those not watching gleen close plays a lawyer evil and powerful who hires a newbie and the machinations that follow

Re: Favorite Villain Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Heroes finale

2007-12-12 Thread buky90
the female commander from farside. just to remind us whos more dangerous of the species, and when she was pregnant she got more vicious On 12/12/07, Martin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: IMO, the best kind of villain is the Operative type. A guy who's just doing his job, albeit a job whose morals

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Baseball's Steroid Rage

2007-12-13 Thread buky90
they're all hypocrites i cant stand barry bonds but its because hes always been an ass. but when people give mcguwire a pass even tho he gave the ole 5th amend dodge and every says hes such a hero. and if bonds did the same they'd still be trying too run him out of town infuriates me On 12/13/07,

Re: [scifinoir2] Kurt Russell Criticizes 'Grindhouse' Breakup

2007-05-25 Thread buky90
i saw the grind housetotaland the death car part was too me way more emotionally satisfying than the rodrrihuis. what are they gonna do with those halarious ads??? On 5/23/07, Martin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sadly, in H'Wood, visionaries rarely survive long. Tracey de Morsella (formerly

Re: [scifinoir2] Weapons Screening Stopped at Obama Rally

2008-02-22 Thread buky90
fairy tale land i dont know what world he lives in but... oh yeah hes a politician. On 2/22/08, Bosco Bosco [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We have officially moved into F'd up and totally scary spooky. Bosco --- Tracey de Morsella (formerly Tracey L. Minor) [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [scifinoir2] Nasa Science's New Site

2008-04-12 Thread buky90
I WAS WATCHING NOW LAST NITE AND BASICALLY THEY WEREabout alabama and how there are some folks trying to fix their tax structure. pretty apalling depressing sho.for instance in al the poor 11% of the state tax while the wealthy are only paying 4%. but what really got me wasthis senator who

Re: [scifinoir2] Galactica scribe signs three-movie deal with UA

2008-04-20 Thread buky90
people keep talking about Scientology as if it's the worlds worst religion. bah humbug for cuise non of his movies have imposed his religious views. try gibson and his jesus's death pornography if you want religion that has been worn on asleve On 4/20/08, Martin [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [scifinoir2] Favorite Shows That Never Made It

2006-10-19 Thread buky90
I LIKED cic but I personally thought they blew when they stopped focusing on her familyand the people around her. And left the family dynamics. On 10/19/06, Rising Sun [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Commander in Chief Tracey de Morsella (formerly Tracey L. Minor) [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Favorite Shows That Never Made It (Action)

2006-10-23 Thread buky90
hello folks it's bee a long time since we've had this much back and forth. I have 2 ez streets love ken nolin in anything, doesn't ted daley seem like a low rent version of him?? also wise guys before ken whal disappeared. off topic a little. Any one noticing forest whittakers reemergence on tv

Re: [scifinoir2] Legendary singer James Brown dies at 73

2006-12-25 Thread buky90
merry christmasand mr brown YOU WILL BE MISSED On 12/25/06, Said Kakese Dibinga [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Legendary singer James Brown dies at 73 By GREG BLUESTEIN, Associated Press Writer 20 minutes ago James Brown, the dynamic, pompadoured Godfather of Soul, whose rasping vocals and

Re: [scifinoir2] 'Hulk's' biggest obstacle: Ang Lee's version

2008-05-29 Thread buky90
i trust ed norton and let him work the script. rember american history x?? On 5/29/08, ravenadal [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Let me go on the record as stating I am among the few who LOVE the Ang Lee version. ~rave!

Re: [scifinoir2] Battlestar Finale! - What the Frak? No New Battlestar Until 2009

2008-06-12 Thread buky90
whata the skiffie boards . oopppss On 6/12/08, Martin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures. Tracey de Morsella [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Same here. They almost lost me as a fan for make us wait a whole year for this season what

Re: [scifinoir2] Iron Man

2008-07-02 Thread buky90
definitely one of the best super hero movie ever. On 7/2/08, Tracey de Morsella [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Report back please :) -Original Message- From: [mailto:] On

Re: [scifinoir2] OT: Bernie Mac Draws Criticism at Obama Fundraiser

2008-07-12 Thread buky90
its all bs what did they expect when they hired the always brutally truthful mr mac. . this is the same hipecriticalbs that happened when the naaacp had the flap over eddie jackson when he did his routine for them. get bill cosby next time On 7/12/08, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [scifinoir2] New episodes of shows on Sci Fi Channel tonight

2006-01-09 Thread buky90
This is gonna be a killer week for me tues the shield. Whittaker on the shield besides one of the strongest women on tv she got a little shorted arc last year but if anyone is going to one up mackey it will be her. Then part 2 of battlestar. me for some reason I cant get the memory of those old

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: Studios Unveil 2006 Slates

2006-01-10 Thread buky90
the sci fi channel shows the miniseries regularly and the guy who plays seth cohen on the oc has a series about a vampier killing team in la brewing right now. On 1/9/06, Amanda [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I am so glad that this isn't based on the series. I remember that remake Fox was supposed

Re: [scifinoir2] Whittaker on The Shield

2006-01-10 Thread buky90
any good? What do you like about it? I've been looking at the commercials with Whittaker and I thought about giving the show a try. It just doesn't look like my cup o tea. Cat On 1/9/06, buky90 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This is gonna be a killer week for me tues the shield. Whittaker

Re: [scifinoir2] Sci Fi Channel at it again

2006-02-19 Thread buky90
your essay kept me chuckling and besides this, if I see one more disaster flick I am gonna hurl chunks.As for Giancarlo Esposito he steals every movie he's in. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] Yahoo! Groups Links * To visit your group on the web, go to:

Re: [scifinoir2] Re: MakeMySpace Safer for Teens

2006-02-21 Thread buky90
once again people are trying to abdicate responsibility onsomeone else. If your kid is spending that much time on games tv computer or anything else get those mirrrors out. On 2/20/06, Martin Pratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Maybe he'll just go O.C. with it. Who am I kidding? g123curious [EMAIL

Re: [scifinoir2] Brother wins Olympic Gold Medal in 1,000 meter speedskating!

2006-02-21 Thread buky90
But as usual you have too take the sour with the sweet. H E wassupposed to skate chase in a race the day before and due to him not doing so we got dissed. yeah yeah he won a gold but I'm really tired of the one for all oooppps... all for me by the brothers.Could this be one of the reasons the

Re: [scifinoir2] V For Vendetta Review

2006-03-23 Thread buky90
I got into major confrotations with my consevative friends who have picked up the this is a swipe at america banner. as alan moore has said more than once this was written when thatcher had passed laws and was putting her foot down on the poor . Why does everthing that is said or done with a

Re: [scifinoir2] My Online Reading Group Is Pretentious and Boring

2006-03-24 Thread buky90
this could be good could we mix this up with comicsmy first ideal would be maybe the v movie and gn and a discourse of both. Also a little trashy stuff i'm a big l hamilton anita blake anyone . let's roll also by the books maybe especially dune etc acouple of chapters at a time easier than trying

Re: [scifinoir2] OT: First black TV anchor an inspiration in France

2006-04-13 Thread buky90
has everyone seen the tnt ads for their lord of the ring weekend. Totally hilarios the bilbo andsam wise with secret lovers in the background. gandalf with th white horse song good stuff. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] Yahoo! Groups Links * To visit your group on

[scifinoir2] Re: Dark Kingdom Premieres tonight on Sci Fi

2006-04-20 Thread buky90
alo thursday late nite they are showingchildren of doom late night .And as usual i was flippin channels tues and saw the sf version of doom do these idiots ever advertise??? On 4/19/06, Astromancer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: SciFi...Comcast...(rasberry!) Keith Johnson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [scifinoir2] The 4400 Premieres tonight

2006-06-11 Thread buky90
as all the cable stations do they're showing it twice. Why dosent tnt do this. Also anyone watching the closer?? they have a very diverse cast and way before the standing ovation for greys anatomy. On 6/11/06, Martin Pratt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The only ep I missed was the second-season