Re: Alien::SLD2

2013-03-01 Thread kmx

On 1.3.2013 5:34, Kartik Thakore wrote:

And then this.

Well it a collision of SDL2.dll (which comes from SDL2 binaries) vs. 
SDL2.dll which is the output of compiling SDL2.xs

Grrr, somebody should propose a fix to p5p to produce something like 

Anyway I can prepare new binaries with renamed DLL's (will do over the 
weekend) or you can move your XS testing to e.g. SDL2::TestOnly module 
(which will produce TestOnly.dll not SDL2.dll)


Re: [SPAM] Re: Alien::SLD2

2013-03-01 Thread Jeffrey Palmer
sdl-team has been added to SDL2, that should fix that.


On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 6:46 AM, kmx wrote:

 On 1.3.2013 1:08, Jeffrey Palmer wrote:

 I went ahead and created that repo on github.  Let me know if there's
 anything I can do to help.

 Thanks, could you please also give me a commit privilege to PerlGameDev /
 SDL2 ?


Weird ness with SDL2 rendering

2013-03-01 Thread Kartik Thakore
So I have been working on making a simple enough red screen and blue rect
on SDL2. I was using this code which is in two test cases in the repo:

For the hardware render the D3DX9 is not loading well.

But for the software even I can see any thing. Can you guys try this code
with KMX's packages and tell me if you guys are getting the same result?


C:\Users\kthakore\Documents\Development\perl\SDL2cp t/0perl Build test
perl Build test
0 at t\001_load.t line 37.
0 at t\001_load.t line 39.
0 at t\001_load.t line 41.
0 at t\001_load.t line 43.
0 at t\001_load.t line 47.
FINISHED: Failed loading D3DX9_44.dll: The specified module could not be
t\001_load.t .. ok
0 at t\002_software.t line 37.
0 at t\002_software.t line 39.
0 at t\002_software.t line 41.
0 at t\002_software.t line 43.
0 at t\002_software.t line 47.
FINISHED: Passed a NULL mutex at t\002_software.t line 52.
t\002_software.t .. ok
All tests successful.
Files=2, Tests=10,  7 wallclock secs ( 0.05 usr +  0.00 sys =  0.05 CPU)
Result: PASS