Re: SDL 2.541_02 Released

2012-06-11 Thread Tobias Leich
Ya, it should. So in the test it can read the file as an SDL::RWOps-object, but SDL::Mixer::Music::load_MUS_RW can't handle it. A few lines later SDL::Mixer::Music::load_MUS($ogg_test_file) failes too. I'll check my VMs this evening, maybe I can reproduce that thing. Am 11.06.2012 01:08,

AW: SDL 2.541_02 Released

2012-06-11 Thread email
Hi, I know whats wrong and why it didnt happened to me! 1) SDL_mixer loads libs like ogg/vorbis using SDL's loadso functions. These functions try to find libs like ogg in path. Since libbogg isnt in path when building it using Alien::SDL, it cant find it. 2) It worked on my box because I