Re: [Perldl] PDL image to SDL::Surface

2012-09-24 Thread Sisyphus

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From: Chris Marshall

To: Kartik Thakore
Cc: Tobias Leich; sdl-devel
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 2:46 AM
Subject: Re: [Perldl] PDL image to SDL::Surface

Hi Kartik-

I don't have a working SDL module install that I could
check things out on.

Hi guys,

Chris, 'cpan -fi SDL' should install SDL-2.54 on your SPP. (You need force 
because a couple of the SDL tests fail.)
During the 'perl' stage of Alien::SDL you'll be prompted to select 
which library package to install. I took option 1 because it was 
RECOMMENDED, though option 2 is probably more recent.

I've run the demo at but that just produces:

No available video device at C:/_32/strawberry516/perl/site/lib/SDLx/ 
line 123, DATA line 206.
SDLx::App::new('SDLx::App', 'title', 'PDL and SDL aplication', 'width', 640, 
'height', 640, 'eoq', 1, ...) called at line 12

And same error for

I don't know what needs to be done in order that a video device becomes 
available. (I'm probably not the sharpest tool in the shed to be using for 
this ;-)


Re: smpeg source for SDL

2011-07-21 Thread Sisyphus

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To: My
Cc: Sisyphus;
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 1:53 AM
Subject: Re: smpeg source for SDL

Hi guys...

Latest Alien::SDL comes with a libpng15 patch, the patch can be seen here:

Thanks - works fine.

I am currently trying to get Alien::SDL and SDL to work on cygwin. 
Alien::SDL builds file on my machine. But without smpeg too. As far as  i 
can see it is just looking for a missing smpeg-config script.

I commited my changes right now:

I'll skip smpeg for now.

But for the moment, I can compile SDL but most of the test fail and I 
dont see any gfx window.

You may have a look at this too:;a=tree

Is that Cygwin-specific ?
I was mainly just curious to see how it all went on (32-bit and 64-bit) 
native Win32, but it seems I have to install Alien::SDL (and its dependency 
chain) anyway  which is rather annoying.

Is there some simple way to remove the Alien::SDL dependency and use the 
libs I've already built ? No matter if there's not ... I'll just put it on 
hold until I'm in a more relaxed and tolerant mood :-)

Thanks for the patch and the info!