Re: Next release

2012-08-24 Thread email
Hi pals! In the last time we did, in my opinion, a big mistake. In test scripts we checked for libpng like: SDL::Config-has('png'). But this didnt ever returned true, Simply because the HAVE_PNG was only set when actually building that lib in SDL. (Note: not Alien::SDL) This -has() method

Current dev releases

2012-06-13 Thread email
Hi all, the current releases doesnt look that bad, but not quit good yet. Alien-SDL 1.435_1 ( 11 ALL, 11 PASSes ) SDL 2.541_03 ( 12 ALL, 3 FAILs, 9 PASSes ) These 3 fails are on FreeBSD, twice about sdlx_controllier_interface.t, one about loading a lib (SDL_mixer). SDL_mixer cant be loaded

AW: SDL 2.541_02 Released

2012-06-11 Thread email
Hi, I know whats wrong and why it didnt happened to me! 1) SDL_mixer loads libs like ogg/vorbis using SDL's loadso functions. These functions try to find libs like ogg in path. Since libbogg isnt in path when building it using Alien::SDL, it cant find it. 2) It worked on my box because I

Re: SDL::Mixer::Channels

2011-07-21 Thread email
Hi, Channels are not bound to left or right. A channel is just a slot that lets you play sound samples. And if you allocate two channels, you have channel 0 and 1 (not 1 and 2), thats why you dont hear your last sample. You want to play sounds first on left and then on right box for

Re: smpeg source for SDL

2011-07-21 Thread email
It is. To be exact it is searching for an sdl-config script. If that is missing, and the libs or headers are not found... well, you got the idea. But as I said in the other mail, Alien::SDL dont build libs on native windows. There is a perbuilt binary pack. Zitat von Chris Marshall

Re: smpeg source for SDL

2011-07-20 Thread email
it an use the interactive menu to choose for smpeg? Are you using cygwin, or dmake/strawberry perl, or activestate? The SDL_mixer library builds ok without smpeg, but I'd rather include smpeg support if that's possible. For smpeg on windows, again kmx is your best bet. i will cc his email

Re: FPS counter

2011-02-24 Thread email
Hello again =) I have anover small question: how I can get current FPS rate? I can limit it like: $self-app-min_t(1/FPS); But if my computer too slow i want to see real FPS rate. And it`s need to control myself because if I do something wrong then FPS drops down. Hmmm, I think I would do

cpan report: UNKNOWN Alien-SDL-1.401 i386-netbsd 5.0.2

2010-04-30 Thread email
Hi, I recieved your (truncated) report, can you send me the full output please? Report i got: Thank you in advance, FROGGS.