How to play an mp3 file from a database

2011-11-28 Thread Alexander Becker
Dear all! I just tried the example code of the SDL Manual where you play some music. By the SDL manual, I refer to the one that is hidden at the bottom of the page, so that you really have to search for it in order to find it - and even then you have to get along with an ugly github

AW: How to play an mp3 file from a database

2011-11-30 Thread Alexander Becker
); $sth-execute( @bind ); my ($buffer) = $sth-fetchrow_array(); return $buffer; } # /get_audio_buffer [/code] -Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht- Von: breno [] Gesendet: Dienstag, 29. November 2011 06:34 An: Alexander Becker Cc: Betreff

AW: How to play an mp3 file from a database

2011-12-03 Thread Alexander Becker
[] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2011 18:37 An: Alexander Becker Betreff: Re: How to play an mp3 file from a database Hi Alex, You can checkout the c-sdl-rwops branch at github or download the zipfile if you are not experienced with git by using this link: https

Re: Revamping SDL_Manual

2012-01-09 Thread Alexander Becker
Hi Kartik, I recently started working with the SDL Manual, but I don't have a game in mind. Regardless of that, I find it very useful to see the things you can do with SDL demonstrated with games. What I'm missing so far, and what is part of every game, too, is UI stuff. How do buttons work

Problem viewing bug list via CPAN RT

2012-04-30 Thread Alexander Becker
Hi there! If you go to this page on CPAN:, you cannot access the View/Report Bugs link. The target ( returns an error (cannot connect to server). This should probably redirect to the github page,

Writing Games with SDL Perl

2014-06-09 Thread Alexander Becker
Hi all! I just wondered why the article Writing Games with SDL Perl isnt part of the SDLPerl website. There is a web site called and his has a lot of (outdated) stuff on SDL and Perl. But when it comes to content interesting for beginners, all we get is a link to a repo on